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  • When: 09/29/2016
  • AO:
  • QIC: Freight
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Floppy Disk, Slaw, Def Leppard(Respect), Pizza Man, Ash Pond, Oompa Loompa(Respect), Lil Sweet, Blart, Huckleberry

10 PAX posted to get a workout today not knowing they would have so much fun!


46-SSH ic and  2 Burpees

46-Moroccan Nightclubs ic and 2 Burpees

There was a lot of mumblechatter during the SSH’s! A lot of confused looks as well.

The Thang:

Indian Run to the soccer field while carrying a 30 lbs slamball. Runner 1 carries it and passes it off to the last runner when he catches up.

At the soccer field we split up for about 15 minutes of bearcrawl/crabwalk soccer. The PAX really got into this. You could see the competitive spirit come out. There was a lot of talk about yellow cards but I didn’t see anything? Sorry Lil Sweet for not giving you a high five but you weren’t on my team. I think he was really trying to distract me.

Next up we took turns throwing the slamball. After each throw we walked up and did 46 ab exercises and 2 burpees. They went like this:

46 LBC’s and 2 burpees

46 Freddy Mercury’s and 2 burpees

23 WWII Situps, 23 Flutterkicks and 2 burpees

23 WWII Situps, 23 Flutterkicks and 2 burpees (OK so we modified on those two but they were really starting to hurt at this point. They still equaled 46)

46 Flutterkicks and 2 burpees

46 Dying cockroaches and 2 burpees

46 Hello Dolly’s and 2 burpees

46 In/Out’s and 2 burpees

46 American Hammers and 2 burpees

46 Plank hip dips and 2 burpees

We had a little time left so we played another 10 minute round of soccer then repeated the Indian run back to circle up. 22 Merkins. I forgot to the pledge today guys sorry!


CSAUP-looks like about 6 Midoriyama regulars have signed up so far. I see a team forming! We’ve got a crew headed out as Nomads this Saturday in search of a Ghost Flag. We may end up out numbering the home team when we get there.

Prayer Request:

Huck and Allen Tate’s family, Floppy Disk’s M and family.


So I heard the Tool song “46 and 2” on the radio today and it got me to thinking of Tooltime. As hard as it is for me to admit it I think I’m starting to miss him! Tooltime and I don’t ever really hang out outside of F3 but some how just doing this thang we develop bonds with one another. Amazing! So today’s workout goes out to Coretime with Tooltime! Get back out soon brother.