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  • When: 02/21/2019
  • AO:
  • QIC: Gumby
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Medicine Woman, Volt, Montross, Rockabilly, Big Pappy, Hacksaw, Gumby

Huckleberry was supposed to have the Q this morning but like a lot of others in the county the flu has hit his home as well.  Allen Tate took my Q the other week when I was out with the flu/pneumonia crap that took me out for a couple of weeks. So when asked to cover Huck it was a no brainer.  It also helped me after being out a while to shake the sand out and get back in the gloom.

YHC  followed Volt in Folsom to find Medicine Woman waiting on the beat down. Volt got out of his car to get a little run in before the workout.  As Volt got back to start the other PAX started rolling in.  Nice turnout on a soggy morning. Let’s get at it.

Warmarama: SSH, Gravel Pickers, Hillbilly’s x 15 IC

Thang:  It was barely raining when we started the mosey to the flag, but with a couple of stops and some Merkins and Mountain Climbers at the light poles (thanks MW and Montross) we didn’t make it to the flag before it started raining pretty good.  After everyone got to the overhang at the flag ,YHC decided to alter the weinke to try to stay somewhat dry.

Here we go, Burpees X10, Big Boys X20, Merkins X30, Squats X40, and LBCs X50.  Rinse and repeat 5X. By the 3rd round YHC and I think most of the PAX were feeling the Big Boys  and Merkins.  Not a cardio rich workout but YHC thinks we will feel those exercises in the morning. Mosey back to start and time.

Announcement’s: CSAUP, some others that I can’t think of right now.

Prayer Request: Big Pappy’s Family,  Rockabilly’s Mom, Pizza Man’s M, Medicine Woman’s Family, My family,  each other.

Great work today men! I can see the improvement F3 has made in Rockabilly and Big Pappy, and their discipline to post after sickness and family loss is an encouragement to all of Folsom. Keep pushing the rock Folsom!

Honor and a pleasure to serve you men today.