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  • When: 12/08/2018
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  • QIC: Tesla
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  • PAX: Sargento, Norwood, Orangeman, Top Hat, Queso, Nature Boy (FNG), anchorman, Virus, Freon, Tiny Tim, Yahtzee, Dr. Suess, Tesla

So YHC got a note that nobody was up at The Yank on Saturday from The Nantan which was a REAL head scratcher! If nobody is in that always defaults to the oldest pax in the region – Tesla! Having just turned 59 Monday it became incumbent on YHC to have a true beatdown ready to roll in the gloom of a Saturday in December. Especially with the dreaded winter storm approaching we simply could not make this a walk through. So it went like this:

COP by The Yank

SSH X 20

IW X 20

Right foot right hand stretch, Left foot left hand flapjack.

Mosey to the Hawthorne Hill. We have not been there for quite sometime so it was time for a little hill work.

Partner up. P1 runs to the top and returns and picks up P2 on the teamwork called moves as follows:

Merkins X 100

CDDS X 200

Squats X 300

LBCs X 400

By my count everybody got at least 4 trips up and down the hill which is always a challenge. Not much mumble chatter. This got us to @ 7:30 real easy!

Mosey back to the AO and hit the Field of Dreams for the signature Tesla call: Bear Crawl Slalom. Everybody got two rounds to the end of the field.

SSH X 10

Turkish Getups X 5

Return via agility drill.

Orangeman cam up with the TGs here! All credit to him! As I have said the art of great leadership is in the delegation of tasks and the faith to accept the results of the outcome! The pax did not appreciate this. But YHC did.

Mosey down to Wonderland (the playground) for some activity as such:

10 diamond merkins

10 step ups each leg

10 dirkins

Time for a gut check to finish up with, Triple Nickel on Heartbreak Hill!

Bottom: Bupees X 5

Top: Jump Squats X 5

This pretty well got us to the end with a little short Mary on the pad. Pax was pretty well spent as planned!


Great work by everyone especially Top Hat! We need to find you some quality PT brother and get that hamstring/calf better first quarter of next year. I am going to suggest my old buddy Scott Greenapple in Charlotte. We’ll talk soon about that. And Freon found his way down from Mt. Holly! Welcome to The Yank Brother!

Was a great day out there. Little overcast and @ 43 degrees. Great “push it” weather. Don’t think any AO worked harder than we did and that was the intent. This was Tesla’s last lead at The Yank this year. 2.0 in and duck hunts every Saturday until January. Convergence next week at Gas House. Christmas party at Quiche’s Saturday night. May need some help setting up Friday. Dirt up the 22nd and Orangeman the 29th.

Been a Great Year at The Yank! Looking back at what we did is really fulfilling. The July 4th special session was awesome and will be continued as a tradition in Belmont of reading the Declaration and having local clergy say a few words was the best in my mind. We had real impact in real time that day which is what we are ultimately all about. Let’s keep pushing the rock and expand our fold!