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  • When: 6/6/15
  • AO:
  • QIC: Abba, Anthrax
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: FNG's: Lucky Charms, Wheelie, Cuatro, Stewie, Semi-Colon, Matlock, Wolverine, Manilow Regulars: Anthrax (VQ), Abba (VQ), Brown Streak, Shrimp Boat, BA, Godfather, JoeBoo, 777, DaVinci, Singlet, Dutch Oven, Dolph, Dr. Feelgood, E4, Stroganoff, Wink, Thimble, Half Back, Spiderman, Rosco, Monk

29 pax showed up for some precisely timed punishment today with Abba and Anthrax up to co-Q.  Pledge first, then a mosey up to the field.

Imperial Walkers
Side Straddle Hop
Freddie Mercury’s

The Thang:
Order of the day was Ciabatta’s.  Each exercise was separated by a lap around the track + trash pickup thanks to Da Vinci’s timely sense of civic duty.

Plank Jacks (audible, planking for 4 minutes sounded better on paper)
Prayer Squats
Mericans (audible…again better on paper)
Bear Crawl

With everyone’s legs good and tight we finished up with 15 side straddle hop burpees, then moseyed back to the lot for COT.