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  • When: 02/20/2019
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  • QIC: Medicine Woman
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  • PAX: Sister Act, Sparky, RoundUp, Barrel Racer, Blart, Allen Tate, Medicine Woman

After a night full of excitement and bull crap talk on our infamous GroupMe text group, YHC was convinced that there would only be a few real HIM show at PrisonBreak this AM. Mostly due to the alleged rain in the forecast, but I honestly believe some PAX were set on Waffle House from the start. That being said, Allen Tate, AKA Self-Proclaimed Chief of Folsom, called out several who were discussing such alternate activities. “Tomorrow will be a show of HIMS vs HERS,” he posted.

So I arrive at the AO about 15 minutes early and see that Sister Act is already off and I was visited by Tyson who was out running with a couple dudes. Trustworthy Blart pulled up then shortly after, Barrel Racer. Needless to say, I expected that to be the extent of it. I assumed Waffle House was starting to get a bit crowded. After some chit chat and stretching, Allen Tate comes in hot, jumping out the truck before it came to a stop, followed by Sparky and Round Up. Good deal, it’s time so all take off for some miles. There were no ruckers this fabulous day, only Runners, joggers, and PAX who weren’t afraid of the rain. The ironic part of the whole event, was that the rain was absent during the activities.


COT; Big Pappy’s family, Pizza Man’s M

YHC took us out in Prayer

Its an honor to Q this fine AO. It has pushed me to get my butt out the sack another day during the week. Running is not my forte, but it’s something I push to get through because it’s making me a little better/stronger each time. See ya in the gloom.