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Corn Hole at The Goat

It was a great morning at The Goat… just a slight chill in the air… 5:30am hits and it is time to start!

Disclaimer given…


Side Straddle Hops, 20 IC
Imperial Walkers, 15 IC
Moroccan Nightclubs, 20 IC
Cotton Pickers, 15 IC

Pledge of Allegiance

The Thang

mosey to the bridge taking the long way around
crab walk across the bridge

fellowship mosey over to the park
point out the small picnic shelter – will be used for abyss merkins
go to the cornhole area
two pax run the path around the park, do five abyss merkins at the picnic shelter, while pax run the rest alternate between

inclined sit ups on cornhole platforms*
shoulder taps

*bit of a Q fail as doing inclined sit ups on the cornhole platforms was a bit of a challenge if you didn’t hook your feet in the opening at the back


after all the pax had made a lap, let’s mosey to the far parking lot
bear walk across the bridge

dirty 11’s –  courtesy of Roadie

American Hammers 1-10 (four count sets)
Merkins 10-1
the “dirty” part… do a burpee at midpoint of run


mosey back to the flag taking the long way back up the hill and around the back of the buildings


March 30th :  Convergence, Folsom
May 5th :  Hike up Mt. Mitchell

Prayer Requests

Breaker Breaker :  mother having surgery on little finger
Top Hat :  reminder to pray for and reach out to those we haven’t seen in a while
Get a Grip :  co-worker who took son to ER for asthma issues


Ended with COT

No Ten Count

Little mixup during the HIPAAPALOOZA week. Site Q calendar had YHC booked for the GOAT but I know I had committed to the Pub that week. Got it all straightened out with Dr. Seuss and told him I owed him one. Besides it’s been a long time since I’ve posted here and was looking forward to it. Wanted to try some new things out there so decided to do a little recon the afternoon before. Cramerton has some really nice areas if you go beyond downtown. I had been thinking about how I wanted to do a weinke and had a good idea in mind. I have been pressured into attending Ranger AO in Metro by a few Metro PAX. Ranger is said to be the most intense, hardest AO in all of the Nation. Before I go there I need to build up my stamina as they are go, go, go with no breaks from what I’ve heard and read in their BB’s. So here’s what we did:



IW 15 IC

Merkins 15 IC


*Breaker Breaker took off on a mosey by himself to get some miles in. 

Let’s Mosey!

Broke seems to think I took off at a 7min pace up Center St. Good, that was my plan. I think those Metro guys go at about a 6min pace so 7 was a good start for me.

Right on 10th to the 1st Baptist Church parking lot.

Round 1:

5 Merkins

Bear Crawl 5 parking spaces

5 Bobby Hurley’s

Bear Crawl 5 parking spaces

5 Burpees

Run back to start and plank for the 6

No rest

Round 2:

10 Merkins

Bear Crawl 5 parking spaces

10 Bobby Hurley’s

Bear Crawl 5 parking spaces

10 Burpees

Run back to start and plank for the 6

No Rest

Round 3:

15 Merkins

Bear Crawl 5 parking spaces

15 Bobby Hurley’s

Bear Crawl 5 parking spaces

15 Burpees

Run back to start and plank for the 6

No Rest

Mosey up 8th take a right on 11th to the CB Huss boat launch parking lot.

Circle up and on your 6

LBC’s 50 IC

I asked Broke for a 10 count, before he got his first letter out of his mouth I said “HAHA There aren’t no 10 counts in a Varsity workout!!! Next exercise is…”

Flutter Kicks 50 IC

Mosey up the wooden bridge towards softball field. Flooded walkway to the left hindered part of my mosey plan. New route, go right. To the concrete bleachers from 1943 with a 50% grade stairway. Looks treacherous.

At the bottom 20 dips

run up stairs

5 burpees at top

run down stairs

R&R 4 more times

Plank for 6 at top when finished.

Mosey out of Cramerton rec complex to 8th. Left on 8th downhill to gazeebo

10 pullups

1 lap around downtown

10 pullups

10 diamond merkins

Mary – PAX choice

BBSU, AH, Crab Cakes, LBC’s, Flutters, dying cockroaches

YHC ended Mary with something new: Slawter Finisher – 10 Burpees OYO



Prayer requests

Dr. Seuss took us out

We got in 2 miles but fell about 2 miles short of a Ranger workout, maybe next time. Oh and according to Tesla, I’m still a pussy?!?!? Great workout with you men this AM. Honor and privilege to workout along side of you. You push me to be better and faster.




7 HIMs showed up on a gloomy and rainy morning to join me and push themselves at The Goat.

As the clock hit 5:30 we moseyed down to the gazebo… as there were no FNGs and I’m an idiot, I forgot to do the disclaimer (does that qualify as a late disclaimer?).



Side Straddle Hops, 20 IC
Imperial Walkers, 15 IC
Moroccan Nightclub, 20 IC
Low Slow Squat, 15 IC
Don Quixotes, 15 IC


After this we went ahead and got The Pledge in.



6×6 @ 30×15

The plan was to do six sets of six exercises with a run around the block between each set.  Each exercise was 30 seconds AMRAP with 15 seconds in between to transition to the next exercise.  With the likelihood of rain, and possibly heavy at times, the run was deleted… sort of.  The exercises were LBCs, Jump Squats, Merkins, American Hammers (Hammer Time!), Lunges and CDDs.  The idea was two exercises for each of core, legs and arms.  At the end of the third set the rain had let up a bit and I inquired the PAX for their opinion on whether we should take a lap.  Someone running by heard my inquiry and replied, “It’s not that bad!”  So we took a lap.  After the lap with three sets down and three to go I restarted the timer and in the middle of the jump squats the tablet decided to reboot!  The PAX were excited about the opportunity to finish out the next 25 minutes with jump squats!  ALWAYS have a backup plan!  I threw the tablet to the side and started up the workout timer on my phone, but we did get a bonus set of LBCs and jump squats.

With the sixth set completed we finished up with some Mary.  The caller had the choice of running around the block, or staying in the shelter and doing 50 SSH while the rest did their called exercise.  Called exercises were Crunchy Frogs, Flutter Kicks, Freddie Mercurys and Squat Jacks…  TIME!


Announcements and Prayer Requests:

Rice and Beans Tuesday 29th – if you signed up, then show up at 6:15 at The Pointe for Clown Car to Charlotte
CSAUP Feb 23rd – sign up by Feb 16th
Rock Hill – The Rooster II – March 2nd
Tool Time – upcoming mission trip to Peru
Breaker Breaker – family and friends with health issues
Anchorman – mother-in-law, thanks for prayers offered so far and request for continued prayers
All our AOs – take the time to read the backblasts from other AOs and lift them all up in your prayers
Shad Rap – foot surgery

Ended with COT!

I was truely blessed to Q today… Thanks to Dr. Suess for asking more that once.

Stormy McStormy Storm

6 pax plus 2 Rucker’s braved the warm and actually refreshing rain at the Goat. Warmed up moseyed. Ssh, merkins, abs, squats, lunges, burpees, wheelbarrowing, mike Tyson’s, crunchy frogs. The gates were open today. All pushed themselves, anyone else notice virus has been crushing these boot camps lately? Tesla, anchorman and dirt brought the respect and showed get-a-grip and myself how “it” is done. Broke was not here.


Prayers for Zoe and her family battling an unknown foe at this time. Prayers for Tesla’s 2.0 on his 21st birthday.

Sign up to Q.

See y’all Monday at Hollywood


It has been a while since YHC has posted and the last time at the Goat I signed up to Q and told the Pax the BlockBuster would be back.  There was a little confusion about the actual date, thinking that I had the 18th, Sparky and Dr. Seuss helped me out.  As the start time neared there were 12 Pax ready to get going.

Warm Up; 15 SSH IC, 10 Windmill IC, 10 Toy Soldiers IC

Thang;  BlockBuster – All exercises completed with a 8” cinder block

Run 1/2 mile –

Complete 6 exercises – Curls x 10, French Curls x 10, Overhead Squat Press x 10, Front Raise x 10, Bent Over Rows x 10, Blockies x 10

Run 1/2 mile –

Complete 6 exercises –

Run 1/2 mile –

Complete 6 exercises –

Run 1/2 mile –

Mary – All pax lead an exercise of their choice


COT; Namorama, Announcements, Prayer Requests

BOM; Thanks TopHat for taking us out.


NMS; All Pax pushed through this one and did well.  Golddigger, thanks for the push through the runs on this sir.  TopHat always a pleasure to have the mumble chatter regarding the running, well done sir.  Dr. Seuss has some 4” cinder block and offered them up to the Pax for a slight modification, way to be thinking Seuss.  JOBU and Brownstreak had discussed the night before that they needed to get back out here with the Pax.  Yes, they were present.  Good to see you men back out in the gloom.  Nice work as well.  Moses and Tesla, TClaps fellas for keeping up with the youngins.  Respect.  As always men, Thanks for the oppurtunity to lead.  #DRP

Giving Thanks

Today is the day of Thanksgiving ….so here we go Tool Time is going to be giving….a beat down that is…..it went something like this… YHC was looking for a flat area the street was too close so let’s mosey to the other side of Goat Island.

Warm up

Q Fail #1 – Exercises in the warm-up were all supposed to be single count ….IC was called for most!


SSH x 35 IC

1 Burpee

Hillbilly x 15 IC

2 burpees

Cotton pickers x 10 IC (with a clap!!!)

3 burpees

Monkey humpers x 15 IC

4 burpees

Train 5 Burpees OYO

Merkins x 15 IC

5 burpees

Jump Squats x 10 OYO

6 burpees

Somewhere in here Defib decided to get out of the fartsack and join us – (10 Burpee penalty for all Thanks Defib!)

Toy soldiers x 10 IC

7 burpees

Squats x 15 single count

8 Burpees

Carolina Dry docks x 15 IC

9 burpees

Peter Parker x 15

10 burpees



Core Time with Tool Time or was it Core wood by Norwood??? Hrm???

In and Outs with arms up -25

Freddie Mercury’s forward with arms up in seated V position – 25 /Then Backwards for 25

Crunchy Frog – 25

Wide leg sit-ups – 25

Fifer Scissors- 25

Hip Rock and Raise – 25

Heels to Heaven- 25

V-Up/Roll-ups -25

Oblique V-ups Right Side -25 /Then Left side -25

Leg Climbs Right leg – 12/ Then Left Leg 12

American Hammers -50




(Modified twice….was supposed to be 5 rounds however due to Q Fail #1 we ran out of time.)


1 round

Cindy= (5 pull-ups, 10 Merkins, 15 Jump squats) Run a lap between each set.


Today take a few moments and give thanks for the many blessings you have men! We all have busy lives and I know for YHC I do not do this quite enough. When you actually do this it changes your whole day and your outlook on even the struggles you are going through. I am truly thankful for F3 Gastonia and the brotherhood and bonds I have been blessed with as a result of it. I am also very thankful that you have allowed me to serve as Nantan of F3 Gastonia for the past year. I have learned so much from this experience and I pray that I have served you well!




Announcements – Christmas Party December 15th ( need signup form and email Sargento / Hipaa )



Praises for safe return of my son in law F3 Sly from deployment into Afghanistan, Tiny Tim’s M recovery, Kotters lets  get them back posting ( they need it and so do we ISI)


1 Corinthians 16:13 (NLT)

13 Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous.[a] Be strong.

1 Corinthians 16:13 (HCSB)

13 Be alert, stand firm in the faith, act like a man, be strong.

Proverbs 27:

17Iron sharpens iron,
and one man sharpens another.


It was an honor to lead today men!

Tool Time

Happy Birthday Max and Jenny!

When Dr. Seuss asked me to Q sometime in November, I asked what dates were open.  He said that the 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th were open.  I though of how perfect Nov 15th would be for my VQ since it’s my daughter and grand sons birthday.  So I started working on my winkie right away and came up with some good ideas using 11-15-16 (my grandson’s birthday) and 2 for his age.  I also came up with ideas for my daughter, who was born on 11-15-89 and is 29 years old.  Having lived here for 37 years, I knew that rain was a strong possibility.  I wanted to use the picnic tables on Goat Island and arrived a few minutes early to find that the gates to the bridge were closed.  It was raining pretty hard, so in my best Peyton Manning voice…….. OMAHA, OMAHA!!!

Since it was raining and 36 degrees, I figured it was best to stay dry today so to my disappointment, no running.   I hope my fellow HIM’s appreciated staying dry under the pavillion.


Warm up:

Goof Balls

Monkey Humpers

Moroccan Night Clubs

We did these until YHC got tired or bored.


Ab Time Without ToolTime

LBC x 30

Freddie Mercury Forward x 15

Freddie Mercury Reverse x 15

Six Shooters x 6 each side

Crunchy Frogs x 10 oyo

Obliques x 15 each side


For my grandson Max Irvine

11 Burpees

15 Merkins

16 Leg Raises

Run in place for 2 mins

Rinse and repeat x 2


Merkins x 10 right hand forward, x 10 left hand forward

Aiken legs – jump squats x 30, copperhead squats x 30

X-factor sit ups x 15

Rinse and repeat x 2


For my daughter, Jenny Irvine

11 shoulder taps

15 Donkey kicks

89 LBC’s

Rinse and repeat x 2 (substitute calf raises for LBC’s)


6:12 – 22 WWI’s for the Vets


Wanderer calls for high knees

Virus calls for jump lunges


Thank you Dr. Seuss for asking me to Q today.  Special thanks to all who showed up on a cold rainy morning in the gloom.

Closed with COT

Dirt is OUT!









Pick A Card

With a little help from the M and the deck of cards that she found for me.  I thought we would let the Pax pick the workout this am.  So the deck of cards is similar to the F3 cards, however each card is pretty much a work out by itself.   Most of the cards indicate  a duration of approx. 45 mins, so YHC thought this would work.

Warm Up – SSH x 15 IC, Toy Soldiers x 15 IC

Thang –

5 rounds

Run 1 mile

25 Elevated Mericans

50 Air Squats

50 LBC’s

Moleskin –

The Pax pushed through and we finished 3 rounds for just over 3.25 miles, not bad fellas.  YHC has been out for about 2 weeks and thanks to the men who reached out, missed you guys as well.  Enjoyed the oppurtunity to lead, you men push me more than you know.  TClaps to TopHat and Hydrant for pushing through, Tophat has a hammy that continues to bother him, but he gets up and comes out and modifies as needed.  Nice Job!!  Gilligan, hope this helped with the training a little.  Nice work put in by all.


Prayer Requests, Announcements, Pledge


Dr. Seuss took us out.  


My M just returned from a week in Europe with her mom.  During that time I was flying solo with two girls under 4 years old and was not able to post much.  Good to get back at it this AM.

No FNGs today, and I am an idiot.

Moroccan night clubs in cadence (31), Toy Soldiers (21), my favorite mercans (10), and squats (11).   Count off – we have 9.  Form two lines, mosey.  High Knees mosey in formation, butt kicks in formation, and finish at my jeep to get some coupons (no matter how you pronounce coupon).

4 sandbags – was supposed to use these a couple weeks ago last time I Qed at the goat, however, due to some unforeseen circumstances we were not able to enjoy them until today.  Unfortunately they were now significantly heavier due to collection of moisture.  The bags were originally supposed to show what the people on the coast would be dealing with prior to hurricane Florence, even all these weeks later I still believe they would remind us of the ongoing flooding in the lower areas near the coast.

Partner up 2 rounds (mayor, dolph and seuss made a super group). P1 runs to top of hill complete single flying squirrel, P2/P3 do work – train brought 5 prior to starting.

  1. Bobby Hurleys
  2. Plank sandbag lateral pull throughs
  3. Bicycles on your six
  4. Plank reaches

The sandbags got tore up here, this was a bit shortsighted on my part.  my plans for sandbag squats later would need an OMAHA.

Mosey to the pavilion

P1 runs to clock completes 5 flying squirrels, P2/P3 do work – no train this time. only time for one round.

  1. Squats – should have been sandbag squats – Orangeman was disappointed and commented on my nearsightedness.  Mayor mentioned he could not see anymore, Dolph offered to help.
  2. Pull Ups/let downs
  3. American Hammers
  4. more plank

Mosey to the goat island bridge – Orangeman and dolph sang whilst making the short mosey more enjoyable

Derkin Shuffle – feet on rail of bridge, shuffle hands across the bridge – switch sides at the half way point with your partner.  Lunge for those whom are feeling the burn.    Dirt was complaining about a height disadvantage.  Jokes were made.  All pax pushed hard.

Running out of time – 2 rounds of six shooter crunches in cadence – run back to the flag as time expires.  Almost forgot pledge, Orangeman was on point.

As usual, Seuss was crushing some runs, Dolph was being Dolph, and today Orangeman was a bit chatty.

Announcements – Burpeethon – Saturday Rankin Lake Park – Starts at 9 am,  come a little early, you can pay/register the day of the event.

Prayer Request – Breaker Breaker Family, Guidance for Orangemans Daughter, Friends of Virus dealing with Cancer Tx – both had successful surgery, Maddox Ritch and his Family, Officers in SC and the nation, and finally the PAX – allow each PAX to provide a positive example for family, friends, coworkers and anyone that we interact with throughout each day.



Sandbags – ohmaha

SSH in cadence (21), Moroccan night clubs in cadence (21).  Count off – we have 10.  Form two lines, mosey.  what is that – its a bird – its a plane – its – GOLD DIGGER comes out of nowhere – that makes 11.  High Knees mosey in formation (warm up the nostrils), butt kicks in formation, take the stairs.

Split into two groups.  One group on each side of the narrow bridge.  3 rounds

  1. You guessed it – the Stupid Shuffle aka BTTW crawl, aka cupid shuffle aka the Michigan shuffle – thanks for the new name breaker breaker.
  2. Wall squat 60 secs
  3. Plank Jacks – in cadence
  4. Run to basketball court (to far) run to apartment next two rounds.

Pleasant surprise – 5 burpees.

Run the goat island bridge – flutter kicks for the six

Wheel barrel across (thanks DOLPH)- if you stop, person carrying the legs does 6 mike Tysons whilst the wheel barrel watches in shame.  For some reason noone wanted to partner with gold digger – needless to say Gold Digger wheel barreled across that bridge faster than some us can run it.  All Pax made it across the first time without stopping – mad props to all – a little disappointed no mike Tysons.

Skip, karaoke and run to the next bridge.  plank for the six.

OMAHA – the bridge keeper has not opened the second gate – cannot proceed to the sandbags that I brought in – oh well until 10-4-2018.

Fellowship mosey to the exercise pavilion.

2 rounds of pull ups to fatigue, crunchy frog.

Mosey to goat island bridge.

Flap jack wheel barrel partners – all groups made it without coming out of the wheel barrel position.  Nice work PAX.  Still slightly bummed no mike Tysons.

Pleasant surprise – 5 burpees

Few minutes left – mosey to pavilion

2 rounds pull ups to fatigue mixed with WW1 and LBC twist.

Plank on Q command – right arm up, then left arm up,  then left leg up, then left leg up – opps, pax called out my misspeak – right leg up.  recover.

Six shooter crunches in cadence – right then left.  recover.

Fellow ship mosey to the flag.


Announcements – JJ5k, Stop Solider Suicide, Convergence 9-15-18 @ GasHouse Q vs Q

Prayer Request – Breaker Breaker Family, Those that will be affected by Florence, Emergency Responders that will be working through the hurricane, Power Company Employees as they work to repair damage from the storm, and news/media as they work round the clock to bring updates to the general public.





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