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  • When: 10/09/15
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  • QIC: Whoopee
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  • PAX: Bandit, Stroganoff, T Square, Boss Hogg, Roscoe, Monk, Whoopee

7 hungry Pax convened at the rotary today, and burpees were on the menu with a side order of burpees. I posted a few pics the night before and did not want to disappoint those who chose to avoid the fartsack. Fortunately no one had a fanny pack, at least not yet……

WU: SSH, Flutter Kicks, Merkins, Don Quixote, then……10 burpees OYO.

Next was Pledge of Allegiance-thanks to Bandit for bringing the flag-not sure if anyone else has noticed, Bandit has been the flag bearer for a whole lot of days. Thanks Bandit. We then took a lap and a half around the parking lot and got to the main dish.

Last week the Mayor talked about a burpee challenge the police department does each year and I just could not resist. The contest is start at time 0 and do 1 burpee, every minute the person does X number of burpees which increase by 1 at start of each minute (elevator up by 1 each minute) and go for as long as those participating can go-if I remember correctly the winner in the past was a 13 year old girl who made in to 18? We modified this after the first minute (too much standing around-AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!). We did 30 second intervals after the first minute: time 0 did 1 burpee, at 1 minute did 2 burpees, and 1 1/2 min we did 3 burpees……. I think we made it to 8 burpees which was much harder than it sounds as I sit here typing that. Hope that 13 year old girl doesn’t post in GasHouse….. to be fair, it took us close to 30 seconds to complete the 8 burpees so in future will have to keep that in mind.

We then moseyed to the parking deck and partnered up. Partner 1 ran up the stairs to the top of the deck then came down any way he could to his partner and swapped. Partner 2 lunged up the deck long ways with 3 burpees after every 5 lunges. When partner 1 returned he would swap and run up the stairs then again back to his partner. This continued until both pax reached top of the deck. At the top we lunged across the length of the deck then moseyed down to the long way (no stairs) to the bottom. At the bottom we did 20 dry docks of your own personal choice (Carolina or Scorpion). After a quick count to catch our breath we moseyed to the art circle thing with benches thru a back door. Luckily it was not too far from the dumpster so we could smell last week’s leftovers without much effort at all.

At the art circle thing with benches we each took turns calling cadence for alternating sets of squats and dips. I think we did a total of about 140 dips and 140 squats. A few added their own personal twist to this (I liked the initiative and creativity) with Boss Hogg (RESPECT) showing some ninja like moves with his “Teacher, may I have another” squats, followed by Roscoe with his ? pistol squats-don’t think that was the name but can’t remember what they were called. It looked like something Daniel-son did after working with Mr. Miagi and drinking too much sake (that’s a Japanese word for “Merlot” and “Merlot” is a fancy Charlotte word for budweiser-now it makes sense, right?).

At this point we were running out of time so we moseyed back to start, did SSH, something else I can’t remember, then I think we did a few more burpees and held plank until exactly 615am.

Counterama, namorama, announcements-PRAYERS FOR OUTHOUSE AND FAMILY. Hoping for great news soon. Either way, we are here for you. Lean on us if you need it.

Thanks for another great morning-Whoopee.