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  • When: 06/13/15
  • AO:
  • QIC: Roscoe
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Dr. Feelgood, Roscoe

The crowd was filled with potential FNG’s but the air was too thin for the mountain fartsackers.

The Thang…

Started with a run out of camp to an abandoned country home with some nice paved conditioning pads out back among the weeds. SSH, squats, “Merkin dreams”, press press flings, then to abandoned country store for more “Merkin dreams” and appropriate mountain climbers.

The store reminded me of a now closed store back home called “Master Bait and Gro”.

Then a run past some horses while reminiscing about Blackjack Mulligans’ Double-Cross Ranch in Amarillo, Texas, to a church by a stream for a series of alternating stair climbs/squats, lunges, burpee long jumps, six inches-spelling “ADDR” with feet together, lunges, Pete Chicutts, squat/sprint intervals, more “Merkin dreams” and then back to the old store for tabata “Merkin Dreams” with an mercy audible as Feelgood’s pipes were failing.

Run back to the country home to finish the tabata and then back to camp for a memorial “knees to bionic elbow” and COT.


RIP Dusty Rhodes, aka the midnight rider. No word on the status of his horse, Dos Diablos.