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  • When: 6-9-16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Sargento
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Radar, Anthrax, Tool Time, Brownstreak, Monk, Sargento

The morning brought 6 lucky men out of their fartsacks for the Thursday Goat workout. Aye!



SSH x 20 IC

LBC x 20 IC

Don Quixote x 20 IC

Moroccan Night Club x 30 IC

Mosey around and up to the secret parking lot by the railroad tracks.

The Thang

We lined up for a round of 11s. On one side the PAX did merkins then ran to the other side where we did Goof Balls. This got the blood pumping real good so at the end we caught our breath with 60 seconds of the People’s Chair.

From there we moseyed off the reservation to the uncharted territory of the public basketball court (it was locked!).

The PAX paired up for some quality time doing Dora 123. Man 1 worked toward a cumulative 100 Carolina Dry Docks, 200 LBCs & 300 Squats while Man 2 ran to the other end of the parking lot where he did 5 Bobby Hurley’s. After a little group mumble chatter at the end we took a fellowship mosey down to the gazebo on the lawn for the final lesson. Ab time!

Newtons’ Cradle x 10 each side IC

Dolly x 20 IC

Dying Cockraoch x 20 IC

Peter Parker x 20 IC

Protractor with PAX count off at each position

Travolta’s x 20 each arm IC

LBCs x 20 IC

Flutter Kicks x 30 IC?

Nolan Ryans x 10 each arms IC

Time was up and the ab agony was over! Good work men!


Prayer requests- Tool Time’s company is laying off a lot of employees. Health prayer requests that I can’t remember.

Announcements- Belmont launch this Saturday


It was awesome leading you men again this morning!