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Q 101: Section 3, #2

If you look on the F3Gastonia website’s cover page, along the right side you will see a link to the First Time Q – kind of a “what to do” list. This isn’t only for first time Q’s, it’s for anyone to reference. So after crawling out of the fart sack for a mid-week appearance at Snoballs, I earned some credit, especially with all the running we did. I gave the Q ample time, well exceeding the Folsom 30 minute guideline and the more standard 24 to 48 hour time period. But before I reached Sister Act’s one month rule, I had to act. As you will read in the December newsletter, backblasts are more important than the individual accolades of the Iron Skillet (congrats to Broke btw). Backblasts tell the F3 Leadership how many men are posting at the various AO’s. We can understand if an AO is struggling or thriving. Site Q’s can study the names to know who is posting regularly and who might be falling back to the sad clown couch – it happens when the mornings are below freezing. So with that, I’m happy to memorialize the epic beatdown by Island. Here is what I recall…


Warm-up (can’t remember exactly, maybe three or four exercises)

Island then announces “let’s mosey…” Now recall that Island got his name as a former college defensive back and even a few years removed from those grid-iron days, he has the quicks. I’ve even witnessed him out sprint Defib. Of his prior Q’s, we typically do some sprint work. but on this cold morning, we kept going. Once arriving at the old Harris Teeter, site of many F3 beatdowns in the open parking lot. Only we kept going prompting Hushpuppy to groan “oh, he meant we’re running to the new Harris Teeter…” and we did, on up the inclined hill, covering about a mile in all.

Upon arrival, Island announces ‘now it’s time for some sprints…’ We did suicides across the parking lot, covering three different distances, doing three different sets with a brief rest in between.

To break it up, we gather into groups of 2 and one group of 3 (me, Gastone, and the Q) for his version of Rock/Paper/Scissors. The winner does squats while the loser runs a distance of the winner’s choosing. Gastone and I won 2 in a row and Island went about 50 yards and back, as did most other teams. When I lost round 3, Gastone challenges me to run around the building – really? the building? ok, I’m off.

Several minutes later I return and we do more sets of suicides. I stare at my watch praying for time to beat Island, at least for a few rounds. Finally he announces it’s time to head back to the AO, thankfully most of the return trip is mostly downhill. Once everyone gathers in the parking lot, we have time for PAX choice of MARY, going around the circle for mostly ab work.

COT – prayers for various people and things

Moleskin – Most PAX don’t roll out to a bootcamp mentally prepared to run 3.5 miles, but that is what we did. Even Qweesh could have handled this one with is soccer arms. Despite Island not posting a backblast, don’t be like Turtleman and “cold-sack” (apparently his weather threshold is mid-40’s), otherwise you missed a great workout by a man that has the most fashionable socks in all of F3 Gastonia. But the next time I have to write a post-backblast, I’m not running around the building.

Short Sale

Don’t cut the corner!

9 Him’s showed for Snoball’s on this chilly morning.


The Thang:

High Steps out of the parking lot to the sidewalk.

But kicks while moving. (Mubble Chatter about warm up. But, that is what the hell we are doing)

Karaoke facing the road then facing the park.

Mosey to parking lot and Circle up.

30 3 count SSH

Mosey down to soccer field.

The Gauntlet. Which is an 11 with a constant in the middle. Started with 1 Merkin in the middle of the field. Run to sidewalk for 10 Sumo Squat Jumps, Up the hill for 10 Turkish Get Ups. Rinse and repeat until the outside numbers are flipped while doing 10 Sumo Squats ever time you pass the sidewalk.

Next to the park benches.

20 3 Count Dips

Jack Webb up to 10. Defib said something about he was glad we did not go back down to 0.

10 3 count Dips.

Jack Webb down to 1 starting with 10.

Mosey to wall 20 yards in front of us.

Wall sit.

Balls to the Wall with a 30 count.

Wall sit with hands in the air and marching on my count. 30

Mosey to parking lot.

Lunges about 40 yards.

Mosey back to start.

The Moleskin:

During the Wall Sit I took the opportunity to speak on cutting corners. I told a story about me 4 years ago working out with 2 of the leaders of F3. While doing so I cut the corner coming off the sidewalk and saving some time to get back to the middle of the Pack. Dredd noticed this and called me out on this infraction. His point was basically to not cut corners a get the entire thing done. I take this lesson now and share it with you because it is more than just corner’s. It is about practicing your form, doing the actual workout, and being honest with yourself. You don’t actually have to do 30 Burpee’s if someone calls it but it would be better if you did 10 with perfect form then to do half of one Burpee 30 times. A Squat is not bending at the waste, you actually bend at the knee’s, it harder. This all relates to your life in other area’s. The easy way is not always going to get you the best result. It takes work and discipline to achieve goals. Of course F3 is set up that every workout is You vs You, but don’t take that as a crutch and add that to your arsenal of  excuses not to improve.


-1, +1 Challenge. Pick something that is a bad habit and remove it from your life for the subtraction. For the add, pick something that you know you can do and should be doing. 5 extra minutes with your children, finish those honey do lists, pray more, or reach out to brothers more for support. We all have plenty to be Thankful for some now get outside your box.


Circle of Trust

Gastone Out!!


We did the mash, we did the Monster mash

Its been awhile since YHC led a bootcamp workout. To be honest, it’s been awhile since I regularly attended any bootcamp. Last week when Gastone had said there was an opening for 10/31, I was quick to jump all over it. I needed this kind of accountability to get my lazy arse outta the fartsack and back into the swing of things. Being the day I chose to step up and Q was also Halloween, I immediately felt the creative juices flowing. Trying to out do Short Sale in the creativity department is a challenge within itself, but it’s a challenge. Since we are also in a 40-day challenge, It seemed fitting that I needed to challenge myself in this department. I had been promoting the event as “Spooktacular” and that costumes were welcome. Hell, I even threw in a costume contest with a prize to the best costume.

After a week of careful planning I had the creative weinke set and Halloween props set aside. YHC got an early start to this cool, brisk, Halloween morning. In the old Harry Peeter parking lot, the Prius looked like a Kardashian with all of the festive junk in the trunk. I began to setup shop at roughly 0500. As I finished setup the only thing left to do was ensure the Halloween playlist was set and Bluetooth speaker was paired properly. Slight technical difficulties with the pairing. 0528, 2 minutes left and finally got the pairing to go through. Shouldn’t have taken that long as not only am I an IT guy, but I was also dressed as a Nerd for the workout. Jail break to the start. Glad to see we had some PAX dressed up for the occasion. Seeing the PAX embrace the theme makes it so much more enjoyable! Thanks to the guys that dressed up: Toto (Wolfman), Stroganoff (I can’t even explain), Clavin (Morph Man), Gastone (A 4 at the bar, maybe a 6 after a couple), Sargento (Whoopees sister cousin) and YHC (Nerd).

0530 – Let’s begin.

Quick disclaimer, No FNG’s spotted



Mosey to Old Harry Peter parking lot

The Fang

Let’s kick this party off with the Halloween playlist!!

Circle up for a quick count off – 20! Perfect # for what’s ahead…

Partner Up and line up behind 1 of the sand filled pumpkins (15Lbs. each)

Dora 123 – Multiples of 31 for Halloween

P1 starts exercise while P2 sprints, screaming with arms flailing looking like the typical Blonde in every horror movie that’s getting chased by the slasher to end of parking lot. Turn around and Zombie Walk back.

FYI – For those that tried to correct me (Ahem, GASTONE) the F3 Exicon states “Zombie Walk” is A lunge walk over a long distance. Causes the PAX to groan and stumble like the Walking Dead.

NO WHERE DOES IT STATE Lunge, Lunge, Squat.

The Exercises for Dora:

93 Lateral Pumpkin Jumps

186 Pumpkin Curls

279 Pumpkin Goblin Squats


For some reason the music halted a few times during Micheal Jackson’s “Thriller”. Rather disappointing but I blame AT&T service. The parking lot is a known Dead Zone. Pun intended.

Oh and Sargento took of his shirt. True HIM.


Next up is something I named: The Headless Horseman

Partner carry. Bottom PAX is the “Horse”. Top PAX is the “Headless Horseman” and holds Pumpkin up high with 1 arm. Switch at end of parking lot. Repeat using other arm.

YHC noted there would be penalties if you dropped your pumpkin

  • 50 Burpee penalty if you dropped and broke your pumpkin

  • 25 Burpee penalty if you dropped pumpkin but it remained intact.

Kudos to Pedal & Madoff for being the first and only team to drop theirs! As they began their burpee set, Rudolph chimed in for all PAX to assist them getting through their burpee set. I don’t recall YHC agreeing to this, but hey, when in Rome…


Gravedigger/Dead Body Carry

Split PAX into two equal lines

Man 1 – picks up 50Lb sand bag and carries to end Parking lot and back

Man 2 – acts like he’s digging hole with 15Lb Dumbbell (use left side then right side)

While waiting in line for their turn the PAX held various plank positions.

Only 1 round JK2, but I appreciate you liking the exercise so much you wanted to do it again.


Last was HIPAA’s Fun House. Let’s all pile into the store opening and spell out HALLOWEEN with some fun sized exercises. For some reason the PAX looked at the list and thought we couldn’t possibly finish this in time. Well, we came damn close. Modify as needed to get through the entire list.

H-and Release Merkins x 25

A-merican Hammers x 25 (Left to Right is 1)

L-BC’s x 50

L-ow Dolly x 25 (6″ height)

O-ut and Back (Run to light post and back)

W-WI’s x 25

E-scalator (5 Jump Squats, 15 Burpees, 25 Merkins, 35 Squats, 45 Lunges)

E-2K (Oblique Crunch) x 20 (each side)

N-olan Ryans x 25 (each side)


0613 Times up, head back to start. Leave the props, ill get them later. I honestly don’t think anyone was going to attempt to steal weighted plastic pumpkins or 50Lb. sand bags LOL.

I’m pleased to announce we had a 3 way tie for best costume. For some reason Sargento wasn’t participating in the contest. He said it was just his normal attire.

Congrats to Toto, Stroganoff & Clavin. Each should’ve received a portion of Catawba Brewing Companies 6-pack of “White Zombie” (2 cans each); however, YHC done left em in the fridge. Q Fail! Sorry guys, ill hand them out when I see you next time.


Xmas Party Quiche house December 15th

Convergence November 10th



Prayers for children and families going out trick or treating tonight.

YHC took us out.


Gentleman thank you for coming out this morning. I hope you all enjoyed your time. Enjoyed the fellowship, laughter and sweat. Look forward to seeing you all in the gloom real soon!





Another Great Morning

On Monday Clavin asked me if he could use my extra weight vest so I was more than happy to accommodate his request.  I looked around at 5:30 and did not see any new faces so we started with the pledge and got to work.

Maracan night club’s 20 IC
Side Straddle hops 20 IC
Merkins 15 IC

Moseyed to the concession stand at the park and pulled out my weinke.
10 of each then ran around the park and back to finish with 5 of each.  Merkins, Squats, Mountain climbers, Burpees, Leg raises, Plank rows, Jumping lunges, Toe taps, Buzz saw planks and Bobby Hurleys.

Then moseyed to the playground and knocked out 6 minutes of as many rounds as possible of 5 pull-ups and 20 squats.

Moved on to the gazebo for 3 rounds of 10 derkins and 20 dips.

Once our chest and arms were feeling good we went to the bathroom building and did 3 rounds of wall sits with marching and shoulder presses.

I recently saw a new exercise and wanted to try it out.  We all lined up and got into plank.  As one HIM ran by went to the other side everyone did a merkin.  After two rounds we had enough and moseyed to the end of the lot and knocked out 20 squats and 50 calf raised. (My calfs were still burning from Mondays Q with Island!)

While we were doing 50 LBC’s, I heard a train whistle so 5 burpees were next.

We headed back to Snoballs and finished up with big boy sit ups.

Prayer request: Gastone’s 2.0, Squirt’s M and Stone Cold’s knee.


Took Too Long

I lead a workout. I smoked from the crackpipe of manana and did not post the backblast.  wanted to get it on the books to give the pax the credit.

It was before burpeethod.  We did a warmup. I read from the Q source, we did some planks and shoulder taps and stuff, then we moseyed and got some rocks from the rock farm.  We went to the parking lot and did some curls with the rocks.  We did some Dora 123

100 dying cockroaches

200 flutters

300 LBC’s

Partner ran around the light post.

Went back to the snoballs parking lot and did a Circle Burp and got to 64 (I think).  I Omaha’d and we did about 4 minutes of mary.

We prayed.

That is all.  Sorry for the delay in posting Huckleberry.

VQ – 49’s

14 Showed for YHC’s VQ. 

Gastone & RPO with early EC Run.  Hushpuppy & Teddybear were in for an early self-inflicted beatdown. 

Couldn’t ask for better weather.  Let’s do this.

Warm up:


Squats X 20 IC

Moroccan Night Clubs X 20 IC

LBC’s X 20 IC




Mosey to Martha parking lot – circle around an island – Not Island – for 20 Rock Balboa’s OYO

Explanation of upcoming – Yesterday was my 49th B-day, so we are going to have fun with 49’s and multiples thereof.

Time for some Dora – P1 Run from island around the next island up the hill

P2 Performs:

98 American Hammers

196 Merkins

294 Flutter kicks

Plank for 6


Mosey to Picnic Shelter – All OYO




Round 1 – 20 Reps;  Round 2 – 15 Reps;  Round 3 – 14 Reps (see what we did there – 49 of each)


Meander back to parking lot for “Ring of Fire” – at least that’s what I called it.

Circle up, everyone in Plank position, YHC leads off with 10 Merkins, when done next PAX in circle pickups for ten more until circle is complete. 

Found to be quite difficult with 14 PAX.

While we are in Plank, and since Rudolph asked for it – 10 Mountain Climbers.


Mosey back towards start – Stop at first island for 5 Burpees

Mosey on – oh look, another island – 5 more Burpees

Mosey to corner – let’s salute the day! – 20 Monkey Humpers


Mosey to start – Weinkie ran a little short – always time for some Mary!

World War II


Freddie Mercury’s

Peter Parkers

Oblique Crunches

Overhead Press – 30+

Overhead Press – again lost track around 40 ish


Overhead Claps

Carolina Dry Docks – Time!



9/22/18 – JJ5K trail run in Stanley, Stop Soldier Suicide 5K/ 10K in Belmont – Sign Up!

10/6/18 – Burpeethon at Rankin Lake Park in Dallas.  This is an F3 event – Sign Up!

Christmas town 5K upcoming

Cape Fear & Carterico



Prayer requests:

People impacted by Storm

Mayor’s M Jackie

Squirt possible travel to beach to speak this weekend.

Rudolph led us out in prayer.



What’s in a name?

When I heard my Friend Bambi may be posting on Wed Morning I knew I could not fartsack.  My running has been hampered of late by a nagging injury which has led me to skip a few workouts for fear of the 3 mile sprint.  I asked on the twitterer who had the Q for Wed morning and Gastone said it was open if I wanted it.  Not sure which day was Snoballs and Which day was the Black Knight, I blasted out that “Hushpuppy has the Q for Marha’s Black Knights Snoballs on Wed”.  Needless to say, Gastone was not impressed and pointed out (again) that each workout has it’s own name and promptly loaded my name into the Q list on google drive as Hushpoopy.  Welcome to the kitchen, there’s the heat.

Bambi was already present when I arrived, Several runners came in from EC as the clock wound down so we began.  Disclaimer: I’m an idiot, you’re an idiot for being here, i’m not a professional.  Modify as needed, there’s no one to sue because if you do something to get hurt then you’re a big idiot. Everyting I say is a suggestion and my biggest suggestion is that you go back home and go to bed.

No takers, so we honored the stars and stripes.


Imperial walkers IC x 15, Merkins IC x 10, Flutter Kicks X 15 IC,  and the runners training for the BRR took off.

Introduced the Split Jack, which is like a Merkin only with feet kicking out front, one at a time like a dancing girl.  15 IC.

Mosey to the Martha’s parking lot.  Circle up, count off for effect, then the next exercise, Aiken Legs:

Frankly, I didn’t get past the A’s in the Exicon as I searched for something for my Weinke.  Aiken legs looked cool and seemed to fill some time, so I called it.

20 Box jumps (on the curb), 20 Squats, 20 lunges, 20 Split Jacks: OYO.  Wash, rinse, repeat for a total of 3 times.

After a 10 count it was time for some Dora 123.  100 Merkins, 200 squats, 300 LBC’s.  (I originally called LBFC’s but realized that would take a really long time so Omaha’d).

after another 10 count, time for 4 corners on a short parking lot around some islands.  Started at 12 and worked downward at each corner, Merkins OYO.

After another 10 count, the time was 10 til finish so we mosey’d back to Snoballs Black Knight’s Parking lot.

6 minutes of Mary, with some LBFC’s (really wanted to do these), Flutter kicks, Dying Cockroaches, and I think crunches.

Runners arrived just in time.  6:15

Announcements: BRR, a driver is needed, Support for the Ladies getting after it on Saturday morning launching a women’s morning workout weekly at Dallas park 8am on Saturdays.  Encourage your M to be a part.  Convergence this Saturday for CSPAN sendoff from Fort Mill, Clown cars leave the Roses parking lot Belmont at 5:30am.  Whetstone project is in effect.  More than mentorship, Whetstone is designed to sharpen a man for life.  The Stone gives up something when he is applied, The blade gives up something when he is sharpened, but both gain wisdom and purpose through the relationship. See Monk if you’d like to be involved as a Stone or a blade.

Prayers for Monks coworker, who’s child passed from cancer.  Madoff prayers for Nikki Bailey fighting cancer, Sargento’s wife with knee injury, and some others.

Moleskin: It’s easy to get whiny and make excuses to quit.  For as long as I can remember I’ve always hurt.  But the fact is, I hurt more when I sit still.  I hurt less when I move and when I move with you.  See you in the Gloom.





Could we pass the NCSU PE class with high honors??

That was the question weighing on my mind. The back story : met a young  guy at the gym doing various exercises similar to what we do at F3.  He was working very hard and was intense.  Tried to head lock him to get him out.  Long story short, he wanted to pass his PE class next semester at State.   I was curious, asked a few questions and pulled the course curriculum from State’s online registar.   Could this be a good winkie?

Knowing F3 Gastonia has a number of State fans (not sure how many actually graduated) or how many padded their gpa’s with PE, I figured we could have some fun with it.  So we get started and to his credit, T bone was the only one to claim having graduated there. I am pretty sure in his graduate work, he didn’t take PE.   So would be a new experience.  At this point, I am very interested to see if the pax could earn high honors.

The thang



Warm up

Moroccan night clubs x 20 IC

SSH x 20 IC.

Mosey down to the shopping center

1st PT test – 40 push ups in 2 minutes.  All pax passed on 1st attempt achieving a score of a B.   40 was the criteria

Run to the loading dock, bear crawl down to side walk, run to parking lot, complete 20 squats oyo.  Rinse and repeat x3

2nd PT test – 100 lbc’s within 2 minutes:  again all pax passed with a B based on current NCSU thresholds.

Mosey to other end of lot for some wall work

Hip slaps IC x 10 (complete Q fail, yhc screwed that one up with cadence)

Wall sits for 1 minute

Back to hip slaps this time oyo to 10

Wall sits for 1 minute

Mosey behind shopping center, jump the wall and wait for pax in back parking lot of doctors office.

Plank waiting on the six

Next PT test – 50 ww I sit ups in 2 minutes.  All pax passed with another B score.

Mosey around building, stop at road.  Squat jump up the hill to first light, run back, rinse and repeat x3.  Island was a beast, practically floating in the air.

Gastone honored us with a  quick count of flutter kicks x40 I think

Mosey through the neighborhood to cut thru to the park.  Plank while waiting on the six.  Yhc heard a train and called 5 burpees.   Monk whispers you didn’t hear a train.  Must of been a ghost train.

Mosey to back field for the price of admission.  The main event, the turtle run.  Like an Indian run except everyone bear crawls with last in line moving to the front.  Was a crowd pleaser.

Running short on time, mosey to picnic shelter.

20 dips oyo x2

20 step ups oyo x 2

Mosey back towards Snoballs.  Stop and plank at top of park waiting on six

Jail break back to Snoballs


  • Moleskin:   the Pax put in some good work.  It was a honor to lead.  Everyone earned their B.   Next time we will target the A thresholds.   Pretty amazing to think about a bunch of older men accomplishing what many young kids can’t achieve.   Mind over body.  Keep pushing the rock.  Till next time – Turtle Man



Beast Mode: An original by TOTO

As I write the title, it prompts me to start singing  “I bless the rains down in Africa, I bless the rains down in Africa, Gonna take the time to do the things we never had.”  Dang, TOTO was a cool band at one time.  Alexa – play some TOTO.  Any how, I digress…..

Back to the F3’s TOTO’s original.  Another beautiful morning in the gloom.  18 posted for a VQ hosted by TOTO and TurtleMan.  This included two FNG’s – Jerry Best and son Samuel – welcome to F3 guys.   Tuesday night TOTO and I were texting to develop a game plan.  I mentioned to him, let’s use an Animal Kingdom theme.  It was more jocular being that a dog and a turtle were going to be Q’ing.  TOTO said he was going to write down what he wanted to lead and send it to me.  I looked at it late and said to myself, whatever works.  Editor’s note – remember to always read the disclosures and fine print details.  So we start sharp at 5:30am, welcome the FNG’s, Disclosure (I am an idiot), Whoopee assist’s with the 5 principal’s of F3 and then pledge.

The Thang

TOTO provides a few words, mentions the animal kingdom theme and sternly shouts “we are going Beast mode”.  What we didn’t know, couldn’t hurt us…. right?  He jumps straight into warm up

Warm up

Mountain Climbers x 20 IC

Merkins x 20 IC

Side Straddle Hops x 20 IC

Let’s Mosey

Down the parkway stop at first intersection for 50 LBC’s OYO

Mosey to the back lot of the doctors office.  Beast mode begins

Shuttle merkins x 12 OYO

Calf raises x 12 (front, side, back)

Hindu merkins x 12 OYO

Rinse and repeat  x3.   At some point Sargento shows up, followed shortly by Hippa.  Have no idea how they found us.  We could of been any where.

Line up back of parking lot, lunge walk across to the other side

Mosey towards Gastone’s hill, stop at next intersection for 50 monkey humpers OYO

Continue Mosey, stop at bottom of hill

TOTO leads us through

Archer merkins x 12 OYO

Squat jumps x 12 OYO

Pike press merkins x 12 OYO

Rinse and repeat x3

Bernie Sanders up the hill to the cul-de-sac at the top

Plank waiting on the six

50 flutter kicks OYO

Mosey down hill, plank for the six

Mosey towards Snoballs

Stop for 50 squats OYO

Jail break to finish

The moleskin:

Great to have FNG’s Jerry Best (Honey) and son Samuel (Cheerios) join.  F3 Gastonia continues to grow and expand.  Results are clear and word is out.  Everyone is playing a key role.  You may not realize it, others are watching or listening.  It’s due to efforts such as TOTO.  He randomly shows up two weeks ago, stops his truck in the middle of the road, asks if he can join us (sure, come on) and has hit it hard daily.  And already jumping into VQ his first post.  Within 2 weeks!  It takes each of us to make this work.  If you haven’t Q’d  lately, follow TOTO’s lead and jump in full beast mode.  I may just fartsack the first time he carries his first solo Q.

We had a strong turnout.  Good work guys.  It’s a privilege and was an honor to partner with TOTO to lead.  Think the shoulders and arms will be sore for a day or two.



No Weight Vest Required

What a beautiful morning to lead a workout at Snoballs.  There were no FNG’s so we started with the Pledge.

Merkins 10 IC

Moseyed to the small hill next to the shelter and playground for a SSH ladder with burpees.  At the top of the hill we started with 20 SSH then ran to the bottom for 5 burpees.  Back to the top for 19 SSH and at the bottom for 5 burpees.  After 10 rounds we went to Soccer Field #1 and performed lunges, then bear crawls, followed by more lunges.  Then we headed to the pull-up bar.  One at a time we were challenged to do as many pull-ups as you can while everyone else was getting a break with some LBC’s.

Moseyed back to the bathroom house when I heard mumble chatter about the walls.  I thought we needed to take a closer look so we stopped for some Hip Slappers.  After walking to perimeter to make sure the building was structurally sound, Whoopee led us.   Then we moseyed to the front gates for 20 derkins and 20 dips.  With time remaining, we headed to the back wall for 20 Dips IC, 10 step-ups (each leg), 15 Dips IC, 10 step-ups(each leg) and finished with 15 Dips IC.

I normally wear a vest during the workout but since I knew the punishment I left it in my truck.  During the COT, Whoopee talked about challenging yourself and here is my challenge to you.   Get a vest and wear it during your workouts.  You will definitely get stronger by wearing one and you have a place to put your keys and phone )

Thank you for allowing me lead.

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