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And We Were Runnnnning…

We ran 4.2 miles. Not much else.

Please keep T-Square in your prayers this week as their son Mason is having some tests.

– Outhouse

Bears, Bricks, and Iron Hulks Oh My!

First attempt at an afternoon Q.  On the drive over as I noticed 96 deg on the dash I though I had made a big mistake. Got there a little early to do some recon and get set up.

We had 10 strong on this hot afternoon for what would be a partner themed workout .

First the warm up

SSH, High Knees, Moroccan Night Club, Merkins

Mosey over to far side by the soccer fields.

HAs left a pile of bricks and some cones to get the beat down started.

First partner up and size matters.

Partner one runs left 20 yards  and out about 50 yards Partner 2 begins to bear crawl to the left. When 1 reaches far corner sprint diagonal across field to catch 2. when caught partner carry back to the start. Flip Flop and repeat.

Next 4 round are all performed with brick in each hand on both exercises

Round 1

American Hammer (200 per group) Karaoke to cone and back switch till 200 is reached

Pistol Squats (200 per group) Duck Walk to cone and back

Tricep Ext (200 per group) Apolo Ohno to cone and back

Bent over Fly (200) Bear Crawl no bricks to cone and back

Finish here with Iron Hulk cousin to Jack Web

with bricks 1Merkin/1air press ascending up to 10 (a lot harder than it looks)

Out of time we had a long mosey back to Flag for Pledge and COT.

Prayer Request  Scott Pasour and family, Jeff Payne , Our Country

As always it was a pleasure to lead. Defiantly much harder in the heat of the day. Big push from all to make it through. Thank you for the opportunity to lead.


Tool Whine

Small group this morning to get the week started.

Started out with the normal disclaimer and Tool Time assured us there would be no whining this morning.

Warm Up


SSH, Imperial Walker, Moroccan night club (Tool Time Complained) Merkins

Mosey to far side of school to the line of buses for Zig Zag

Start at one end sprint to front and back pedal between repeating all the way down the line. At the end reverse and repeat.

Mosey out of school and up  hill (tool time complained) to bank at Top of road. Stop by the ATM for CASH. Crunch, arm taps, squats, Hip Slappers(tool time complained)

Mosey through neighborhood around and down a big hill. Q was making some of this up on the fly so (tool time complained)

At bottom of hill looked like a great place for backwards hill runs. At bottom backwards run up to light pole and than lunge down. (tool time complained) Repeat backwards run and than mosey over to entrance of school.

At bottom of big hill we grabbed 22 for 22 (Merkins)

Next run 1/4 way up hill and 5 Burpees OYO back to bottom

1/2 way up curb merkins up hill/ curb merkins down hill (tool time complained) back to bottom

All the way to the top for Dolly’s IC

Mosey back into Scholl. Stop for a quick round of Karaoke between some parking signs (tool time complained)

Out of time we finished with backwards run back for COT.


Prayers- T Square, Country, Law Enforcement

Always fun to lead. Yes,  most of this was made up on the fly this morning. Tool Time wasn’t as bad as maybe I am making it sound, but he did say no whining at the start. Its all in fun Tool Time.


was that Push the Rock or Lunge the Block

Great start to the day with a strong 3rd F by Rudolph. The theme was Hospitality and what it means and how we need to do a better job of it.

As I listened to him I could only think the beat down planned was not going along with anything he was saying As the clock struck 8 it was time to get started. There was some early chatter about how some had seen me jump the fence and my truck was no where to be seen. We started with the warm up.


Morocan Knight Club

Imperial Walker

Flutter Kicks



Quick count off to insure we had an even number to get the party started. We started a mosey towards Grier Track. We stopped at flag pole for the Pledge and caught a quick set of Merkins.


a short Mosey up to the parking lot at Grier to find my truck. Each PAX found a partner and one got a big block and the other two small.

Mosey to the track to get started.


Round One

Lunge The Block

Partner 1 Lunge with  Big Block while Partner 2 takes a lap with small blocks over head as far as possible. Each time partners meet 5 merkins and switch places .Big block went via lunge 400 meters and little blocks mad it close to a mile on round one.

Round 2

Partner 1 bear crawls from one cone to next  (aprox 50 yards apart) Partner 2 sprints ahead to 2nd cone and does Dying cockroaches with small blocks till P2 arrives. Switch and repeat till next cone. Next cone Lunge x4 than Burpee repeat till next cone is reached. Rinse and repeat until lap is complete.

Round 3

Meet 50 yard line with all blocks. Break into groups of 4

Run to four corners with blocks.

Each corner was said exercise x25

once complete sprint on track count clockwise to next station .

  1. Bicep Curls
  2. Tricep Curls
  3. cling and press
  4. squat with blocks overhead

Running out of time ran back to parking lot with blocks and stacked in the truck so I wouldn’t have to. Had time for a quick

10 Burpees OYO.

most grabbed a water and headed back to Schiele for COT.

Bells had not rang yet so we finished with some dying cockroaches just for fun.

Number of prayer request and big a big praise from Da Vinci as his mothers surgery was a success. please see Bandit or Roscoe for info on toy drive in honor of F3 Olive’s daughter who passed away. see Bandit on collecting funds for donation to scholarship fund in honor of T-Squares daughter.


Today was what F3 is all about. We all knew it was going to suck and it was hot, but in the end we did it as a group and are a little better for it. Men pushing men both spiritually and physically.  And in the end a little bit of voul-en-told for Woodstock. Come out for his VQ next week. Thanks for the opportunity to get a little better.




Started out with the disclaimer and an additional one that this workout would be repetitive and if you don’t like it the Y is down the street. With no one leaving we got started with the warm up.

Warm Up

Flutter Kick x 30 IC

SSH x20 IC


All warmed up it was time for a mosey. We took off in the humidity down Union to the State Employees Credit Union. Upon arrival of the 6 we started the thing. There are 7 ATM Machines with in 1/2 mile of Martha’s House.  Today at each ATM we made a CASH withdrawal.

Each time we reached a machine the following exercise were preformed.


5 Burpees OYO

C  Crunch x 20

A Arm Taps X 20

Squat X 20

H Hip Slappers X 20  a couple times we dropped to 10 on the Hip Slappers due to insufficient funds in the Q’s account. We also threw in some Donkey Kicks (Brownstreak calls them Honkey Kicks)

We made it through 5 machines before we ran out of time. We did the Pledge  threw in an extra set of Hip Slappers and finished up with some Flutter Kicks IC just as we ran out of time.


Great work by all and the PAX did a good job in the humidity.  I think we have a number of these days a head of us.


Prayer Request


Monk- Sister-in-law

Sargento- Co-Worker Wife

Da Vinci- Mother on recent Cancer Diagnosis


Always a pleasure



A Year Later

A little over a year ago made my first F3 post at the Storm. Though it would be a good opportunity for a work out of all the exercises that I dislike.

To the surprise of the PAX I was able to locate some cinder  blocks to add to the joy of the morning.

Warm Up

SSHx 25

Imperial Walkerx25

Moroccan Night Clubx25

Flutter KickX25




Mosey around parking lot which was out track for the day for one lap.

Back at start partner up for some fun

  1. Lunge walk the 400 meters with block. Partner A lunge walk while B takes a lap switching spots as you catch each other for one lap.  (long way)
  2. After a short recover grab block and mosey to far corner swapping block with partner as need.
  3. Circle up for a few exercises 1. 30 x squat with block 2. 10 knee jump tucks 3. 25 x mt climbers 4. 20 x merkins 5. LBC x 20 6. 15x Hip Slapper
  4. Mosey up to Baseball field and rinse and repeat changing the last exercise to 10 Burpee OYO

Stack the blocks and mosey back to lot for some COT.

Still had a min so we caught 50x flutter IC to finish up.



T Square

Outhouse Dad

Shrimp Boat on up coming trip



Short Weinke

Warm up IC
Imperial Walker


Hit the streets for miles over to Cramerton to get ready for the BRR. Pax ran right at 4 3/4 miles on this perfect morning.

Caught the Pledge at the end and finished up with word of the week.

Ephesians 5:25  Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church

Word of the Month Love


Continued prayers for T-Square

Multiple PAX on Job

Merkin & Burpee Downpour

The Storm took on its name on the drive over this morning. Heavy rain and lighting an hour before I felt sure would lead to a light crowd if any?  To my Surprise 8 regulars and 1 FNG posted to start the day off right.


Warm Up (IC)




Mosey at a friendly pace around parking lot

Imperial Walker




10 min of Run and Merkins around upper parking lot

Run 1 min

Merkin 1 min

rinse and repeat for 10 min

After 10 min one more lap for good measure and than plank at the gate for the six.

Flutter Kicks (ICx30)

5 min of BUrpees

10 Burpees a min for 5 MIn

Flutter Kicks (ICx30)

Mosey to the Softball field in search of BA Blocks. Unable to locate the blocks we had to call and audible and do Dora 1/2/3 with out

200 Squats

100 Merkins

50 Burpees

Partner runs down thread trail to bottom and back up while other does above exercise.

Ran short on time and had to stop short of Burpees. Mosey back to cars for COT.

One more round of 10 Burpees.


Welcome Bill Fangman (Chocula)


Prayer Request-: T-Squares son

Not having the word of the week with me I found this little bit of advice on Twitter this morning. Three words we often hear that tend to have a negative meaning

F irst

A ttempt

I n

L earning



E ffort

N ever

D ies


N ext

O pportunity


As always a pleasure to lead this group.



Backwards Run and Burpee Training

As always the streets of Cramerton  where busy with folks looking to make themselves a little better.

Warm Up IC



Grass Pickers

Imperial Walkers


Pledge and than off to mosey

Run around the town loop and back up and behind the buildings to steps beside Bandits Wall of Shame.

At the top of the steps we circled up for what the PAX thought was going to be a game of duck-duck-goose.

After getting a tweet from mayor last concerned about the PAX ability in the upcoming Burpee-a-thon this became the perfect opportunity to get in some much need practice.

For the next ten min Pax preformed 10 Burpees a min for a total of 100.

For some reason the closer we got to 10 the shorter the min got.

After the Burpee beat down to  the stairs we went. We began to mosey  but saw the perfect opportunity for some Merkins, LBC, and Bear crawls up the grass hill to the tracks and backwards bear crawl down.

After realizing just how steap the hill was and the sound of train off in the distance we headed towards the fire station.

With the absence of Roscoe I felt it was safe to do some backwards running.

Round 1

20x CDC Bottom backwards run to top 20 x CDC Top sprint back down

Round 2

30x Moroccan Night Club decided to move across the street and backwards run across bridge 30 x Moroccan night club and  Mosey to far bridge

Round 3

1 min of Burpees backwards run across bridge  and than sprint to parking lot.

1 min of Burpees and began long Mosey back to parking lot. For some reason a conversation broke out about the toilet paper in the Porta-Johns and how Whoopee follows the truck and steals it right after they put it in. Not sure maybe the Burpees had us delirious.

After a Mosey back we finished with COT.


Burpee-a-thon May 7th  beware Mayor has begun training


As always great to be apart of an awesome group.


Push the Rock or Run with IT

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