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11/20/2018 Midoriyama
Def Leppard here ghost writing this entirely too late back blast for Ash Pond. Ash Pond has problems with his lower back and running seems to make it worse so he resists running (and writing backblasts). He attended a previous workout and when the call for Q’s was made he jumped back on the schedule.
He asked the Pax if we preferred Option 1 or Option 2. Mr. Freight has employed this strategy before and I will always believe there is really only one option when Freight asks but Ash Pond assured me that there were actually 2 options. Somebody (not the Pax named “Somebody” but somebody in the group) selected Option 1. As I am getting older, I don’t really remember many details of the workout all the way back on 11-20-18 except for these.
We had 10 men and we did 30 or so exercises for 1 minute each with a short rest and/or mosey in between. I remember American Hammers, Mike Tysons, Rocky Balboa’s, Burpees, CDD’s, many forms of Merkins, pullups, WWI sit ups, planking, squats, LBC’s, Flutter Kicks, many forms of Core exercises, Dips, etc. 1 minute was kinda long for some of these.
It was great to have Asssshhh Pond back at Midoriyama.