• Post Type:
  • When: 10/28/15
  • AO:
  • QIC: Bandit (sort of)
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Outhouse, T-Square, Defib, Dr. Feelgood, Bandit

YHC picked up the Q for Martha’s House yesterday for Stroganoff (get well soon brother).   This was going to be a similar workout to last Martha’s House with lots of running.  But at 5:30 am the PAX were about to mosey to YHC’s house and get the Q out of his fart sack. But wisely they decided to get the show on the road. It was raining pretty steady but at least it wasn’t 33 degrees.  In fact it was fairly comfortable in the upper 50s this morning.

So 4 pax mosey to shelter at the bank drive through and begin…

  • 10 BOYO
  • Run 1 lap (this was out to Neal Hawkins, left down the sidewalk, left at the next street, left into the bank parking lot and back to the shelter of the drive thru)
  • 20 Merkins IC
  • Run 1 lap

Ok… about this time the QIC (YHC) finally posts and 4 pax becomes 5 pax.  And we continue with what became a people’s choice workout.  After a quick 20-some SSH so the Q could warm up, it went something sort of like this…

  • 50 LBC IC
  • Run 1 lap (with wall step ups half way through)
  • 10 BOYO
  • Run 1 lap

Under the drive thru, there are 4 lanes divided by cement curb about 3 feet wide.  Outhouse led us in 4 sets of 25 SSH IC / 20 merkins IC accross each of the lanes.

  • Run 1 lap
  • Defib led us in a series of wall sits while each person ran 1 lap after each other.  We finished off with a set of 15 Donkey Kicks.
  • T-Square led us in 20 Dying Cockroaches IC
  • Run 1 lap
  • Wheel of Merkin (10 merkins of balance on curb each 90 degrees)
  • Run 1 lap

It was about here we stopped for the Pledge.

  • Back under the cover Dr. Feelgood led us in 2 sets of Bear Crawls (it was something like 5 steps forward, 4 back, 4 forward, 3 back, 3 forward, 2 back, 2 forward, 1 back, 1 forward) plus 10 Merkins IC.
  • Next we complete 4 sets of 20 Goofball’s / 10 LBC IC across the lanes.
  • Run 1 lap

Then for something really strange… Dr. Feelgood persuaded YHC to partner up to demonstrate some type of Indian arm wrestling, butt mashing, flip flop thingy.  After the demo the rest of the PAX just skipped that one.  You really had to be here for that.

I think we did some Freddie Mercuries in their somewhere and I probably forgot a few others.

Moleskin – Not my best today.  After oversleeping and getting to the workout late, I really felt as sharp as a sack of wet mice today.  But I will keep pushing the rock.  Thanks to the crew that posted here, this turned out to be a great workout.

Stroganoff – no charge for this one.