• Post Type:
  • When: 11/10/15
  • AO:
  • QIC: BA
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: BA (QIC), Godfather, JoBu, Brown Streak, Dolph, E4, Bandit, Fresh Prince, Defib, Mayor, Monk, Top Hat, Anthrax

13 PAX showed up to put in some work at #TheStorm early this morning.  The PAX thought we had 2 FNG’s, but soon realized that was not so.  JoBu returned after going missing (training/running a marathon) and Godfather was sporting a new buzz cut that made him look eerily like Private Pyle from Full Metal Jacket.  After everyone figured the above out it was time to begin.

WU: (In Cadence)

20 SSH

10 JoBu’s aka Monkey Humpers

20 Maroccan Night Clubs

10 Don Quixotes

-Pledge Of Allegiance-

Mosey to the softball field.  Partner Up and each pair get 1 cinder block.


1 partner runs to location and does exercise and then returns while other partner does the cinder block exercise.  Partners continue switching until all repetitions on cinder block exercise is reached in aggregate.

300 Standing Chest Press/Run To Parking Lot and 5 Merkins

200 Bicep Curls/Run To Bridge and 5 CDDs

100 Blockees/Run To Home Baseball Dugout and 5 JoBu’s aka Monkey Humpers

Return cinder blocks to where we got them

Mosey to Shovel Flags

SSH x 50 In Cadence (Brown Streaks Favorite)

JoBu’s aka Monkey Humpers x 5 In Cadence


Count Off

Announcements: Money For The Cleaning Of Bank Wall

Prayers: Bandit’s Wife To Do Well In Interview

Coffeeteria: 4 at Floyd and Blackies in Cramerton


Again it was my pleasure to lead the PAX today.