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Day: March 25, 2016

Has Anybody Got A Dime?

Had YHC known today was going to movie quote day, I would have studied up. Instead, coming off the short term DL, I was focused on creating a non-running workout for the #Downtown PAX. Wanted to make sure E4 could get out here with that bum knee. But what’s that you say? Bandit…, non-running…, most would argue impossible, read more and find out for yourself.

After our brief disclaimer (not a professional, you are here on your own choosing, its probably smarter for you to just go home know, but if you are staying…do what you can do), and some real-world advice from Whoopee, we start with our warm up…

  • Side Straddle Hop x20 IC
  • Mountain Climbers x20 IC
  • Moroccan Night Clubs x40 IC
  • Peter Parkers x20 IC
  • Toy Soldiers x20 IC

The Thang
To be totally transparent, today’s workout was a copy of a running-focused workout I stole from Whoopee a few months ago. So instead of running between a bunch of banks and doing ATMS… the running was switched out today with lunge walks and bear crawls.

  • Lunge-walk around the Pavilion…LBC x30, x20, x10
  • Lunge-walk around the Pavilion (switch to Bear Crawl if needed)… Peter Parkers x20, x15, x10
  • Alternate Lunge-walk/Bear Crawl around the Pavilion x2…Plank-O-Rama
  • At this point mumble chatter was almost at zero.  Roscoe, YHC and and others helped to energize the PAX with some favorite movie quotes.  Blazing Saddles, Raising Arizona, others???
  • Alternate Lunge-walk/Bear Crawl around the Pavilion x2… Russia Twists x20, x15. Dying Cockroach (of course) x20, x10
  • So if your money was not on YHC to lead a running-free workout, congratulations.. you win. Our last excercise was a 4 lap mosey around the Pavilion until time ran out.

Finished up with Pledge of Allegiance, COT/Namorama & BOM

Enjoyed cofferama at Starbucks with Hush Puppy, Monk, E4 and Whoopee.  Looking forward to spending more time with these guys… talk about some 2F activities like baseball games (Knights, Grizzlies), movie time and planetarium (F3 Dads), and some sport shooting.

Please keep the following in your prayers…

  • Monk… as their family travels to Florida for spring break
  • DaVinci’s mother in law… will be having surgery to remove a tumor from her arm.
  • Stroganoff and family with the news of Janet’s father’s cancer diagnosis.
  • Outhouse’s family… as they move forward after the loss of his mother.


Goat Island BB 3/24-16



Hillbilly (aka Appalachian American)

Moroccan Night Club

Don Quixte



Mosey around 1 lap on sidewalk

The Thang:

start with “ring of TIRE”==circle around big tire==round 1-PAX flips while others Al Gore til all have flipped once==round 2-PAX flips while others plank til all have flipped once==rinse & repeat 1 more time

head to gazebo==round 1-3 PAX do pull ups while other 3 bear crawl to cone, then joe Hendrix back to start==switch==round 2-3 PAX flutter kick while other 3 bear crawl to cone, joe Hendrix back==rinse & repeat

Mosey to famous bank alley==round 1-backward skip to steps, mosey up, 3 burpees at top, mosey around building to start==round 2-vine to steps, mosey up, 3 burpees at top, mosey around bldg.==round 3-broad jump to steps, mosey up, 3 burpees at top, mosey around bldg.

mosey 1 lap on sidewalk back to starting point

mosey to center of bridge, 50 LBC OYO, mosey to picnic tables, 50 dips OYO, 20 each leg Step ups OYO, mosey to bridge, 50 flutter kicks OYO, mosey to start

line up on RR ties==10 mike Tyson OYO, Rocky Balboas OYO==rinse & repeat 1 more set



Great time VQing…hopefully enjoyed by all in attendance

Men’s Health

Wednesday night I was reading an issue of Men’s Health and found an article about how HIIT training came about. The article had some suggestions for some exercises to do and well…I couldn’t resist trying it. I scratched my plan and created a new one. Thanks Men’s Health and your welcome PAX!



Don Quixte X 10IC

High Knee’s

Flutter Kick’s X 15IC

Seal Jacks X 10IC


The Thang:

Start with a round of weight training exercises. Then 2 minutes of cardio. Then finish with a body weight exercise

Do one of three: Burpee Rows with bricks x 10, Squats with 30lbs slam ball x 20, Snatch and squat with 40lbs kettlebell x 10

2 minute cardio-Run for for 2 minutes at high pace and mixed it up a few times with 2 minutes of Burpee’s! (Crowd favorite) We needed burpeethon training anyway!

Finshed with pullups 10,8,6 or merkins x 15 IC

We did two rounds which equals 6 sets



Great work by all today. The PAX fitbit numbers say this was a good one! It must have been because as I type this the morning after I have hit a new low weight # my body fat and BMI went down and muscle % went up! It doesn’t and shouldn’t get easier but we will get better!

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