• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 05/13/2021
  • AO: Diablo Sammich
  • QIC: Clavin ( R)
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Whoopee (R), Time Frame, Boudin, Dry Rub (R), Les Nessman, Hermey(RR)

So the other night ( late) I noticed a DM from Sledge-o-matic and upon opening noticed us request of my q presence at Diablo Sammich. I was a little puzzled at first as I have only been a handful of times in its inception and even led myself in a solo Q, but then I quickly thought that this should be a learning experience and enjoy the fact that I was called upon … so I gladly accepted.
Told all this morning I was certainly not a professional and if any are mad or upset with me take that up with Sledge later ( or myself).
I only hope that I did a fair representation of the job.
We would begin with high knees IC x 5
Drop for plank ten count plank jacks and Mtn climbers IC x 5 each
Mosey towards Martha’s House pausing at gates for six …. Never mind all are present so plank …. Lower plank
Today we would mosey all around the park pausing periodically for nur twice, monkey humpers, dips and step ups at picnic shelter and dead hang and pull-ups … there was time even for crab walking and bear crawl ( sucked!) and I even tied to coax pax to gently broad jump across from curb to curb or lunge …. None would follow me to jump!?! Some of what I attempted today was to assess whether the pax was willing to follow some of this and perhaps modify and/or add/ subtract alternate exercises.
We would end with flutters ic x 20 and 20 lbcs OYO while someone reminded me that I had on an empty backpack ( this individual claimed to may have the frozen remains of a cat and/or dog
In his satchel.
Prayers for Turtleman and all Pax with family or other related issues
Amoeba ruck and other ruck training coming soon
Memorial Day Murph
The Bunker ( Whoopee wants to rename Archie)

Lastly I loved to mumble and other chatter throughout day. I also added to all present that last week before Labyrinth started Whoopee has asked Captain Stubing what he did for a living and just to open up to us ….. we should strive to do this with any pax we are not as familiar with ….. retention and attendance would be higher as it would show a level of care and interest in each to the other.

Today also was a non PC day esp for bad dad jokes most notably from Whoopee ( any surprise there?)
Why are there only 239 beans in an Irish stew ? Using an Irish accent ….” Because one more would be Too Farty!”