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I said burps, not BURPEES!!!

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  • When: 09/23/15
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  • PAX: Dolph, DFib, Linus, Dr. Feelgood, Bandit, Stroganoff, Richard Simmons, Brownstreak, Monk, Whoopee

So another season passes and we continue to push each other to our limits. Today was no different in the GasHouse with Martha and 9 of my closest friends. I wanted to keep the pain coming so I had some new stuff planned-better on paper than in execution. Think I have heard those words before after being Q so I guess I am not surprised and by no means disappointed. After all, being Q has its privileges.  I know DFib and Dolph heard me say Burps, but they had to ask “burps or burpees” and in my breathless stupor I muttered, “I said burps but if you want to be a badass, do some burpees.” Unfortunately I was not dealing with sane individuals (at 545am???!!!) so we proceeded to do some burpees-truth is they did a LOT of burpees and I did a few burpees, but who was counting….

Here’s what happened: thought about a disclaimer and 2 things were wrong: 1) no FNGs, and 2) after 5-6 months of doing this, I’m occasionally going to call myself an expert and if you are dumb enough to believe me at 530 in the morning, that’s more your problem than mine. Here’s your sign…

Shortly after Monk’s mom dropped him off (or was it Stroganoff’s mom, was really dark so I couldn’t say), we started with a little warmup: SSH, Merkins, flutter kicks, Don Quixote-I had a few more things planned but got bored and cut the WU short. We quickly moved on to pledge then The Thang…

We moseyed to the playground and things went downhill quickly (again, better on paper than in execution). We partnered up and while 1 partner did 20 Merkins, the other partner did “jump-up-in-the-dark-and-grab-something-then-pull-yourself-up-sort-of-like-a-pull-up-then-drop-down-and-slap-the-ground-like-a-Bobby-Hurley.” Unfortunately for my partner, I picked the sharpest object in the playground to grab onto-sorry DFib, I owe you. Take a few iron tablets this week. We did 3 sets each then quickly got out of the playground before more blood was shed.

In the parking lot we did 5 rounds of lunge across parking lot, mosey back. On far side we did CDD X 10 and on near side we did squats X 10. I initially audibled to do 10 rounds but then audibled my audible to make it 5 rounds each. See the part about privileges above….

To save time, I avoided the soccer field and we stayed on the pavement. Here is where I made the mistake of opening my mouth more than I should. The plan was go around the parking lot and on each corner do Route 66 with burps (start at 1 burp and increase by 1 rep on each corner up to 11 reps which gives a total of 66-clever name….). However, either DFib or Dolph said “did you say burps or burpees?” You know the rest of the story and a little while later I was in some unnecessary pain because of my mouth-no surprise, I know.

After recovering we moved to picnic tables for Dips X 20 reps X 10 sets (each of us got to call reps in cadence) then we moved to bathroom walls for donkey kicks-again 20 reps X 10 sets (each of us again got to call reps in cadence).

We then moseyed back to start and did a quick round of counterama, namorama, and BOM. I went a couple minutes over so I will be sending each of you a money order refund for what you paid this morning. Check your mailbox next week.

Thanks for making the trip Dolph and Brownstreak-I know the weight room was calling. Always good to see each of you and spill some blood on the playground early in the morning. I am beginning to understand the saying that the best way to avoid fartsacking is to volunteer to Q. Think I will start keeping ibuprofen in my car.

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  1. Dolph_Gashouse

    I could have swore you said Burpees!! AYE. Great Q sir enjoyed. DFib and pax strong work men.

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