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22s in Cramerton

So YHC got caught in a back to back Q situation and not well prepped by common standards. However, YHC is not the common man! So based on experience and education we endeavored to put forth a great effort to get 1% better today. Went like this:



SSH X 20

IW X 20

Mtn. Climbers X 20

Mosey to the top of the big hill and the school parking lot:

22s, start with 20 Jump lunges , then 2 merkins. Go to 2 jump lunges and 20 merkins. 2 Laps @ the school lot at the 12-10 transition point.

Finish 22s here, Mosey back to the Gazebo on the green.

22s, Jump squats X 20, CDDs X 2. Run a lap around the green at the 10-12 transition.

Finish 22s here and a dose of triple nickel!

Bottom: 5 plank jacks

Top: 5 big boys

Run the incline to Doffers 5 times.

Done and pledge


Great work on a humid morning in July in the Carolinas! Pax got with it. This was kind of impromptu because I frankly after leading twice already had forgotten about it when I committed to Buckeye in may I think. But, there was plenty in the tank otodraw from so no harm no foul!

Enjoyed the morning with these guys. Look forward to the next.



Wall Stairs

Q at The Goat for a nice June morning a couple days before I was going to the beach. So I thought we all need to get the chest and abs in order. Took a short mosey around downtown Cramerton to the back alley. Partnered up, one partner up the stairs and around the building while the other partner did Merkins, then Werkins, then Burpees, then Diamond Merkins, then Hand Release Merkins. Once the chest was on fire, we moseyed on up to the Town of Cramerton Community Center. Keep your same partner, sit on the wall while your partner goes up the stairs for 25 flutters, then 25 Crunchy Frogs, 25 LBCs, then 25 oblique crunch right side, final round of 25 oblique crunch left side. Mosey back to downtown Cramerton. Throw your feet up on the wall and do some hip slappers, over head press, and Mike Tysons. I ran out of ideas and we still had time. Sister Act called something crazy so we did that for a while. And that was that.

Announcements, Prayer Requests, Pledge, Nameorama, and off we went to conquer Thursday.

Merkin Mania

2 started with EC then another 5 showed for a total of 7 posting at The Goat. It’s been a REALLY long time since I have Q’d or even posted here. It was great getting back out there-thanks Buckeye for giving me a little nudge to come out here. We started with a disclaimer, WU, and pledge. We then took off for a Merkin-fest. We took a few laps with 25 Merkins at each of the corners. Honestly, I thought there were 4 corners last time I was here….someone stole one of the corners. There were only 3???? We made it work. I think we also threw in a few flutter kicks. At some point we saw 2 trains!!! I know, strange. We saluted the first with 5 burpees, moseyed a little and saw ANOTHER TRAIN!!!!?????? Can you believe that???? 2 trains pretty much at the same time. If we had moved just a little faster I think there was a 3rd train but we didn’t get there in time.

We then moved over to “the wall.” Roscoe gave us a quick history lesson-for those of you young kids who were not around, we ALLEGEDLY did donkey kicks on one of the walls, got busted, and had to pay a few hundred dollars for a fresh coat of paint a few years ago. Bandit handled this PR nightmare like a pro and fortunately we did not get booted off of Goat Island. Rather than tempt fate this morning, we used the steps for some partner work. P1 did Merkins AMRAP while P2 went up the stairs for a burpee or 2 for a few rounds each. Next on the menu was some work at the top of the stairs in the parking lot. We did a version of 11’s but I think we cut this short-Hip Slappers  starting at 11 and working our way down with a short mosey to the other side of the lot with 25 flutter kicks on the other end of the parking lot. Next we moseyed to the bridge for a few more merkins: start on 1 end of the bridge with 3 lunges to each leg then do 10 merkins. This. Took. Forever. To. Get. Across. The. Bridge…….Once across we slowly recovered with some hanging time, more merkins, some derkins, calf raises then moseyed back home for a few burpees then finished up with a  short plank while we discussed the 5 rules of F3 while planking.

We finished with COT-special prayers for Vanilla Ice with his job interview-middle school English teacher. Hope it went well. Roscoe and I figured we got just under 300 merkins this am. Very good work men. Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for the opportunity to lead and bring back some good old memories from “back in the day.”



Three Ring Circus

A little cooler temps, light wind and some drizzle make for a perfect setting for a beatdown at the Goat. 13 PAX ready to roll when 0530 hits so let’s knock out the disclaimer and pledge and go to work.


After a lap around the town we stopped at the Fire Department and from that point all the way up 8th Ave to 1st Baptist we performed 3 Burpee’s at each power pole.

Next up was a Triple Nickel in the parking lot; 5 HR Merkins, run across the lot, 5 Big Boys.

Mosey across the street to the wall for a little 3D.

3 sets of 10 Dips (IC), 10 Derkins (IC), 10 Dirty Hookups (IC)

We’re done here, back down 8th Ave stopping for 3 more Burpee’s at the same poles all the way to the 9th St. YHC wasn’t very original with his Weinke today, so we did another round of Triple Nickel up the 9th St. hill. 5 Mike Tyson’s, run the hill, 5 American Hammers.

Time for a little ab work at the Gazebo. 33 LBC’s (IC), 33 Flutter’s (IC), 33 Big Boys (OYO) and 33 Oblique Crunches (IC)

We did two more laps around the town and time was up.



1 Peter 4:8 – “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”

A common theme that continues to arise in various verses, studies, etc. that I’ve recently seen is friendship and the need to support one another. This verse was the You Version verse of the day yesterday and tells us the as Christ followers we must make demonstrating the love of Jesus to others a top priority, especially during seasons of suffering.



2nd F at The Station Friday at 5pm


Prayer Request

SA’s 2.1

Clavin’s M

Round Up’s M

Our Nation


Doodles took us out.


I’m Broke

Q Source at the GOAT?

14 manly men circled up at the Goat on a muggy morning ready for some work. No FNG’s.
Warm Up
SSH, Cotton Pickers, Low Slows, MNC all x 15 IC
Mosey under the bridge down to the basketball court parking lot. Circle up for…
Dirty MacDeuce: 3 exercises to 12 reps IC (if possible) Arms, legs, Core
I also asked how many guys were familiar with Q Source and to my surprise, less than half were. After each set, I told the quadrants (only 4) of the Q Source.
Set#1 Werkins, Low Slow Squats. Flutters, All x 12 IC, Run a lap around the extended parking area.
Q1 GET RIGHT. Each man must get himself right if he is to make the proper impact he should be making.
Set#2 Burpees x 12 OYO, Monkey Humpers and Freddie Mercuries x 12 IC, Run a lap.
Q2 LIVE RIGHT. To Live Right each man must have an ultimate purpose in mind.
Set#3 MNC’s, Mountain Climbers, Amer Hammer x 12 IC, Run a lap.
Q3 LEAD RIGHT. Practicing virtuous leadership in each man’s area of influence or as Q Source Leadership is influencing movement to advantage.
Set#4 CDD’s, Calf Raises, Dyeing Cockroaches, All x 12 IC, Run a lap.
Q4 LEAVE RIGHT. Each man is constructing his legacy by his daily virtuous leadership. Be mindful of the legacy you will leave to your family and others that you influence.
Set#5 Diamond Merkins, Lunges, Big Boys x 12 IC, Run a lap.
Mosey back up the hill and down to the gazebo for a ten count. Mosey up the road to the Baptist church parking lot. I’m pretty sure it was a Baptist church. Circle up for…
Core Time 7’s
Flutters x 7 IC
Flutters, Am. Ham x 7 IC
Flutters, Am. Ham, Freddie Mercuries x 7 IC
Flutters, Am. Ham, Freddie Merc, LBC’s x 7 IC
Flutters, Am. Ham, Freddie Merc, LBC’s, In & Outs x 7 IC
Flutters, Am. Ham, Freddie Merc, LBC’s, In & Outs, Dying Cockroaches x 7 IC
Flutters, Am. Ham, Freddie Merc, LBC’s, In & Outs, Dying CR, Reverse Crunch x 7 IC
After each set of these I read the first 7 topics of Get Right in Q Source.
1) DRP Daily Red Pill (getting better daily)
2) King (Man’s right relationship with himself, fitness)
3) Queen (What a man puts into his body)
4) Jester (Temptation that hinders Acceleration, food, anger, jealousy)
5) M (Relationship between Man and Woman, most important)
6) Shorties (sacrificial relationship with children, give all)
7) Shield Lock (Man hunts best in a pack, accountability)
Buckeye reminded me our time was up, so mosey back.

Announcements: Get out and post for yourself and all the men beside you. It means a lot.

COT: Breaker’s mom, Clavin’s M, Sister Act’s daughter, T Square’s dad. Broke took us out with a prayer.

**NMM Thanks to all of the guys who came out today. Good to workout with a few guys I haven’t seen in a while.

Finally! Back in the Gloom @ The Goat

After several weeks of no F3 workouts, it was a great feeling to finally be back in the gloom. Although I stayed active during the quarantine, mainly running and some bootcamp style workouts, I found myself fartsacking many mornings, just rolling out of bed, get some coffee, fire up laptop and start my workday. I would then get a run in late in afternoon. I was getting so out of my normal routine. The morning bootcamps helps hold me accountable in my physical acceleration, knowing there will be a small group of men pushing each other and all the mumblechatter gets me up at 4:45am in the mornings. I missed that for several weeks, our “Shelter in Home” time.


5:30am and time to get to work!


The Pledge


The Thang

Mosey up road by Floyd and Blackies to the church parking lot.

YHC set-up six pylon cones, spaced out about every 20 so feet… Time for suicides with an interesting twist!

First exercise – Mountain Climbers

Bear crawl to first pylon, 5 reps, back to start, run to 2nd pylon, 10 reps, and so on until we reach sixth pylon and complete 30 reps

Second Exercise – Zombie walks, this was a killer on the legs. Repeat all the above.

Third Exercise – SSH

Fourth Exercise – Merkins

Fifth Exercise – LBCs

Finish off with Burpees except we start at first pylon for 2x burpees, go to every other burpee and double the number, 2, 4, 8.

Mosey back to shovel flag and time was up.



Prayer request

YHC took us out in prayer.



Gettin’ with it in Cramerton

YHC took his second consecutive Q this week and ramped it up  from the day before at Ricky Bobby. Been backing off the Qs this year a little by design but given circumstances, that’s gonna change now. And we’re gonna bring it! But we’re going to be smart about it and get guys IN the fold as opposed to running them off. And they will get better and our fold/ community/state/world will get better. And boys let me tell you something – it needs to! And it has to happen on the individual basis and YHC’s experienced mind opines we have to overcome fear right now. And not just physical fear. There is a deeper fear out there that needs to be conquered and it comes from the soul. So let’s go about cleaning it up. We started today at The Goat with the swollen South Fork River in our midst to commence the process of getting better. Went like this:


arm stretches

SSH X 20

IW X 20

Grapevine Stretches

Cherry Pickers X 20

mosey up the hill to the elementary school for some work:

20 Mountain Climbers (in cadence)

20 plank jacks

10 shoulder taps (each side)

5 burpees

Parking lot suicide – Halfway and back, all the way and back.

30 SSH

25 jump squats

20 Freddie Mercs

20 Big boy situps

10 HR Merkins

1 minute planks

Run down the hill to the fire station and back.

Rinse and repeat above, mosey down to the gazebo for some 22s

22 set:

Jump Lunges X 20 X 18 X 16 X 14 X 12 X 10 X 8 X 6 X 4 X 2

Merkins X 2 X 4 X 6 X 8 X 10 X 12 X 14, X 16 X 18 X 20

Half way, take a lap around the green.

Mosey up to the flag for pledge and COT


Pax worked hard today. Very hard. That was the goal. Means we got better and expanded our capabilities. Acceleration. We need to do this and we need to do it a lot. This is the fear antidote. Especially when we combine it with faith and fellowship. We cannot – will not – lose.

So let’s about our work men! This is a time of opportunity! Take advantage of it!


Tesla out.




Digger Day 1/2

Been a while since YHC has graced the Goat with his presence, so it seemed about time to rectify this situation. The AO was brimming with excitement at the thought of a post-quarantine beatdown, which was exemplified by the large number of PAX in attendance.

The above was sarcastic, the below was not.

42 minutes of AMRAP crap rotating through body parts like Frankenstein creating his monster. Show to know.

Until next time (11.25 hours later),



2/27/20 – Goat Island

4 Men showed up at the Goat on 2/27/20.

We came, we saw, We conquered!

Various and sundry exercises mixed in with running.

Ended with pledge and COT.


Going in Circles

A nice cloudy morning at The Goat. No sign of the site Q but managed anyhow.

Mosey around downtown Cramerton then circle up for some warm up. Side Shuttle hops, Moroccan Night Clubs, Don Qs. Got the Pledge in.

Then the laps around downtown Cramerton began. Find a partner. While you partner runs a lap you do AMRAP during that time.

Burpees then Big Boys then Werkins then Flutters then Side Shuttle Hops then Dips then Step Ups. We had a couple 10 counts mixed in.

Then we went over to wall on the Masonic Lodge to sit on the wall for a bit followed by some dirty hook ups.

Ended with about 7 minutes of stretching. Something we should try to do more of to help prevent injury and keep us limber.

Announcements: Convergence March 21st at Martha’s

Let Dirt know if you want a Storm shirt

Prayer Request: Wet Nuts has a good friend battling lymphoma.

Dirt’s son has an interview this week and Tesla’s son has an interview next week.

Those battling injury keeping them from working out. Top Hat could use prayers for his knee that wont get right.

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