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Convergence/ EC caroling pre-blast

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  • When: 12/15/2018
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Another year almost in the books… busy busy day next Saturday! It’s so odd that only 2 weeks ago Linus and I were the only pax present at a rainy Gashouse. Now granted , there was quite a large contingent whooping tail on Shelby for the Ghost Flag which incidentally ( I’m told) will be present at convergence.
While running the halls of our mispent youth trying to remember what it was like when we were teenagers at middle school, I presented Linus my idea for a different sort of beat down / gathering for which has now been converted into an EC run after the convergence traveling approximately 1.2 miles to the cottage of Santa Claus ….. er I mean Robert Propst to pray over him and sing some carols and return back. Permission has been granted through Pastor David MacEachern of Grace Baptist ( where Bob attends ).
Back in mid 2000 was when I began delivering Bob And Marilyn Propst mail ( as well as rest of Fern Forest Drive area) and kept that route for some 4-5 years developing a deep love for this family and they to us . I remember my first day on the route being told there was a celebrity on the route to which I responded , “ oh really? Who?” “ Santa” I was like “ok” not really believing this.
Upon meeting them I knew that this was going to be a great friendship. I soon learned that Bob used to sing all the time ….. mostly gospel traveling much of the South with his ministry.  But time was never on his side as at age 13 he was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy and eventually he needed to go out on disability. A chance encounter at the DMV line earned him a new job possibility as someone in line asked him to be ‘his’ Santa that year …. and he continued until winter of 2017. Marilyn and he were in many parades in the area most notably with his other love a cherry red corvette ( if you’re Santa …. step out in style!!) They also were always present in Dillard’s of Eastridge Mall and outdoors in Shelby most weekends. Personal letters to their home ( at the North Pole) always received s personal touch ( I remember one even from China!) never a staid prewritten note. As time wore on, many of these duties were scaled back until finally last winter Marilyn passed away on December 20, but Bob was steadfast and returned to his post not wanting to let the children down.


So with all that said … while I feel this is a great opportunity for our Faith component …. I really need the help of at least a couple of guys with better voices than mine ( shouldn’t be hard to find) so that Santa won’t throw his boot or a pan at me! Anyone not wanting to run but wishing to join us …. his home is that small cottage behind the house at 1510 Lynhurst Drive and we should hopefully arrive at approximately 8:15.


Now as to the convergence ….. show to know …. sorry no spoilers. As Linus always says “ fart sack denied!”

My understanding there will be installation of 2019 officers … I’ve never been present so don’t know much in the changing o’ the guard …. in fact I’ve never even been present at a convergence other than 2 holiday Murphs … so this will be exciting new and fun.

Final note … Bandit will be present accepting toys , sporting goods and art supplies for Operation Sweet Tooth .

pps …. Quichemas ….. later that same day … last count I heard of some 80 people ! Man I hope they have enough port o potties !

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  1. Clavin

    There will still be EC caroling but due to logisistical difficulties ( I need to be at work at 9:00) we will meet at 1510 lynnhurst shortly after convergence for the caroling.

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