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  • When: 04/06/16
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  • QIC: Whoopee
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  • PAX: Monk, Sargento, JK2, Short Sale, Linus, JJ, Spiderman, Whoopee

I was working on my Weinke last night (hold the jokes) and could not come up with much until I was inspired by the preblast posted by El Padrino (I think) showing me (or some likeness of me…) dancing wildly. I started scrolling thru the F3 exercises and came upon…..Travoltas!!! Here enters inspiration, even if only for the warmup. It gave me the spark I needed to get the workout together leading to a good night’s sleep. When I got up early this am, my wife looked over at me, mentioned the sudden drop in temperature, and matter of factly said, “You’re an idiot.” In my mind I responded, “Tell me something I don’t already know, woman” and smiled in the dark to my witty humor and got dressed quickly before the fartsack monster wrestled me back into bed.

Round 2 of inspiration begins….Shortly after this, I was sitting in my nice warm car gloom-dreaming all alone in the parking lot about my fartsack thinking certainly I was not the only idiot in Gaston county when all of a sudden, 7 cars came rolling in just before start time. Too late to turn back now….

Here is what I remember…

Disclaimer (see above compliments of Mhoopee)


WU: 10 IC of each: SSH, Freddy Mercury, Squats, Burps, LBCs, Mtn Climbers, Moroccan Night Club con La Cucaracha (MNC with up on toes IC) X 25, TRAVOLTAS, then I needed some help from Spiderman reading my weinke to see 10 Burpees OYO (thanks for the eyes Spidey)

Mosey to the run-down grocery store parking lot at first speed bump and do a round of 4 corners of She Hate Me (10 lunges each leg, 10 burps, 10 Merkins) then mosey to the corner for plank until 6 arrives. Repeat at all 4 corners of parking lot with extra helping of She Hate me half-way across the back side remembering to plank at each corner until 6 arrived and I finished my planktastic meditation.

Hip Slappers X 10 IC (I love these)

Mosey around the lot facing north the whole time with Karaoke to the left and right, mosey frontward and backwards on the long sides (always facing north). I read thru the rulebook and this is acceptable since Roscoe and Anthrax were both absent.

Hip Slappers X 20 IC (did I mention I love these?)

Another round of mosey around the lot facing north with Karaoke/front and back running

Hip Slappers X 10 IC (BTW, I think I like these)

Another round of She Hate Me X 4 corners (I fought the urge to Omaha multiple times in case anyone was wondering).

Mosey back to home with 3 sets of dips X 15 IC each in front of bank.

2 laps around Pelicans/Bruster’s just to mess with everyone who thought we were going to finish on arrival to starting line.

Few minutes of Mary with 5 burpees OYO for fun.

Namorama, Announcements, COT then run to the cars. Excellent work by all pax today. Good to see the BRR challenge studs out there today (JK2 and Sargento). Great to see Short Sale out here again among the faithful Pax. Not a whole lot of mumblechatter today which I think is mostly my fault for not preparing a topic to talk about-won’t happen again. I’ll be prepared next time so bring your notebooks and be ready to be edumucated.

thanks for the opportunity to be out here with everyone-Whoopee