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  • When: 10/24/15
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  • QIC: Roscoe
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  • PAX: Stroganoff, E4, Brown Streak, Dr. Feelgood, Squeaker, Spiderman, Roscoe

Seven faithful PAX showed up in the Gloom at the museum and we got right to it.

Warm Up:

SSH x 25

Merkin x 20

Moroccan Night Club x 25

Grass Pickers x 10 (don’t explain these to Whoopee)

Mosey to Flag for the Pledge

Yesterday Outhouse took the Downtown group for a tour of Main Street and Franklin. Today we decided to explore East Garrison. We ran to Grier Jr. High for a set of Derkins x 10, then crossed the road to church.

A quick idea came to mind to get wet so we hit our six for a quick set of LBC’s IC x 20. Then to the parking lot and stairs for Dora 1,2,3. We partnered up for 150 Merkins, 200 LBC’s, and 100 Prayer Squats while running the steps. The Prayer Squats were only 100 to save our legs for later.

Knowing there was a Mid-High lock-in, Dr. Feelgood suggested going into the fellowship hall to wake the sleeping kids and perform some exercise. Instead of testing the GasHouse 911 emergency response system, YHC decided a set of 10 Monkey Humpers outside the windows of the fellowship hall. This proved to be sufficiently risqué while also showcasing the importance of exercise. We quickly ran away through the woods (and heard a big deer snorting, warning us not to go too deep in the woods) to the Sherwood Elementary School track. One lap around the track and we stopped at the bottom of the Hill. All this and it was only 0730 hours.

The Thang: Descending sets of Merkins followed by hill sprints to the top. We started with 10 Merkins IC. What would normally be “1,2,3, HALT” was changed to “1,2,3,Take the Hill!!! Charge!!!, and other inspiring messages. A quick sprint to the top and mosey back down, 9 Merkins, Hill sprint, 8 Merkins, Hill Sprint, 7 Merkins, Hill sprint and then a “rest” lap around the track. We got back in position for 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1. I heard some positive comments from the other side of the PAX that perhaps Squeaker was using this exercise time for quiet personal reflection, perhaps about what he ate the night before.

We then partnered up again for the track. One person would lunge walk and his partner would long jump behind until the first partner would call for a switch. After some grumbling it became apparent the lunges were perhaps easier than the long jumps. A little more than half a lap and then back to the hill for a set of 5 burpees and then a final hill charge.

Next it was run to the opposite end of the track to jump the fence and escape elementary school. YHC’s foot fell into a rusted and eroded drain pipe but luckily no damage. Instead of jumping the fence, Dr. Feelgood opened the gate and we walked through and began a neighborhood tour with Stroganoff taking the group on a tour of his old homestead on the way to the Library. We got the library for a round of ring around the tree. The PAX assumed the Merkin position on a curb and began to shuffle counterclockwise and then clockwise, followed by yet another set of Merkins.

Time was running low so we went back to the museum. (Brown Streak totaled us at 2.75 miles of running)

We circled up for something called the Piston. The PAX counted off and the odd members were going to squat on one and the evens would be up. When we started it was completely out of control and we had to stop and start over. I was called “Odd” by Stroganoff. Sticks and stones….

We had some members of the public at the Museum by now looking at this spectacle that someone claimed looked like the Oompa Loompas. In any event, the church bells didn’t seem to be ringing so we squatted, squat hold, and catcher’s pose for about three minutes until YHC called time.

We finished with Name-o-rama and prayed for our Mud Runner’s, finishing with the COT. Thanks for the PAX that came out today and thanks for the effort! It is always a pleasure to lead and be a part of F3 Nation.

Brown Streak totaled us at 2.75 miles of running