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  • When: 08/01/15
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  • QIC: Senator Tressel
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  • PAX: Anthrax, Bandit, Roscoe, Squeaker, Monk, Shrimp Boat (War Baby), T-Square, Dr. Feelgood, Brown Streak, Fonzie, Tophat, T-bone, Pizza Man, Wink (War Daddy), Thimble, Floppy Disk, Wimpy, Linus, Break or Freight (?)

19 Gastonians endured a Saturday morning beatdown at the hands of one Fort Millian.  Here is what they did:

The Thang:

Handshakes, welcomes, and “how are ya’s” to the fine men of Gastonia.   After the pleasantries were exchanged, and the disclaimer was recited, we did a nice easy jog to the field at Grier Middle School for the COP:

All in Cadence:

SSH x 40, Merkin x 10, Windmill x 15, IW x 25, Morrocan Night Club x 30, Squat x 25, LBC x 25,

Pushorama:  CCD x 5/walk down to regular hand plank/drop to elbow plank/back to regular/merkin x 5/right arm and right leg high/flip over for dips x 10/left arm and left leg high/back to regular/6″/hold x 2.  Rinse and repeat.  No breaks.

Form  single line along the track and lunge walk out to the mid field and back.  Split into two groups, line up and face each other, and get reaady for the ST240:

Round 1:  20 merkins, 20 squats, 20 Freddie Merc, 20 burpees, run a lap

Round 2:  20 wide arm, 20 monkey humpers, 20 Russian twists, 20 burpees, run a lap

Round 3:  20 diamond, 20 lunges, 20 flutters, 20 burpees, run a lap

Recovery walk to the entrance to the sidewalk and then mosey to the stone wall at the library

Split into two groups.  Group 1 does pulls ups on the stone wall, Group 2 bearcrawls to the sidewalk and jog back.  Flapjack.  Rinse and repeat, wall sits as an option.

Mosey to some nice grass for a mini ab lab: Rosalita x 20, Boat and Canoe x 5


I was really happy to have the opportunity to Q at the Gashouse, and it’s always a plus to have such hard working group like we did this morning.  Didn’t have time to recon this AO before today, so I arrived early, jogged around a bit, threw the workout together,  and off we went.  This is a great location with a lot to work with so it wasn’t hard to do.    The ST400  was planned today, but we ended up with the ST240 (240 exercises, 3 full laps) due to time constraints.  I don’t think anyone missed the extra reps and laps (YHC included).   The encouragement and the extra effort put forth by the Pax today during the burpee reps was awesome – iron shapens iron!

My thanks to F3 Gastonia for the opportunity to Q!     I truly enjoyed it and I hope you got your money’s worth.  Thanks for the warm welcome this morning. You have strong group of men and it sounds like things are starting to take off in Gastonia.  Well done, guys!  It’s always a privilege to lead such a fine group and I hope we will cross paths again sometime.


Wimpy at the Southern Discomfort – prayers and praise

New Q’s in the pipeline at Gastonia area AO’s, still need somemore to cover all the workouts.

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Prayers for Mason, Destiny, and Beth