• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 08/31/2019
  • AO: PainLab
  • QIC: Voodoo and HIPAA
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Tool Time, Pedal, WattsUp, Tube, Clavin, Sledge-o-Matic

It was around 530ish on a crisp gloomy Saturday morning in the gas house when I see headlights pulling in.  I knew that Whoopee had put out an ironpax challenge the night before, but it wasn’t him.  It was none other than tool time himself straight out of Mooresville.  He was going to do some EC running, a cool 5 he said.  Out  in the distance I see headlights.  Its Whoopee, WattsUp, Stroganoff, and Roscoe.  Tool time took off, the others headed out and I did some EC rucking.  As you know around five till seven everyone rolls in.  Earlier in the week I had been taking to HIPAA and he was saying he needed some extra motivation lately so I said lets Co-Q and think of some nastiness to bring pain lab.  What a great time it was…Here’s how it went.

Stations:  Swings, Man-makers, the little green band (have to show to know), the always crowd pleaser forearm twist rope thing that really sucks, and a new crowd pleaser the Cam Newton.  Essentially you are in a LBC position with the slam ball balancing on your shins, you lay back with arms extended, come back up and grab the ball, extend back with the ball while extending your legs outward at the same time and return ( spoiler alert they really suck).  We also had a curl and chest press station as well.  We did AMRAP for 1 minute  and rotated…quickly.  We did two full rounds and took our bells on the nature trail.  Part 2:  11s on the gravel hill.  Merkins and Goblet squats.  We did Squats at the top with the bells, crab walked down the hill, did the Merkins, then bear crawled back to the top.   Rinse and Repeat till the end, you know the drill.  Part 3:  We walked with bells in hand to the circle with Frank.  We did a triple nickel there with Durkins and Dips, then with incline Merkins and LBCs.  We ended there with some Mary led mainly by a mad man named HIPAA who paid respects to the impending hurricane  Dorian, with a hurricane hoedown.  Which was horrible.   Man what a great workout.  Oh, how could I forget the playlist consisted of all Tool.  Someone requested it and I think he knew a little bit about them.  Great work by all men!  That was a fun one!