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Thunder Road — It’s Time

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  • When: 11/14/2015
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  • QIC: Freeloader and Uncle
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  • PAX: 60 plus

What motivates you?  What makes you set the alarm at 0445 5-6 or even 7 days a week?  What makes you get out of bed without hitting the snooze button once?  What makes you show up in a parking lot long before the sun is even thought of?  What makes you shake off the cobwebs and move full throttle for the next 45 minutes to an hour?  What makes you GO! when your body screams STOP!

For a lot of us, this will work.  Fishwrap’s Hail Mary   For others, it’s the satisfaction of KNOWING that at the end of the day, we did our BEST.  We’ve all been there when faced with the choice….ease up  or accelerate, relent or be relentless, cave in or fight harder.  Even though we will certainly finish, we can all remember the exact time and place when this decision was made to slow down, just a bit.  If we make the easy choice, we lose…just a little.  While others will congratulate you on your finish, you know deep down what’s real.  You quit—you cheated yourself from knowing what you could really achieve.  You didn’t allow yourself to get better.  “Best” will still be just a word and not a place for you.

How can you get to your best?  Be accountable.  Not to yourself, but to me, to your brothers, to your M, to your kids.  Share your goal in the comments below—tell us what you want to achieve and own it.  Know that throughout this race, you will be supported and while alone you may run fast, together we run fast farther.  On Saturday, the crowd will mass, the gun will fire, and the clock will start.  It’s only a matter of time before you are faced with a choice.  Commit now to make the hard choice.  You’ve done the work.  Now go show us.

Event Details

  • Packet Pickup:    Charlotte Convention Center 10am to 9pm….NO RACE DAY PICKUP
  • Friday Lunch:                  We will plan to meet and get lunch-Details TBD

Race Day

  • What: 2015 ThunderRoad Marathon and Half Marathon
  • Where: Romare Bearden Park—F3 Tent (Bring SF’s if you got em)
  • Who: Over 60 Men of F3 and
  • When: Saturday, November 14th
  • 0705: Ball of Man
  • 0730: Race Start
  • Why: Because you CAN

Last minute stuff—

  • It’s taper week—be smart, get some reset—It’s recommended to post and have some high intensity, but cut back on duration. Friday—rest up…..
  • What to wear….Weather forecasted is PERFECT….low of 34, high of 54…..NO RAIN…..what you were is entirely up to you (just saw Giselle picking up his speedo at V-Cleaners—no starch) it’s recommended that you are a bit cold at the start as your body will warm things up quickly.  YHC wears some “throw-aways”….my 1998 cotton turkey trot shirt…just don’t over dress…..also—since most of us really never see the sun during workouts, you may want to wear sunglasses or a hat….it sounds trivial, but all that squinting slows you down…(google it)….
  • Food—have a plan and stick to it. Look at the race website and know where and what they are giving you….everyone should be eating and drinking….half marathon guys—it will impact your last 5k if you’ve done it right….marathon guys—no short cuts on this one….eat something or walk…simple—YHC will eating a gel every 6 miles….plus I drink at every water stop…
  • Hills–don’t forget to take advantage of the downhills…shorten the stride, lean forward, and increase your turnover…your pace will increase while your heartrate goes down…it’s free speed….take it.





  1. 20/20


  2. Freeloader

    2:59:59. Aggressive.

  3. Winnebago


    • Riptide

      W – Minnow and I may be joining you. I enjoyed Treadstone and Filabuster’s company last year but must have worn out my welcome, so i’ll have to upgrade to a Winnebago.

      • PrimeTime

        with the Slimbago comes the garbage pit that is Primetime unfortunately. Mortimer will also be in tow or well he and Slimbago will be towing me.

        you might want to reconsider

      • Winnebago

        By all means Primetime and Mortimer are the co pilots. We have a solid game plan. We have awesome 2nd F but PT cusses A LOT! I only do a lot.

        • PrimeTime

          this is true however if offended just say so and I’ll curb it until mile 18 hits then all bets are off.

  4. Rock Thrill

    Freeloader! You got me all fired up and I sure wish I was running! Unfortunately not this year for me, but I plan to be hopping around the course starting when the gun goes off yelling my lungs out for every F3 jersey I see! Lock shields and dominate, fellas!
    Isaiah 40:31


  5. PrimeTime

    1. Under 4 hours
    2. Don’t Die

  6. Clueless

    3:44:59… bucket list checkmark

  7. Laettner


    Looking for a partner to push/pull.

    • Laettner

      Anyone? Anyone?

      In that case. I’ll just try to keep Nancy Drew and Horn in sight most of the way.

      • Nancy Drew

        No more sandbagging Laettner. You’ve got 1:35 in the bag.

        • Laettner

          I will start with you guys and hang on for as long as possible. Just don’t expect me to be your windscreen the whole time.

  8. Nancy Drew


  9. Alf

    3:45. Virgin Marathon. Looking forward to the potent cocktail of pain mixed with a double shot of delirium at mile 21-ish.

  10. Scabby

    Great post! Thanks for the leadership here, Freeloader.
    3rd and final marathon of the season. Last chance for a PR on home turf. Until next year, that is…

  11. Hootie

    3:29:59 First full so have no clue what happens after 20. Fully expecting it to suck. FWIW – RoadID will be on right wrist. Try the inlaws. The M never answers.

    • Hootie

      Revision #1 – Finish within eyesight of @Bull. Go big or go home.

  12. Mistaflex

    1:59:59….lets see if those hills of Devils Turn get me over the hump.

    • Honey Bee

      Mistaflex! I will see you out there. You are well prepared.

  13. Bull2

    3:15 long shot
    3:10 pipe dream

    If you see me from 1 – 26, feel free to tell me that #___sies are faster than me….they probably are. Looking for someone to push me from 22 to 26.2.

  14. Riptide

    3:39 goal
    3:29 stretch
    Looking fwd to seeing everyone before, during (3.5 hrs to socialize), and after!

  15. Subway

    1). 1:29:59 (and 99/100). For Tay Tay. His kids need snacks and such.

    2). Ok to die as long as it happens after crossing finish line.

    Peace be with you,

  16. Horn

    Hoping to keep up with my hero, ND…1:35

  17. Mindfreak

    First race in 12 years and I feel like a virgin again.

    1:30 A Goal
    1:32 B Goal

    Cool Pre quotes I just rediscovered that are applicable to all, regardless of pace, age, or experience: “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift…some people run a race to see who’s the fastest…I run a race to see who has the most guts.” -Steve Prefontaine

  18. Belaire


    * dependent on my flight from Shanghai landing on time Friday night **

    ** seriously

  19. Belly Itcher

    1:35 with Horn and ND.

    I plan on drafting behind Horn, only to realize that my entire upper body is exposed. Shift to ND only to realize that he is so lean that no wind is blocked and I should take one for the team and allow them to draft behind me #Iam3rd.

  20. Uncle

    1:39:59 — #LaceEmUp…

    If you have not heard, the Ball of Man is going to be at the F3 Tent at 0705. The Tent will be the one with a bunch of dudes and shovelflags hanging in it. It will not be pink or be decorated with flowers, I had to talk Freeloader out of that btw. The actual race starts at 730. Looks like we have the largest team. This gives us a chance to sweep the awards if we get Fastest Half and Fastest Full.

    Packet Pickup is FreePlay as no lunch has been setup.

    There is a good contingent of fellas running the FULL tomorrow, I plan on waiting for them to finish after the half to show support. Hope some of you considering staying for the full experience to see these guys come barreling in after 26.2.

    Eat well, sleep well, run well! See ya in the gloom.

  21. Honey Bee

    Ok, I’m late to the party but my goal is 5 min behind Freeloader. You do the math…

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