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You are in F3 now…so why are you keeping that fatsuit in the closet?

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You are in F3 now…so why are you keeping that fatsuit in the closet? You are not going to backslide and will never need it again! So it is time to put it to good use. Donate your business suits or dress clothes that represent the old you, that person you never want to see in the mirror again! You joined F3 to make a difference in your health and your community, so now is your chance!

We are taking up a collection between now and new year’s day at all site locations. Please drop off with your site Q at any workout. Site Q’s will bring what they have to the December 12th Christmas party and Thrive Site Q (F3 Happy) will take the entire collection to Tailored for Opportunity.

If you are not attending the December Christmas party or have donation after the 12th of December please contact Happy ( to schedule a pick up of your site donations.

Tailored for Opportunity, Inc. is a Charlotte-based 501C(3) that strives to rekindle hope in underserved men who are in transition by creating a realistic Individual Development Plan leading to the achievement of sustained economic independence.  

Tailored for Opportunity, Inc. provides a myriad of services to men who are transitioning both personally and professionally. The goal of the organization is to meet men where they are so they can discover the true wealth of strengths that lie within themselves to receive the support, training, access to resources and guidance that will enable them to realize their full potential. While professional etiquette and basic life skills training are integrated  through the entire program, career- related educational workshops are also provided for a more holistic approach to impact hope and self -esteem. Each client is expected to fully participate in each step of the program to empower themselves to achieve self-sufficiency. It is a goal of T.F.O that clients will be able to not only participate in the program but also volunteer in the MENtoring Program to provide support to other men in the beginning stages of the program.


Please help provide professional attire to those facing adversity who need a second chance to get back on their feet. Your contribution will make a difference in the lives of men who are seeking to become stronger community members and family providers.

For the sanitation purposes, please ensure your clothing donations are gently used business attire for men only and preferably dry cleaned. With your donations we can continue to change the lives of men – one suit at a time.

Please review the items needed below:
Dress Slacks                                      Khaki Pants                                    Sweaters
Business Suits                                   Blazers                                            Dress Shirts
Trouser Pants                                    Vests                                               Sports Coat
Bowties                                              Cufflinks                                           Belts
Dress Shoes                                      Ties/Tie Clips                                   Briefcases

F3 Contact is Happy —
Tailored for Opportunity contact is Robert Houser at:


  1. Drop Thrill

    My eyes are bleeding from all the tags! 😉

  2. Happy_a51

    Just don’t bleed on the clothes your donating, dry cleaning is not cheap!

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