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  • When: 12/08/2018
  • AO:
  • QIC: Montross
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Mayor, Huckleberry, HIPAA, Montross, Cheesehead, Sweet Leaf, Oompa Loompa, Rudolph, Hushpupy, Voodoo, Pedal, Bandit, Sledge-o-matic

I love working out in the friendly confines of Folsom, but it is always fun to step across 74 from time to time. Painlab is a great way to mix it up for me. It gives my hip a break and also works on my soccer arms. We don’t have fancy kettlebells and equiqment at Folsom, we use good ol’ concrete blocks. So I loaded a few in the family truckster before an auto-mosey over to the Schiele.

After the warmup and disclaimer from JJ, 11..errrrr..13 PAX stroll over to the normal Painlab spot for a block party.

YHC kept it simple. 20 to 1 block work…overhead presses, curls (for the girls), overhead tricep extensions, and chest presses (on your back). As Mayor sat his block down, I let everyone know 5 burpees OYO everytime you set the block down, then rejoin the group. Got Eeeem! Several including YHC took advantage of this “opportunity” throughout the workout!

20 of each, 19 of each, 18 of each…set your blocks down for ab work.

20 LBCs in cadence
10 Rosalitas in cadence (these were a crowd pleaser!!!!)

Pick up the blocks, 17, 16, 15, 14 of each exercise. Set them down.

Repeat LBCs and Rosalitas in cadence.

Pick up the blocks, 13, 12, 11, and 10 of each exercise, put the blocks down.

I hand off to Rudolph for shadow boxing. Frankly, I was most excited about this!!! I took mental notes because I want to do this myself down the road. Nice cardio work!!!!! The Mike Tyson Punchout music was spot-on as well. Thanks Rudolph!!!

Time was running short. I omaha the blocks because I have a special surprise left. Ooooooohhhh yeah….

Captain Thor!
1 WW1, 2 American Hammers in cadence
2 WW1, 4 American Hammers in cadence
3 WW1, 6 American Hammers in cadence
4 WW1, 8 American Hammers in cadence
5 WW1, 10 American Hammers in cadence
6 WW1, 12 American Hammers in cadence
7 WW1, 14 American Hammers in cadence
8 WW1, …..Omaha, time! PAX were tapping out left and right amd YHC didnt think he had 16 hammers in cadence left!

Everyone grab a block and fellowship mosey to my car. We rejoined the bootcamp guys for COT.

Great job put there guys. Saw some newer guys out there, had a Kotter (Huck, LOL), and a many regulars. All guys were busting their ass out there. Much respect!!!!

Best thing I saw though was HIPAA helping a PAX with his block so he didnt have to put it on the ground. Guys were giving me hell and lifting each other….it was F3 at it’s finest!

Thanks for the opportunity. I q’d “over my head” today and you guys drove me to make it through!