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  • QIC: TopHat, Anthrax
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  • PAX: Outhouse, BA, E4, Gonzalez, Abba, Lucky Charm, Banister, Defib, Whoopee, Stroganoff, Dolph, Brown Streak, Woody, Joeboo, Squeaker, Linus

18 pax posted in the GLOOM at The Storm for some split punishment from TopHat and Anthrax. As we gathered Whoopee shared tales of trial and tribulation from his experience at #SouthernDiscomfort, firmly entrenching the rest of us in the position that it was, indeed, #CSAUP. TopHat called us to order at 5:30 on the dot and led us through the following routine:

Lap around the track
10 windmills
15 SSH
15 CDD
15 crunchy frogs

Stop and Go down the field (10 yards forward, 5 yards back, repeato until you reach the other goal line)

Anthrax assumed the Q and proceeded as follows. Pax paired up, then wheelbarrow’d 25 yards at a time. At each stop we performed an exercise in cadence unless otherwise noted, then teammates switched places for the next 25-yard wheelbarrow.
Wheelbarrow to 25
3 count squat
wb to 50
burpees (15 oyo)
wb to 25
Imperial squat walker
wb to goal
wb to 25
wb to 50
Plank jack
wb to 25
High knees
wb to goal
French fries

Count up, count back to catch our breath.

Pax then moved to the bleachers to do snake drills (up and down from one end to the other) separated by the listed exercises.
Box jumps (25 oyo)

Mosey to the parking lot for COT. Thanks to all who posted, grateful for you guys.