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  • When: 11/7/15
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  • PAX: Long Shanks, Monk, Squeker, Linus, Whoopie, Roscoe, Dr. Feelgood, Tophat, Boss Hog, Dolph, Brown Streak, Shrimp Boat, Bandit, Goose, High Roller, Tool Time, & FNG Spider Monkey

Bandit and I saw each other climbing Crowders Mountain a few weeks ago,and I politely requested to get back on the @F3Gastonia schedule.

Conditions were horrible… rainy, cold, and 40 degrees…and transitioned to raining sideways for part of this #downpainment #awful

Disclaimer was disclaimed

Discussion on how well @F3Gastonia has “exploded” since March

#Chatter about Swiper, Gunny, Package, & Chaser and all of the going on with @F3theFort

And off we went at a mosey + (maybe too fast) pace to the track next door

2.5 laps on the track

COP to warm up with all of my favorites to 10 in cadence

Plank-O-Rama to warm up everything else

Today’s workout was almost an exact replica of my Q 6 months ago (@F3Gastonia struggled then, there was no @F3Gastonia struggling today except Shrimp, and that was only because the restroom was locked #pregame #youngmanproblems)

Quick discussion on plan for today:

Using the 4 corners of the track, and the count of 25 in each corner for a total of 100 exercises

  1. SSH
  2. Calf raises
  3. Squats
  4. CDD (we did the run backwards to make it worse)
  5. Flutter (your welcome…you were already wet)
  6. LBC
  7. And because everyone knew it was supposed to be awful we finished with burpees

Mosey at “fast” pace to COT

Prayer or Praise


Naked Man Moleskin

Excellent #chatter throughout workout

Really cool to see the Larry Birds circle back and pick up the 6 and get some extra pain stations in, obviously the counts were much higher for that group of #HIM

#Coffeteria is outstanding and has great attendance

The weather stunk…appreciate the men who showed up

2ndF is spot on @F3Gastonia

Continue to seek out a 3rdF Q from your PAX

Lots of discussion today about what F3 has meant to me and why we do what we do…hope you enjoyed the sermon

Seek out an accountability partner, as it is much easier to “slide” when no one is watching #ISI

Bandit has already booked me a slot in May…I love that #HIM

Be a better man today than you were yesterday, sorry for the delay in the back blast #LIFEproblems