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  • QIC: Roscoe
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  • PAX: Roscoe, Linus, Defib, Monk, Stroganoff, Orville, Anthrax, Dr. Feelgood

Warm Up

There were multiple fire trucks/medics running code around the downtown area during warm ups. It was not planned but the din was appropriate for the memorial beat down.

  • SSH IC x11
  • Merkin IC x11
  • Mountain Climbers IC x 11
  • Don Quixote ICx11
  • LBC ICx11
  • Heal Touches ICx11


Mosey to conference center parking deck then took stairs to top of parking deck and performed:

  • Lunges IC x11
  • Prayer squats ICx11
  • Backward Bear crawl up the hill

Mosey to stairs.  YHC asked the question, “there are five flights of stairs and the WTC has 110 floors. How many times do we need to go up to make 110?”  Responses varied from “1” to “2”. The PAX could use some math skills obviously.


Up and down the stairs at the conference center deck. We would pause at the bottom level and plank, hold a squat, or walk around until the last man’s feet hit the ground and then would charge back up the stairs.  At the halfway mark, we paused at the top for:

  • Merkins ICx11
  • Monkey Humpers ICx11 (a little wobbly going back down)

Back to stairs for 11 more reps up and down to complete the series at the bottom of the deck.  The WTC has 110 floors.  The PAX climbed the parking deck stairs up and down a total of 22 times. 5 floors times 22 equals 110. Math is simple, right?

At the bottom of the deck…

  • Partner up ones and twos
  • Ones bear crawl up the parking deck incline
  • Twos run to the next incline and wait for ones to catch up and then they bear crawl up the incline. Repeat to the top of the deck.

This was followed by a set of lunges across the length of the top deck.

Then, partner up and burpee long jumps ten yards each for the length of the deck.

Down the stairs again and out to the benches for a set of, you guessed it, 11 Dips.

Back to Pavilion for one round of Flutter kicks x11 in cadence.


The COT was held and the PAX expressed their thankfulness for many wonderful things such as family, faith, F3, careers, Freedom of religion, and service to others, and concern for the first responders who sacrificed on 9-11 and every day.

Great effort today #HIM