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  • When: 12/29/2018
  • AO:
  • QIC: Orangeman
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Queso, Sargento, Tiger, Dirt (r), Virus (r), Tooltime, Anchorman (r), Orangeman (r/QIC), Buckeye, Quiche

The morning in Belmont is wet, as it has been for many weeks, as YHC rolled out of the fartsack. This morning, however, was just a tiny bit more special. You see, today is not only YHC’s birthday, but it is also YHC’s hospital brother’s (Siri) birthday. That’s correct, Orangeman is a twin, and with twins always comes sharing. So today’s beatdown is all about sharing with your partner, whether you like it or not.

As YHC moseyed the short 1/2 mile from home to The Yank, several HIMs were finishing up some EC: Quiche, Buckeye, Tooltime, Sargento, and Tiger. 7am ticked over on the ‘ol iPhone, so we got started.

Warm-up: 20 SSH I/C, 2 burpees, 15 Imperial Walkers I/C while Tooltime hummed a Star Wars theme song, 4 burpees, 15 low and slow copperhead squats I/C, 6 burpees, plank position for a little Tesla-style stretching, 4 burpees, 15 toy soldiers I/C, 2 burpees. At this point Quiche and Buckeye retired to their vehicles, a 9 mile EC and a warm-up is enough for them.

Start a mosey to the middle school, partner bataan death march style. Last two PAX will do 5 patty cake merkins, chase down the PAX to let the next two in the back drop for 5 patty cakes, then run to front. YHC assumed all was well until we got to the top of Myrtle Street, and not a single PAX had passed. Tiger finally surged to the head, and YHC called for him to keep going straight. While we waited at the light for a passing car, the PAX regrouped, and the death march started to take shape. Around the block we went, patty cake merkins for all until we got to the far corner of knowledge.

What better way to continue the partner work than with a little Dora 123. This time, however, the birthday girl has growed up, and Dora 12345 was called. P1 started the exercise while P2 ran the sidewalk in front of the school.

  • 100 derkins
  • 200 squats
  • 300 LBCs
  • 400 shoulder taps, single count
  • 500 flutter kicks, single count

YHC called for vacuum cleaners in the wet grass (wheelbarrow a bit then do 5 derkins with partner holding legs) while waiting on the six, but was Omaha’d for lunges. YHC allowed the mutiny as he knew there was still more pain to come.

With the 500 flutters complete, the PAX double applesauced to the field of dreams. A double applesauce is a side-by-side indian run where the last two PAX sprint to the front. (It is also what an aging PAX will be eating for dinner as time keeps ticking). At the track, it was time for a little running game called catch me if you can. P1 starts running around the track with P2 performing the called exercise(s), then chases down P1, who will then do the exercise and chase down P2. ‘Round and ’round we’ll go, at least that is what YHC had in mind. Called exercises were 5 burpees, 10 diamond merkins, and 15 squats. Sargento’s hammy had finally had enough, so when everyone finished 15 squats, we moseyed, regular style, to the driest pad of concrete that YHC could find. Just enough time remained for a round of Captain Thor, a 1 to 4 ratio of big boy sit ups and american hammers. Time was up as the last HIM finished the 10 big boys and 40 am hams. Mosey to the statue for COT.

COT: Happy birthday was sung, and the choir sounded angelic. Anchorman has a birthday Q (at the Yank?) in two weeks, Qs are needed for all the AOs so get on the list and support your F3 brothers, and be on the lookout for new year’s eve and new year’s day events. Prayer requests: little girl named Zoe (Anchorman’s friend), your 2019 leadership team, and speedy recovery for Dr. Seuss from minor surgery. Your Nantan took us out.

Great work by all PAX, and a great attitude given the amount of running involved with the workout. Many thanks for the birthday well wishes. And a final shoutout to the Nantan for his final 2018 post.

It was a great honor to lead you today.