• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 09/29/2020
  • AO: Folsom
  • QIC: Wichita
  • FNG's: Escobar
  • PAX: Wire Nut, Hacksaw(R), Tranny, Rabbit Ears, Volt, Stogie, Plug In, Round Up, Sister Act, Westside, Hannibal, Flubber

YHC rolled in at 5:20 to see a few getting in some EC which is always motivating. Good job men! Props to Flubber for another FNG this morning! Welcome Escobar! And Plug In made the drive from Mooresville again this morning! As the men kept coming in we ended up with 14 at 5:30 so it was time to get started. Did a little disclaimer and we….



SSH: IC x15


MNC: ICx20

Time to punch the in! All the guys at Folsom assume that when YHC Q’s it’s going to be merkin heavy, so I tried to throw them off this morning and it worked at first…

mosey to first light pole going out of parking lot:

LBC’s: 40

Light pole #2

BBSU’s: 30

Light pole #3

AH’s: 20

Light pole#4

V-UP’s: 10

Merkins: 10

There was some light mumble chatter as we were working from light pole to light pole about “I was expecting a bunch of merkins!” My plan was working so far, because that poor soul didn’t know what was about to unfold….

We moseyed back through the lights with

V-UP’s: 40

working our way back to

light pole #1 and LBC’s: 10

Head to tennis courts:

2 Rounds:

Welsh Dragons (look them up) across 2 tennis courts

Contra Burpee (look them up) back

after round 1 everyone was painfully excited that the merkins has arrived.

we finished our time out with…

The Cooper (look it up)

most made it for 3 rounds but there were 2 rock pushers among us this morning: Sister Act and Round Up who went 5 rounds I think!



Prayer Request:

Sister Act’s daughter and family, Wire Nuts mom and family, Stogie’s dad, Medicine Woman and his dad, Tater Hole, Westside’s M, our community and leaders



It was a great morning to be in the Gloom with you men! Thanks again for the opportunity to lead!


Wichita out and on to the next one!