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  • When: 02/14/2019
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I pulled into Folsom right at start time this morning, we circled up and began the warmup! Everyone looked warm, partner up, one partner grab a block and head to the tennis courts for some modified Dora! P1 start the exercise, P2 run, alternating until reps are done!

100- triceps

150- curls

200- shoulder press

250- squats

300- LBCs

Back to launch point, put the blocks up.

While everyone is recovering, in honor of valentines, I wanted to share something.

F3 in the marriage?

Fittness- Men, what shape is your marriage in? Is it strong? LEAD

Fellowship- Is the communication strong in your marriage? Or is fellowship broken? If there is an issue here, LEAD your wife in restoring fellowship!

Faith- Are you pointing your wife to Christ daily, by the way you live? By the way you love? By the way you LEAD?

The truth is, God calls us to love our wives sacrificially! The way Christ loves the church! He loved us, when we didn’t love Him!

If you are a man, you were born to LEAD! LEAD , love, and encourage your wives daily! Men, we are called to a big role, and will be held accountable in how we LEAD!

Announcments- CSAUP, Rooster, P200

Prayer requests- Big Pappys dad, other pax families with flu and sickness