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  • When: 02/14/2019
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  • PAX: VooDoo, Watt's Up, HIPAA (QIC)

Whoopee needed a last minute Q for Diablo Sammich as he is on call, YHC accepted the challenge.

3 HIM showed up for a morning ruck and it went something like this:

Warm-Up was put on your Rucksack

We went out on a brisk 15min pace down Riverwood Pkwy. Looks like we gotta be more careful on this very wide road as a car came within 2 feet of us with no attempt to move out of our way. We then hung a right onto Plantation Tr. where we passed a nice couple out walking their dog on this beautiful Valentine’s day morning. Found the Martha’s cut through which was a new venture for VooDoo and Watt’s Up. From there we went around Martha’s, After about 1 mile in I decided to stop at the picnic shelter where we did some step ups, 50 IC. Left out of there and made a loop around the ball fields and then back to SnoBall’s for a little extra work. YHC called Man Makers with our sacks, we did 10 OYO. Next exercise called was flutter kicks, 20 IC whilst holding your ruck sack high over your chest. Rinse and repeat. Total miles so far was 1.96 so lets get it to 2. We ended up at 2.1 at a 14:51 pace. That is a solid ruck pace!! Well done by all!!


Announcements: CSAUP, Rooster, Mt. Mitchell Hike, BRR

Prayer requests: VooDoo’s acquaintance daughter Sydney at Levine’s, My friends the Brewer family recovering from miscarriage.

YHC took us out

As always great fellowship during a ruck. You get in all 3 F’s and it’s a nice break from BootCamp’s mid-week. Come out and join us!