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  • When: 06/24/15
  • AO:
  • QIC: Redline
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: EPO, Heisenberg, Morpheus, Jeunea, LETC, Turtle, The Adjuster, Cross, Capt. Stubbing, Mr. Cotter, Parrot Head, Milo (Raleigh), Fabio (Raleigh), Dr. Feels Good (Gastonia), Tank

16 Pax conquered the fart sac to better themselves in a not so humid morning (only 80-90% I’m sure) Some good mumble chatter this morning about achy legs so I’ll try to keep the running to a minimum.

The Thang:

BRR boys took off running at crazy speed to continue training for that upcoming insanity while the rest of us took a lil mosey to warm up.  Broke off for a circle of LBACs small, big, and reverse. Prisoner squat x20 and Hill Billies x20.  Mr. Cotter better late than never.  Back on the mosey.

Peel off to circle up surrounded by trees for Variation of dying cockroach x15 Carolina dry docks x15 and pickle pumber x15 recover on the mosey.

Everyone down for a little plank compass while two pack ran up the stairs and did 30 LBCs and return continued this with variations of protractor staggered merkins and plankorama about half way through right after two pax went up for LBCs two Pax returned some a little confused thinking they did stairs grew beards and came back but it was our F3 brothers Fabio and Milo from Raleigh joining us glad you found us more the merrier.

Continued to pull up/dip bars splint into somewhat two groups for a six pack and lap around lake doom.  6 pack consisted up 1 pull up 5 merkins then 2 pull ups 4 merkins and so on to one… planked until our six arrived. Recovered on the mosey.

Peeled off again up towards volley ball court/sand pit? for deconstructed burpees.  Rinse and repeat. Mosey back to flag for some Mary.


Picked at random each pax called out an exercise x15 flutter kicks LBCs the real dying cockroach windshield wipers way to go Capt. stubbing for taking us to 15 on that one and damn burpees by Parrot head and a couple others I was too worn out to remember.  Thanks to Dr. Feel Good (Gastonia) Fabio & Milo (Raleigh) for coming out I believe you all were in Wilmington for some R&R so strong work for posting.


HDHH Thursday home brew store, Qs filled up for rest of the week thats good now lets work on filling next month up.  Tri span run with Parrot head coming up soon tackle some bridges.  Prayers for those in need of some mercy and fellow F3 that couldn’t post and to try and reach out to those in need.  Thanks as always for following my lead much respect hope you got to sweat. Till next time.