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Block Buster Backblast

Today 6 of Isotope’s finest (Mortimer, Blackbeard, Primetime, Mr. Burns and Jock Strap) post on F3 Gastonia soil to claim the NC Ghost Flag at The Storm… but they need to live through Dolph’s classic #SnotWoggler first…

Warmup in the parking lot included SSH, IW, probably some squats… YHC has poor STM.

Everyone grabs a cider block (don’t worry, BA and Outhouse brought extra) and mosey’s to the track for the pledge.

The Thang (with cinder blocks)

  • Chest Press IC x 20
  • Squat Press IC x 20
  • Curl IC x 20
  • Arm Raises IC x 20
  • Bendovers (not sure about the name here) IC x 20
  • Double Applesauce for 2 laps.  Dolph’s team does this warp speed of course.  Oh, yeah… you can leave your cinder blocks – no need to run with them.

Rinse and Repeat x 3

Downtown Invasion

Outhouse and Bandit co-Q the inaugural F3 Gastonia Downtown workout.  Lot’s of great new stuff here to keep workouts new and fresh.  Weather report for today… uh, not sure it was dark – but it was quite breezy and not too hot/humid for a change.

We had 11 dedicated regulars post for today’s beatdown.

As the PAX gathers on the bricks below the prominent covered pavaillion, Bandit gets things going with the Warmup…

  • SSH IC x30
  • Don Quixote x20
  • Merkins x 10
  • Mountain Climbers x10
  • Imperial Walkers x 10

Indian Run (regular, not GasHouse style) – As we take a few laps around parking lot just to the east of the pavillion, we hear the bells from Santa’s sleigh…no, wait… oh, its everyone’s keys in their pockets. #KeyJangle.  We finish up at the parking lot exist on Marietta St.

Next exercise is…  Using the large square planter… Dips IC x 20

Next exercise is… Step Up Karioke.   Making use of the stone flower boxes along Marietta between the parking lot and Long Ave we move North while doing step-ups on boxes.  At Long Ave… sprint back to start.  Plank and wait for Dr. Feelgood with his kneebrace (stud!).

Ok… so we are really having some fun now.  Next, I’m sure is a first for any F3 Gastonia workout… we mosey south along Marietta for Ascending Testicles (look it up).  Derkins @ 10 deg IC x 10, Derkins @ 45 deg IC x 5, Derkins (or just hold on for dear life) @ 90 deg OYO.  That was awesome!  Definately going to do that again.

Next we mosey south to Convention Center parking lot on Franklin Blvd.  Outhouse takes over.

Outhouse directs the PAX into the parking deck for Sprints across the decks and Bear Crawls up the inclines between floors.  I think that was up 2 floors which was 4 sprints and 4 bear crawls.  Parking decks are another new feature for F3 Gastonia workouts.  Sweet!  or Sweat… either way.

Next we split into two teams for Eleven’s up and down the stairs (2 floors) with Merkins and Star Jacks.  Each team takes on seperate stairways.  More #KeyJangle.

Back at the top, we hit the wall for some…

  • Marching People’s Chair IC x 20 (Like People’s Chair but marching in place)
  • Donkey Kicks IC x 10 (Thanks Aquaman for bringing us this gem)

Next we mosey down the stairs and out to the Louvre de Gastonia to briefly enjoy the sculpture.  The enjoyment is short, as we immediately commence the Wave of Merkins. Each PAX does 5 reps.

Bandit picks up for the final stretch and surprises all by not including the Dying Cockroach… instead he goes with LBC’s  IC x 30.  Followed by mosey west on West Main Ave, turn right on S. York St and immediately right into parking lot back to pavillion.

This place is gonna be great!  Come check it out.




That Was Dirty

It was a warm, sticky, gloomy, dirty (well it was when we were done) morning when 7 faithful Gastonia PAX posted for Bandit’s GasHouse beatdown at Martha’s House.  As we gathered, YHC battled his OCD thoughts trying to determine the lack of posting a pre-blast has any significant impact on the number of PAX that post to a workout…

20 minutes earlier… “Hey Goose… remember to put that gas can in the car… we’ll need that”.

Uh, huh…What? oh, OK… its 0530. Let’s roll…

With no FNG’s today, we get started with brief disclaimer.  More accurately, it was a reminder that if YHC is an idiot… yeah, you know the rest.

Warm Up…

  • SSH IC x 25
  • Don Quixote IC x 20
  • Merkins IC x 10
  • Mountain Climbers IC x 10
  • BOYO x 5

Insert Pledge here (thanks for the reminder Dr. Feelgood).

The Thang…

GasHouse Indian Run from Brewsters to Picnic Shelter (about .5 miles).  What is GasHouse Indian Run?  Glad you asked!  Its a normal Indian Run except the last man in the line carries the 2.5 gallon gas can, hands off to PAX directly in front of him before sprinting to the front of the line.  Yes, it was filled with real gas… not water.  Also, as we near our destination, Whoopie turns the finely choreographed exercise into a bad conga line.

On our brief stop at the picnic shelter, we complete 2 rounds of Dips and Derkins.

  • Dips IC (x 15 round 1, x 10 round 2)
  • Derkins IC (x 10 round 1, x 5 round 2)

YHC grabs the GasHouse can for Mosey to lower soccer fields for a 4 corner escalators beatdown.  Counter clockwise to each corner. At each corner, excercises were single count, OYO, then plank and wait for six.  Repeat exercises in reverse.  Rinse and repeat x 2 (reduce reps 50%). It went like this…

  • Merkins x 10/5
  • Mountain Climbers x 20/10
  • Dying Cockroaches x 30/15
  • LBC x 40/20

Goose (hate,hate,hate) shows up the 30/40 somethings…. even when we made him hold position to give other PAX a head start, he smoked everyone.  Where’s Dolph?  Even tricky blocking techniques by Bandit with Whoopies audibles were foiled by the young stallion.  Aye!

Can’t forget proud moment for Mrs. Long as the PAX proclaim Stroganoff’s indellible qualities… “Steven is awesome”, “what a great guy”, “go Steve!  You are rocking it”, “Go Stroganoff”…. follwed by Stroganoff himself…”Guys, that’s my mom, not my girlfriend.  That was dirty.”

Next was the GasHouse Twist… like a Russian Twist, except the PAX sits shoulder to shoulder, feet 6 inches in the air, while passing the gas (uh, I meant gas can) down the line and back (x 2).

GasHouse Indian Run back to Brewsters.

We got back a few minutes early, so we go with people’s choice 5MOM…

  • LBC x 20 (Monk)
  • French Fries x 10 (Dr. Feelgood)
  • Marching Wall Sits x 10 (Outhouse)
  • Prayer Squat x 10 (Whoopie)
  • Flutter Kicks x 10 (Stroganoff)
  • Freddie Mercuries x 10 (Goose)
  • Dying Cockroaches x 10 (Bandit)

Finished with COT and BOM.  Prayers for family of Destiny Stafford, Woopie for Southern Discomfort.  Praise for Bandit’s uncle’s good news – no cancer.


Got this txt msg later in the day… “I wasn’t feeling it but because of all the guys, I pushed through it and accomplished it today.  For me, today was the perfect example of why F3 has been so good for me.  The leadership and commitment coming from F3 Gastonia is inspiring.  Thanks so much!”  Well said.  I could not agree more.  This thing is way bigger than just a good workout.  EH a friend for your next workout – they need it!

F3 Southern Discomfort – Saturday, August 1st – Final Preblast

F3 Area 51’s CSAUP event is less than a week away.

Who: Any interested pax

What: CSAUP event with 3 options –

  • Roshambo: 14.1 miles, 7 painstations;
  • Swift Kick: 10.8 miles, 6 painstations
  • Sack Tap: 6 miles, 4 painstations

When:  Saturday, August 1st

  • Roshambo – 5am launch from Stonehenge (The Vine restaurant parking lot in Ballantyne)
  • Swift Kick & Sack Tap – 6 am launch from Centurion (Charlotte Catholic HS)


From Ballantyne to Charlotte Catholic HS and then all the way down Route 51 to Matthews Elementary – Route Map:


Why Not?  #CSAUP


To be answered by each pax who posts.

Parking/Start/Finish Logistics:

Roshambo’ers and Swift Kickers should park at Peak 51 (Matthews Elem).  The pax needs to take it upon themselves to then clowncar to either Stonehenge (launch at 5am thus meet at Peak 51 at 4:30am) or clowncar to Centurion (Charlotte Catholic) – launch at 6am thus meet at Peak 51 at 5:30am.

Sack Tappers should muster at Arbo ABC at 5:30ish and then clowncar to Centurion for the 6am launch.


*** Area51 is happy to sponsor this CSAUP event.  It’s not a race, rather, the intent is to keep the pax together, SF’s out front the whole way.  Site Q’s will provide water, Gatorade, etc. at each painstation.  Should be a lot of fun.  Hope you’ll join us Saturday, August 1st.

BackBlast #GasHouse: Sally And Her Sister Roxanne Take A Ride On The Stairway To Heaven

28 Men (including 3 FNG’s) battled the GLOOM and another upper body beat down by BA.  The workout involved music (Sally and Roxanne), bricks, cinder blocks, and stairs (Stairway To Heaven). The workout took us to the Schiele, Library, Church, and back to the Schiele.

The workout started with the official disclaimer and then the real disclaimer that BA is an idiot and if you follow him through the workout then you then become an idiot.

Outhouse then lowered his tailgate and the PAX got 2 bricks apiece to start the workout

WU: (With The Surprise of Sally and Roxanne)

Circle Up-

  • Don Quixotes x 10 IC
  • SSH x 10 IC
  • LBC’s x 10 IC
  • Russian Twists x 10 IC


  • Sally- Squats (3:00)
  • Roxanne- Merkin on “Roxanne” and Plank Jack on “Red Light” (3:20)

Mosey To The Flag For The Pledge

Mosey To The Library Parking Lot


Find A Curb-

  • Wheel of Merkin x 5

Circle Up-

  • Wave Of Merkins x 1, x 2, x 3

Mosey To The Front Of The Church

Circle Up-

  • Carolina Dry Docks x 10 IC
  • Wave Of Merkins x 4

Mosey To The Stairs In Back Of The Church


Stairway To Heaven (Stairs In The Back Of A Church Parking Lot…. Get It?)

Partner Up

  • Standing Chest Press With Cinder Block x 250/ Run Stairs With 4 Bricks
  • Bicep Curl With Cinder Block x 100/ Run Stairs With 2 Blocks
  • Tricep French Curl With Cinder Block x 100/ Run Stairs With 0 Blocks (Dolph Chose 4 Blocks)
  • Upright Row With Cinder Block x 150/ Run Stairs With Your Choice Of Blocks
  • 100 LBC’s/ Run Stairs With Cinder Block

Mosey To Schiele With Cinder Blocks And Bricks

Put Bricks In Outhouse’s Truck And Cinder Blocks In BA’s Truck


  • Count Off
  • Nameorama/Naming Of FNGs
  • Prayer Request
  • Coffeeteria Moved To Rotary Community Garden For Coffee And Waters.  The Cool Down Was Moving Gravel, Putting In Landscaping Borders, And Whatever Else Was Needed.


  • Dolph Continued To Do Extra Credit At Times Using Extra Bricks On Stairway To Heaven
  • Thanks To Bandit For Keeping BA On Time And Recording Who Was In Attendance
  • Dr. Feelgood Presented A Good Community Service Project For #F3GasHouse In Working On The Rotary Community Garden
  • BA Finally Threw His Cincinnati Hat In The Wash… First Time Since #F3GasHouse Started On 3/21/15


BackBlast: 99 Problems but running wasn’t 1

7 pax showed up in the muggy gloom to face their up and coming 99 problems. We talked smack about the others fartsacking and it being their 1 problem. Oh well we had a lot of issues to face so let me show ya….

The warm up:
20ic SSH
15ic Cherry Pickers
10ic Freddie Mercurys
5ic merkins

The Problems:
Set 1:
99 LBC
9 Burpees
99 High Knees
9 merkins
99 sec squat holds
Set 2:
88/8 of above exercises
Plank instead of squat holds
Set 3:
77/7 of above exercises
Squat holds instead of plank
Set 4:
66 SSH
66sec squat holds
6 merkins
66 lunges
Set 5:
55/5 of above exercises
Plank instead of squat holds
Set 6:
44/4 of above exercises
Squat holds instead of plank
Set 7:
33 LBC
3 Burpees
33 squat holds
3 merkins
33 High Knees
Set 8:
22/2 of above exercises
Plank instead of squat holds
Set 9:
1 min Plank
2 min bridge
30 sec side plank
30 sec other side plank

Great hard work by all the men.

Some mumble chatter during the workout. It was a welcoming distraction from the pain.

Anthrax is a Squat Master…. SUMO SQUATER

Abba, Stroganoff, Anthrax were trying to find their happy place during the bridge…..Abba threw in WORK as a happy place in compare to where he was…… not sure I would agree.

Great workout again guys. Thanks for allowing me to lead such a strong group.

7/22 #MarthasHouse – BackBlast #F3kickball to #socialistkickball

It was a sad day in #GasHouse history as Bandit’s legendary streak of consecutive workouts came to an end as he’s on vacation with the family. Rather than mourning over Bandit’s absence, the 10 PAX who came out into the Wednesday morning GLOOM were treated to a round of BLIMPS and a game of #F3kickball. Without any more delay, here’s a breakdown of the morning’s activities:


  • Side Straddle Hop (x10) – IC
  • Merkins (x10) – IC
  • Imperial Walker (x10) – IC
  • LBC’s (x10) – IC
  • Hillbillies (x10) – IC
  • Lap around the Brewster’s Parking Lot

The Thang


  • 5 Burpees
  • 10 Lunge (Each Leg)
  • 15 Imperial Walkers
  • 20 Merkins
  • 25 Plank Jacks
  • 30 Squats

The PAX then mosey’d from the Brewster’s Parking Lot to Godfather’s makeshift kickball field (complete with borrowed traffic cones for bases and an official World Kickball Association bright red kickball) for a breakdown of the rules of #F3kickball:

  • When on defense (in the field), the pitcher must lead his team with 5 Side Straddle Hops (in cadence) before pitching the ball.
  • When on offense (kicking), the team must complete AMAP Little Baby Crunches.
  • After kicking, the runner may only advance one base at a time.
  • While at first base, the runner must complete 10 Carolina Dry Docks.
  • While at second base, the runner must complete 20 Windmills.
  • While at third base, the runner must complete 30 High Knees.
  • There are TWO outs, and you must either catch the ball in the air, tag the runner with the ball, or tag the base in a force-out situation.

The winner of #F3kickball is rewarded with a mosey back to the COT, while the loser would have to complete the infamous Modified Zombie Walk (MZW). Unfortunately, after three innings, #F3kickball turned into #socialistkickball as the game ended in a tie. With everyone winning and losing, the PAX mosey’d a third of the way back, the did the MZW for a third, and mosey’d the remaining third until they got back to the parking lot.

With time still left on the clock, the PAX completed a Ring of Fire and we invented a new style of counting while doing Freddie Mercury’s (1, 12, 123, 1234, 12345, …all the way to the last man counting to the total number of PAX – in our case, 10).

With no FNG’s, the workout was closed with a quick COT, BOM, and because I forgot, the Pledge of Allegiance.

PS – For those of you concerned, I did return the traffic cones!

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