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  • When: 10/29/15
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  • QIC: Anthrax
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  • PAX: Monk, Lucky Charm, Top Hat, Yak, Dolph, The Mayor, Brown Streak, Fresh Prince

9 PAX posted in the GLOOM at Goat Island today. Q got a slow start thanks to a poor night’s sleep, apologies for that. Warmup of squats, Don Quixotes, merkins, and side straddle hops. Lined up for an indian run toward downtown Cramerton.

Pit at the picnic tables in the park for Hail Mary’s, with Q as the odd man out doing dips for the duration. Mosey the rest of the way to downtown.

Owing to downtown’s pseudo-triangular shape we commenced a 3-corners routine of exercises at each corner and sprints from one corner to the next. Rounds were as follows:

Three Corners Circuit 1

  1. wide merkin in cadence
  2. star jack x 15
  3. carolina dry docks in cadence

Freddie Mercury in cadence to catch our breath

Three Corners Circuit 2

  1. Diamond Merkin in cadence
  2. Prisoner Jump Squats x 15
  3. 1 minute elbow plank

Superman’s in cadence to catch our breath

Three Corners Circuit 3

  1. Regular merkin in cadence
  2. Detour to gazebo for 10 pullups
  3. Lunges x 30 (single count)
  4. Detour to alley for wall of fire (5 burpees each)

1 minute back plank, then 30 seconds each side

Moseyed back to the lot for a ring of fire then COT. Excellent effort from all today, grateful for the continued participation as the weather gets worse and family schedules get busier.