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  • When: 10/21/15
  • AO:
  • QIC: Bandit
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: T-Square, Monk, Richard Simmons, Outhouse, Defib

Just starting to get used to the chili mornings here in Gastonia.  But the cold weather has not kept the brave from posting.  Against their better judgement, 6 PAX posted at #MarthasHouse.  Hats off if you got ’em.  We start with the Pledge.

Here is how it went…

First we mosey from Brewsters to Martha Rivers parking lot for quick warm up…

  • SSH IC x20
  • Merkins IC x20
  • MC IC x20
  • LBC IC x20

And the next exercise is….the one mile run.  Linus-clockwise.  Better keep up with Q since he’s the only one with headlight.  Back side of the track was completely void of any light.  One anonymous PAX (sounds like Tree Square) verbally noted “I should have stayed home today”.  But reality is that #HIM don’t fartsack – that’s what the other 99% did.  So we run the outer loop around Martha Rivers park which is 1 mile.  We regroup right where we started for some light ab work…

  • LBC IC x20
  • Dying Cockroach IC x20
  • XYs – IC x20 (need to practice that – very awkward)
  • Homer & Marge on Q’s count.

And the next exercise is… wait, are you ready for this…  wait for it…. Yep!  The reverse one mile run. Running the track clockwise was just a dark as Linus-clockwise. Regroup at the starting spot.

Next we partner up for 11s.  Merkins and Bomb Jacks across the parking lot.

Finally we mosey back to Brewsters with 3 minutes to spare for 3 MOM, peoples choice.

Wrap up with Name-O-Rama, COT and BOM.  Keeping T-Square in prayers (job interview Friday and for his mother in law).

As always…. an honor and pleasure to lead you guys!