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  • When: 09/22/2015
  • AO:
  • QIC: Godfather
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Abba, Anthrax, Richard Simmons, Dolph, Linus, Woody, Bandit, Monk, Top Hat, BA, E4, Defib, Mayor, T-Square, Brown Streak, Godfather

16 PAX gathered under cooler temperatures at #TheStorm as Godfather broke his time-honored tradition of designing his patented “no running” work outs. At the COT, it was reported that the group ran a total of 1.5 miles – a small feat no doubt, but a lot more running than the group’s done under Godfather’s leadership in the past. When the clock struck 5:30, it was time to begin with a Warm-Up:

The Warm-Up consisted of four exercises – Side Straddle Hop, Don Quixote’s, Merkins, and Imperial Walkers – to a count of 10 in cadence. Before continuing on, the PAX were also treated to 50 Little Baby Crunches on their own count and 50 Prayer Squats on a single count.

Next was a short mosey to the football field for the #PledgeofAllegiance before starting The Thang.

Round 1 consisted on a group of exercises deemed Run-Offs and started with the PAX gathering at the goal line. In Run-Offs, the group completes an exercise to the 25 yard line, then sprints to 50 yard line, and finishes by moseying to the other goal line. The first exercise was High Knees, followed by Backwards Run, Shuffle (x2), and finished with a Bear Crawl.

Round 2 began after the PAX counted off – 16 both times! – and moseyed to the stadium. The group was divided into two smaller groups and after the first group took off to Run the Stairs, the second group waited and completed Wall Sits with different variations. As members of the first group returned to the wall, they switched so the wall-sitters became the runners. Each PAX completed two rounds of sitting and two rounds of running.

Round 3 started with the PAX returning to the goal line to complete Suicides (sorry for the lack of PC). To complete the Suicides, the group had to run to the 20 and back, the 40 and back, the opposing 40 and back, the opposing 20 and back, and stopped when they got to the other goal line.

Round 4 saw the PAX gathering together for three rounds of The Ring of Fire. The first round included 5 Merkins, the second a Bear Crawl around the inside of the circle, and the third a round of 10 LBC’s as the remaining PAX completed Homer to Marge.

Round 5 was met with the usual groans when Godfather informed the group they would be hitting a Zombie Walk up the ramp. The work out was modified to allow PAX to walk the corners. When the 6 arrived at the top of the ramp, the group completed several some Mary to fill time. With a few precious seconds left on the clock, the PAX sprinted to the end of the side walk and completed 5 Burpees before returning to the start for COT, announcements, and BOM.