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  • When: 6/25/16
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  • QIC: Stroganoff
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  • PAX: Whoopee, Short Sale, Radar, Fonda, Brownstreak, Tool Time, Freight, Edison, Flush, Anthrax, Top Hat, Stroganoff

12 Strong Men posted for the 3rd edition at the Fighting Yank in Belmont. There was a large amount of pre-workout mumble chatter as the PAX gathered, not sure if this was in anticipation of the coming work or last nights “Guinness” (Tool Time). Regardless, YHC worked his way to the Flag to begin the work.

With no FNG’s in attendance, we dispensed with the disclaimer and got right to work.

Warm-Up (In-Cadence)

SSH X 15 LBC’s X 15
Imperial Walkers X 15 Freddy Mercury’s X 15

Pledge of Allegiance

The Thang

We then moseyed up main street for the first stop of the day at the Sun Trust Bank parking lot. I thought this one up the night before but had no name for it so as we arrived and I looked around I brilliantly decided to call this “The Sun Trust 6”, I know, very original. Here’s how it went:

Start at the curb closest to the side street and bear crawl to the center concrete divider for 10 merkins followed by lunges across the other side of the parking lot. (That’s one). Then lunge back to the concrete divider for 10 more merkins followed by bear crawling back to the starting point. (That’s two) The PAX felt a pattern. We did this for a total of six reps. I’m sure the PAX is grateful (or ticked) when the Q calls out an exercise group and is the last one to finish……oh well. The “Don’t Q it if you can’t do it” rule said nothing about speed of completion.

After a count off (I think), we moseyed back to the pavilion in the middle of the park for some Dora 1-2-3. Partner up for an aggregate count of Merkins (100), Flutter Kicks (200) and Squats (300). As Partner 1 did the exercise, Partner 2 ran the path back to the main steps, up the steps and back to the pavilion to switch off. This went on until YHC came to terms with the fact that it was hot and humid and he was tired. Most of the group finished before a short break before the next exercise.

It was around this time that YHC admitted he had a weinke in his pocket and being shocked that it was only about 7:30 am at this point made the brilliant statement the weinke was useless because it was too short and that I would not get it out. The admission of not pulling it out because it was too short was the source of most of the remaining mumble chatter for the day.

A slow mosey ensued until we arrived at the upper field/track behind Belmont Middle School for another rendition of the Wolfpack Grinder that included:

12 Squats IC – Run half lap – 20 merkins OYO – plank for the six – short rest
12 Squats IC – Run half lap – 20 LBC’s OYO – plank for the six – short rest
12 Squats IC – Run half lap – 20 mountain climbers OYO – plank for the six – short rest
12 Squats IC – Run half lap – 40 flutter kicks OYO – plank for the six – short rest
12 Squats IC – Run half lap – 20 merkins OYO – plank for the six – short rest
10 Squats IC – Run half lap – 20 LBC’s OYO – plank for the six – short rest

It has to be 8:00 am already……but no.

How to finish…….Top Hat suggested we could always do dips so here we go. Mosey to the picnic shelter for some dip-o-rama.

Dips X 20 IC
12 Squats IC (Including some type of Whoopee lunge squat disco exhibition – disturbing)
Dips X 15 IC
12 Squats IC (Another disturbing Whoopee exhibition)

One last Mosey to the fountain for some Mary (not actually sure what we did):

Short Sale called out some type of heel (or hell) taps for 10 reps on each leg
Freight made me break the no burpee pledge as he called out “10 Burpees”
Whoopee finished it off with some……something, I really don’t remember. Dang.

Good work men. Announcements. Prayer requests. Name-O-Rama.

Advisory board on Sunday at On the Border. Prayers for Godfather and his M. Prayers to a friend of Radar.

Finished with the COT prayer. 5 for coffeeteria at Cherubs.

As always, it was an honor to lead you men today.

Until the next one. Aye!