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  • When: 11/11/2015
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  • QIC: Dr. Feelgood
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  • PAX: Bandit, Dolph, Brownstreak, JoBoo, Godfather, Squeeker, Outhouse, Linus, Gastone, Bubbles (Kotter), Dr. Feelgood (Q)
Basics of this workout copied but modified from another online backblast.  That’s why we post them men … accountability and flattery by imitation.
Moment to recognize all those who have served or continue to serve in the armed forces.
SSH – 19
Merkins – 18
Told PAX together this makes the year 1918 when WWI ended … Armistic Day was 11-11-1918.
Mosey to the park.
The Thang
11s for the day 11/11
Flags placed at the bottom of nice hill leading to the fields.  Music started with two 9 minute sessions AMRAP (as many reps as possible) followed by two minutes of rest.
Session One:
11 LBCs
11 Squats
Sprint to flags and back
22 LBCs
22 Squats
Sprint to flags and back
33 LBCs
33 Squats
Sprint to flags and back … 44 … 55
Most ran out of time somewhere in the 55 range
Two minutes recovery, said the Pledge
Session Two:
11 Merkins
11 SSH
Sprints …
Repeat first session with these exercises
Two minutes of recovery
Bonus Session Three:
Time reduced to 4 minutes for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines.  (No disrespect to others)
11 Jumpsquats
11 CDD
Sprint … same as above with these exercises
Mosey back to the parking lot carrying flags and playing music.
Circle for plank-o-rama
Various planks including hip lifts, “french fries,” one arm, regular.
Switch to 6 position for scissors and LBCs in cadence X 11 and 22 respectively
Great to focus on the meaning of Veteran’s Day.  Kotter to Bubbles and always great to have Gastone visit his roots.
Final count of PAX was 11 which matched the day.
Living in America by James Brown is a really long song.  The final “I Feel Good” was followed by a collective “thank goodness.”
Missed some of the Martha’s House regulars, but glad to see our educators represent on their day off!
Great work everyone.  Solid effort!
Dr. Feelgood