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  • When: 12/06/2018
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  • QIC: Pockets
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  • PAX: Sister Act, Def Leppard, Freight, Broke, Sargento, Lil sweet, Tiger, Wojo, Blart, Pockets.

As time was nearing  I noticed that the announcement of the venom clan’s debut must have scared many PAX.  Or it was cold?  With that we started. I had no plan of a warmup but with the presence of a once in a while visit from one HIM we did some Goofballs In cadence.


The five deadly venom beat down. 

Centipede style.   Nickname is “Thousand hands”   Well known for his quick moves. Let’s work on our upper body. 

CDD, Over Head claps, Merkins, Moroccan night clubs, dips. 


Snake style.  The snake spirit.  Famous for his responsive moves. The head moves and the tail reacts. Let’s do some combination work. (I’m not sure what I was thinking on a couple of these) 

Crunchy Frog, Mnt Climbers, v up roll up, Nolan Ryans, WW1. 


Scorpion Style. The feet move as a scorpions. Let’s work our legs some. 

Squats, skater squats, 1 leg deadlift,   Toy Soldiers, Hill Billy. 


Lizard style. He trained to have a light body and strong legs. So he could crawl with ease. Also made use of his rebound force. Let’s do some wall work. I did forget to put in a fifth exercise here. It was supposed to be Australian mnt climbers. 

Wall merkin, hip slapper, glute bridges, plank to hands, 


Toad style.  Is very strong. When properly used it is nearly invincible. It can even bend raw iron. Let’s do some total body work. 

Pull ups, Burpees, lunges, merkin, squat. 

After 5 reps of each exercise we are to run down the parking lot and back. Rinse and  repeat. 

With plenty of mumblechatter,  a few deer and bike riders, also a couple of police out. It made for a fun evening. Thanks guys 👊👊👊



Christmas party  dec 15.

Convergence dec 15  bring toys for operation sweet tooth


prayer request.

Frieght – Grandpa.

Pockets- cousin in hospital.