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Day: August 26, 2019

Fake Fall in Mt. Holly

As those of us who have lived here all of our lives these low 60s low humidity mornings that feel like fall in late August are really just a “fake” to make us think the heat is over. Then  – as usual we fry through late September. So with that in mind a determined set of men gathered at the Mt. Hollywood AO to get a little work in to start the week off right. It went like this:


Arm stretches

SSH X 20

IW X 20

4X Merkins X 10

Plank position – foot to palm stretch.

Peter Parkers X 20

Mosey down to the wall at the elementary school

Dirkins, stepups, Dips, and LBCs.

Round 1 – 10X, 10X (total), 10X 10X

Round 2 – 15X, 15X (total), 15X, 10X

Round 3 – 20X, 20X (total), 20X, 10X

Mosey uptown and make a stop;

HR Merkins X 10

Jump squats X 10

Rosalitas X 10

Mosey over to Veterans Park for a pledge and repeat of the uptown stop.

Climb K2 – All together. Wait for the six in plank before we go to the next stop.

1st bump – 5 burpees

2nd bump – 10 CDDs

3rd bump- 15 Big boys

4th bump – 20 Merkins

5th bump (street past Hawthorne) – 25 American Hammer.

Mosey back to the AO and stop and do 20 regular squats just because.

Mosey down to the field for – you guessed it! Bear Crawl Slalom! 2 rounds apiece.

2 minutes of stretching and COT


Nice, nice morning out there today! We had one coming our way after the last 90 or so. Everybody looked great and worked hard. Great to see a strong pax like this one was. Mt. Holly is just a nice place anyway. We need more of a presence up there.

Prayers up for those that work in the school system especially teachers and support staff. And of course the kids themselves. Hopefully everybody stays safe and learns a lot! We need for that to happen.  And we are here to help. Let’s not forget that either guys!

Prayers up the Hamm family, guys on IR (even Dredd) and those we have not seen in awhile also. If you can get with one of our brothers who has been absent awhile reach out and do so. One guy I am thinking of is Wheezy. Know he is dealing with some things and has told me he would like ot get back out. Let’s help make that happen. Be good for all of us.


Until next time, honor and a pleasure to lead this crowd.



Better late than never…

So as most people that know me will tell you I detest being on a computer, thus my slackness on getting back blasts posted in a  timely manner.  It is something that I am working on,  but thanks to Huckleberry I am gonna do this one now.   Also, somewhere in the mix I misplaced my workout so I am gonna try this from memory lol.


SSH x 15 IC

LBC x 20 IC

Merkins x 10 IC

Stations: AMRAP 1 minute timer

Swings, Merkins, Renegade Rows, Flutters, Peoples Press, Goblet squats

We did this for around two rounds and did some lateral lunges down to the light pole and then did 5 burpees, lateral lunge back and repeated.  We finished up with some Mary and called it a day.

COT:  Prayer Requests: HoneyDo’s dad

YHC took us out.

I am making it a commitment to do better at this back blast thing.  Thanks for the call out Huckleberry!  SYITG

Switchero…….an audible called



Warm up:

SSH’s – 23 IC (no idea why)

Squats – 20 IC

Flutters (I think) – a number IC

YHC is tired from all of that 1/2 mile I put in as EC arriving a bit early today.  I don’t feel like runnin, Watts Up, how bout’s you take the guys on a mosey.  I’ll hang out here for awhile.

As the plan was building I felt my challenge was to recruit as many BC pax as possible since numbers can vary.  The Pax showed, and what an intimidating group it was.  Watts Up left me with a pack of beasts too boot.  Once we rid ourselves of the runners we unloaded the Pilot weighted down with non potable Coors blocks.  I had a couple of 25 lb. weights to boot.

The Painlabber’s were quick to help me in my initial start up efforts as the wind and my own lack of guidance slowed me a bit in getting us started.  Many thanks to VooDoo who apparently has music on demand.

The Thang:


Initiate each request in stations, slow mosey to middle of parking lot to get in 10 Monkey Humpers in between each one.  Three rounds finished.

Flutters x  50 sgl. count

Heels to Sky x 20

LBC’s x 25

Squats (with block) x 25

Merkins or Merkins on Block x 25

Block Curls x 25

Overhead Press x 20

Block Walk

Slow Mosey to bottom of Schiele trail, coupons in tow.

Bottom of Hill:

Dora 1/2/3

Partner up.  Mosey part way up hill, drop and give us one burpee.  Back down and relieve your partner who is doing:

100 O/H block press

200 block curls

300 O/H block tricep push (modified to 200)

Clavin was performing a mosey NUR which I modified for all.  Walking uphill backwards was a great audible and smoked those non usage muscles

Dora 2:

Got to get our legs in gear.  Same exercise just 200 block squats

Mobile Stations:

Station 1, Pax does 100 flutters and relieves Stations 2 and 3.

Station 2:  Amrap Freddie Mercury

Station 3:  Hold 6″ until relieved

As we were within shouting distance of parking lot we stayed in the woods until about 1 minute ’til.  As we emerged watching Watts Up smoke the Bootcamp the sweet chime of bells rang as we struggled to get the blocks back to the Pilot.



Monday, Sept. 2 – Labor Day, Murph, 7:00 Martha’s, Defib Q

BRR – 1st weekend in Sept.

9/11 Stair Climb – Sept. 14th.

Upcoming events, 5K for Vets, JJ 5K, Ragnar should get us through 1st week in October

F3 GSO needs 3 BRR runners, financial assistance avail (may even pay you to run)


Dry Rub – Stepmom

Bondo – Friends and acquaintances

Tophat – Mother

For the kid’s and teachers returning to schools

Q fail as I did not get additional information on Vespa.  I do hope he returns and I saw Bondo talking to him for awhile so maybe he has info as well.

Honored to lead today, it was my first Painlab Q.




Cooler at Crossroads

Cooler morning at Crossroads. Some ran. Some biked. No ruckers. Broke ran 7 and coughed after being stuffy. Most ran 5. SA and Seuss were leading the way. Hacksaw got an early start as he often does. Freight and Mayor are hardcore road bikers now and they seem happy about that. Oompa is getting over the crud but still getting after it. Mr. Garvey is making it look easy. Nice work young man! I chased Blart but never caught him. Gold Digger was taking it slow and easy after logging a lot of miles the day before. It was a good morning!

Q Source was on Exhortation which is defined as “Encouragement on steroids.” and my favorite part of the lesson on this was the last part.
“Can you name a man in your life who is an Exhorter who exists outside of a celluloid fantasy? If you can, you are lucky. If you can’t, maybe its high time you became that kind of man yourself. They are in short supply.”

Without ALL of us F3 guys being Exhorters, F3 will not grow or even remain the same. It will go away. Push yourself to be that “Encourager on Steroids” to every man in the gloom and the many who haven’t realized they need to be there too!

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