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  • When: 06/20/2015
  • AO:
  • QIC: Stroganoff (VQ), Wink (VQ)
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Bandit, Stroganoff, Wink, Bumgarner, Dolph, BA, Wheelie, Spiderman, Singlet, Bangkok, Da Vinci, Triple7, Dutch Oven, Yo Adrian (FNG), Roscoe, Outhouse, Wolverine

17 men, including 1 FNG, faced the Saturday morning heat for the #GasHouse workout from Stroganoff & Wink.

Stroganoff led the mosey to the Flag for the Pledge and run over to the GMS Football Field to play a little sprinkler dodge warm up.

Warm Up

  • Side Straddle Hop (x15)
  • LBC’s (x16) – Stroganoff thinks – He attended NC State and has trouble counting past 10
  • Imperial Walkers (x18)
  • Freddy Mercury’s (x16)

Run 1 lap back around to behind goal post.

The Thang Part 1 (Stroganoff with VQ)

WOLFPACK GRINDER – On your own and group play

  • Prayer Squats (x15)
  • ½ Lap Run
  • Merkins (x20+)
  • ½ Lap Run
  • Mountain Climbers (x20/Leg)
  • ½ Lap Run
  • Merkins (x10+)
  • ½ Lap Run
  • Lunges (x10/leg)

Next we partner Up for the Sideline Follies…

First Folly

  • Partner 1 – Bear Crawl to mid field/Run to other side and back
  • Partner 2 – Plank Jacks (x20) + Freddy Mercury’s (As many as possible)

Second Folly

  • Partner 1 – Run across field and back
  • Partner 2 – LBC’s (As many as possible)

The Thang Part 2 (Wink with VQ)

Mosey to opposite side of GMS to courtyard (at least we found shade at the end).

  • Elevens with Merkins and Bomb Jacks!
Wink’s ADD shines through as we Mosey back to opposite side of GMS to another courtyard (Wink’s ADD shines through – we can stay in once place too long.  Oh… we see stairs.)
  • Tunnel of love
  • 300’s (100 Dolly’s, 200 LBC’s, 300 flutter kicks)
This series shall now be forever called “311’s with Love”
PAX mosey back to Schiele parking lot for COT and BOM.