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It was a Malfunction..

it was a week ago when Malfunction who has only attended 3 workouts over the summer before he headed out to attend The Citadel called me to get his first Q done today. I would say he has this figured out.

The Thang:

You should have been there, we did lots of Merkin’s and running in the parking garage. One leg bear crawls, Scary Merkins, and much more.

The Moleskin:

The VQ was completed and Malfunction is now able to knock out Q’s all the time. He planned on an hour and was ready to take us another 15 but we all ran from him and left him in the garage. Fun morning and very creative workout.

Operation Sweet Tooth, bring to the Christmas Party.

Singing for Santa Saturday Morning.

Prayers out to several.

Gastone the BB writer Out.


Gravy Gut

12 men found their way out of the fartsack to burn of the Thanksgiving gut. It was cold, windy and I was still full and sluggish. Oh well I volunteered for this!


Let’s mosey to the deck to get out of the wind.


Seal Jacks x 15ic

Low Slow Slaw Squat x 15ic

Morroccan Nightclubs for a while. For added work throw in your longhorns!

CDD x 10ic

Flutter kicks x 10ic

LBC x 10ic

Man it’s hard to bend at the belly!

The Thang:

3 exercises on each level(we did 4 levels). Starting with 15 of each.

1st level-Donkey Kicks, Wall sit and march, Freddy Mercury

2nd level-Ski burps, lunges, dirty hookups

3rd level-bird dogs, plank jacks, broad jumps

4th level-Eddy Gordo(ask and I can show you), squats, burpees

Joe Hendricks on all the ramps going up of course!

Crab walk each one and mosey back to the bottom.

Do again but this time 10 each.

Running low on time I gave Golddigger the chose of option 1 or 2. He chose so we headed back to the flag.

Deep sea divers-15 up and 10 back down.

Circle up for the Iron Hulk. We had 12 so everyone got a chance to call it. 12/48 was the last count.

Pizza Man lead a few exercises while I grabbed my phone.

Sorry guys maybe next time we will do shoulders!



Announcements-SFN C-town, Christmas party 12/15 info coming

Prayer Request- Family, Addictions


A little word about how you are never truly not a sadclown. He is always there waiting to come out! Great to be out today. Do not take it for granted!

Parking Death

Never Q’d Downtown before. Vast area to perform multiple different exercises; however, YHC knew it was going to be cold and rainy so thought I’d use the parking deck. Visited the Ye ol Exicon database to get some inspiration for some new or rarely used exercises. Really wanted to bring out some coupons but I had gotten sidetracked with life during the week so wasn’t able to get them made, that said had to modify the weinke last minute

Warmup in the pavilion out of the rain:

SSH – 50 IC

Imperial Walker – 15 IC

MNC – 50 IC (Whoopee liked to pretend I was feeling him up during this exercise)

Mosey out of pavilion and stop in front of flag poles. Single file line for the Death March. Very slow, fellowshipish mosey while last guy in line does 5 burpees. After he finishes taps last guy in line to do burpees and sprints to the front. Rinse, repeat through line until we make it to the top of the parking deck.

Take stairs to lower level of Parking Deck

Jacobs Ladder
P1 – Merkins, Squats, LBC’s, CDD’s
P2 run up stairs, 2 Burpees run back down stairs & switch. Next time up 4 burpees, repeat until 8 burpees each PAX

Chilly Jacks – 15 IC
Crowd Pleaser – 1 Merkin 1 Groiner 1:1 to 5:5 to 1:1
Makhtar N’Diayes – 10 (Broke get’s bonus points for naming the UNC standout by only 1 clue given by YHC “UNC player from Senegal”)
French Fries – 25 each arm

Mumblechatter was at an all time high. Whoopee and I got into it on the French Fries as YHC was trying to steal them. He didnt care for that too much and ended up making a complete mockery of me. Made me laugh so hard it was a triple core workout for me. Pretty sure he tea bagged me a few times as well. Well played sir!

Mosey back to the pavilion and circle up for Barrell of Monkeys?? Squirt and YHC seem to recall thats what the exercise is called. Come to find out later the official term is called “Howling Monkeys”.  In a circle, everyone grabs their ankles in Monkey Humper fashion (or Gorilla Humper, for the fearless) . The first person does ten monkey humpers followed by the next person and so on as in other “ring of fire” exercises. Don’t let go of the ankles!

Next we did an Around the Horn style MARY. We heard a train so of course 5 burpess.


XMAS Party and other some other events that have already happened

Prayer requests spoken & unspoken

Squirt took us out.

Bed Pan,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to Q at your site. I know you will do great things with this Downtown AO. Makes me happy to think we started at the same time and we are already running our own AO’s. For the rest of you, thanks for resisting the fartsack and coming out to support me and make yourselves better at the same time. See you all again soon!!





Much Merriment Mayhem

5:30 struck and a Q had not arrived. Gastone noticed and stepped to the middle to temporize the crowd. But, after 12 of us started with SSH, Spiderman came up and said Gastone you can keep it if you want. I oblige, the cheering began as you could hear the crowd with all the excitement to be part of a Gastone Q.

The Thang:

30 SSH (3 Count)

15 Merkins (3 count)

Mosey to the bridge.

Bear crawl across.

Mosey to parking lot with 2 sets of stairs.

Partner Exercise. Circle path in the parking lot around the stairs. Meet your partner at the top and the bottom. Start with 10 Partner Merkin’s at the top and 9 at the bottom. Rinse and Repeat until you run out of numbers.

LBC’s until all finish.

Mosey to the stairs with a hand rail. Everyone up on the railing with feet and hands on the top railing. Huckleberry at the bottom bear crawl to the top as we all slide down and then the next guy. Once finished  we reversed and went downhill. (next time feet on the top rail and hands on the second rail down)

Mosey back to parking lot. (about 10 yards)

First parking spot, 50 Monkey Humpers

Next spot, 20 in place lunges counting the right leg. (Clavin counted the left the entire time so he should make up for this today on his own time)

Next, 50 Squats

Next, 40 calf raises with feet together

Next, 50 Gorilla Humper’s (Same as Monkey except your spreed your legs further)

Next, 40 calf raises with feet apart.

Run backwards around the parking lot and back to the same parking spot.

Mosey back to bridge. (Peddles mentioned something about partner carry)

Bridge, Wheelbarrow across with partner. (Good idea Peddles with more partner work)

Backwards around this parking lot. It was flat.

Quickly tried Circle Derkins around round area. Not enough space.

5 Burpee’s for the train.

Jailbreak back to start.

The Moleskin:

We got to work this morning and some say that they were mad at Spiderman for handing off the Q. But, I will make note that he has been bringing the heat for a long time and his workouts can make mine look friendly. Another note, Q’s are available for you to pick up and unlike Cam Newton I don’t mind jumping on the ball when needed. Can you jump faster?

Prayers for Officers and families involved in the shooting in Florence.

Thanks for the opportunity, it is always an honor to be the Q.

Gastone Out!


5:31 so let’s do this..

16 Men showed for a Spiderman Q but at 5:31 we had no sign of our webbed friend. So everyone at that point cheered when Gastone stepped to the middle of the circle. Linus and Toto came strolling in as we did warm up’s but still no sign. The excitement was in the air.

The Thang:

SSH 31

5 Diamond Merkins

10 Merkins

20 Imperial Walker

5 Diamond’s

20 CCD’s

Mosey to McQuitter Wall.

20 Dips

50 Wall jumps

25 Derkins

30 Lunges counting right leg

30 Incline Merkins

15 Dips

30 Wall Jumps

20 Derkins

20 Lunges

20 Incline Merkins

10 Dips

20 Wall Jumps

20 Lunges

20 Incline Merkins

Mosey between to small hills and partner up.

5 Burpee’s due to train.

Partner A run down one hill partner B run down the other. meet in the middle for 10 Hand Slap Merkins. Rinse and Repeat 3x.

Mosey Around and on the way back.

Backwards up the hill 50 yards

Stop in random lot.

40 Monkey Humpers

Walk to next opening

40 Monkey Humpers

40 Squats with a break for another train and 5 Burpee’s

Then 5 Burpee’s

Mosey to bottom of long hill

Run backwards up the hill. 100 yards

Mosey more.

Stop for 6 minutes of Mary.

50 LBC’s

40 Flutter’s

Sister Act tried to leave at this point but was called back for the next exercise just because he was talking about it.

Partner Wheel barrow 20 yards each. Now he can leave.

Mosey to the start

The Moleskin:

Great group of men this morning that received a improve workout from Gastone. We had one FNG which was the 2.0 of Dr Feelgood and he mentioned he like to beat up his brother. So he got the name Chet from the older movie but great movie Weird Science. Welcome Chet.

Q vs Q tomorrow. Linus is now the main judge since Roscoe has to work. Should be a good battle between Florence and Shortsale.

Check your calendars and sign up for some of the events upcoming in the F3 agenda.

Prayers for all the people that have so far been affected by Florence.

It is always a privilege.




Last Chance

It was the 31 of the month and a bunch of HIMs showed to know what YHC had up my sleeve. Actually it was in my pocket!


Pledge of Allegiance

Warm Up:

Moroccan Night Clubs x15 IC

Air Shoulder Presses x15 IC super fast

Don Quixotes x15 IC for all the haters. Whoopee felt so strongly about these exercises that he decided to run around by himself instead of staying with the PAX for the workout. Hmmm.

Mosey through the streets of downtown Gashouse. Stop for a brief wall sit by the church, get some Rocky Balboas on the curb, wind around here and there until we arrive at the top of the parking deck for…

The Deck of Death: once of YHC’s favorites!

Spades – Peter Parkers

Diamonds – Derkins

Clubs – American Hammers

Hearts – Donkey Kicks

The deck of death works great for giving a great workout and also promoting plenty of mumblechatter. We were having so much fun that Whoopee felt left out and joined in about 2/3 of the way through. There were a couple of hiccups and their paying attention for their turn or counting for some veteran unnamed. That’s ok though, keep coming out, you’ll get the hang of it one of these days.

Mosey around downtown some more until we reached the start. Done

Prayer requests: Sly is deployed, safe travels for the holiday weekend, praise YHC’s M doesn’t need surgery

Announcements: JJ 5k September 22, Stop Suicide 5k, BRR needs a runner, Q vs Q September 14

It was a pleasure leading today men. It’s time for more PAX to take their turn at the helm of our workouts. You’ll be glad you did. Aye!


Snowflake Central

Yes I realize this backblast is a few days late but you will have to excuse me because I have been busy GETTING AFTER IT!  So there we were… it was Friday morning at 0530.  Eighteen PAX arrived with no FNG’s and after a brief disclaimer, introduction, and #pledgeofallegiance, YHC called for a Slaughter Starter.  I don’t typically enjoy the Slaughter Starter but my goal was to get the PAX to 100 burpees before the workout was over.  20 Down…80 to go.

Warm up:


5 Burpees OYO

20 Big Boi situps

It was about this time that Round Up appeared…missed his alarm or overslept but showed nonetheless…Good job!

5 burpees OYO


5 burpees OYO

Domino Merkins 5 each

YHC shared a quick word about personal standards, accountability, and giving your best at home #whetstone

Since this workout was less than 24 hours from our 50 mile relay, YHC promised very little running.  We walked to the parking lot adjacent to the Pavilion at the same time a trash truck pulled in to empty the dumpsters.  Modify to the other side of the parking lot. #commonsense

Partner up to ensure accountability

Two light poles approximately 25 feet apart in the parking lot.  Partners stay together.  10 burpees on one end and then walk or run, (your choice) to the other light post for 10 LBC’s.  Rinse and repeat with descending # of burpees.  Really good effort here as the partners stayed together and pushed through.  Catamount pushed the Rock on this one.  55 more burpees (10 to go)  Shout out to Sister Act who is stronger and faster than ever and helped push me during this exercise.

YHC called for the PAX to get to the top of the parking deck.  Most chose to mosey and a few ran to the top.  This is my favorite spot because (a) we own the high ground (b) the pavement is smoother than the lower levels, and (c) there is usually a cool breeze (usually with enough elevation to not smell the wafting putrid air the dumpsters emit every Friday morning

Time for Mary…

20 CDD’s

20 LBC’s

Train…5 more burpees

20 Squats

50 LBC’s

20 merkins

5 Very slow and deliberate 8 count body builders

Rudolph called for Wolverine Burpees.  Since YHC will not be influenced by unruly PAX, a cold stare followed.  However, somehow that turned into a Wolverine Burpee speed contest with Whoopee and Rudolph doing Synchronized Wolverine’s at a frantic pace while the rest of the PAX just stood and watched.  This was probably my favorite part of the workout.

We did 5 more burpees to finish 100 (except Whoopee and Rudolph who now had 110.)

We did a little Yoga stretching and hand release merkins before returning to the Pavilion where we did a few sets of Mary.  Dr. Feelgood called French Fries just as the clock went to 0615 and that was it.

Moleskin:  I tend to volunteer to Q when someone asks without looking at the schedule or planning ahead.  I realized sometime during the week that the day before the 50 mile relay may not be the best time to Q or even post but looking back on it I can say it was the right call.  Every time you get an opportunity to Q you should take it.  I was pleased that my pre-tweet about snowflakes prompted some additional PAX to show (I know it worked on Sister Act!)  I am enjoying the new PAX that I get to meet seemingly each week.  This week Hacksaw shared with me a little F3 testimony at 0345 before the relay.  He and the “Medicine Woman’s jacked up leg” are two recent great additions to the PAX.  *(Somebody get Hacksaw a copy of Freed to Lead)

After running the PUB Thursday, this Friday morning beatdown, the 50 mile relay, the outstanding 2nd F event at Sargento’s (T-Claps to Sargento and his M), and the Coconut Horse this morning, I am again reminded of what a blessing F3 is to all of us.

We have lots of prayer requests each week but please keep Stroganoff’s and his family in your prayers.

Doing the hard things prepares you when the suffering hits.  No one is immune.  Keep pushing the rock!

Always a pleasure,


Turkish, and why do they get up with one hand in the air?

13 High Impact Men showed for a soggy drizzle perfect condition workout with Gastone.

The Thang:

20, 3 count Merkins

25, 3 count  SSH

20 Diamond Merkins OYO

15 3 count Smurf Jacks  (Pizza Man, this mixes up the norm)

25 Imperial Walkers

20 3 Count CCD’s

Now that everyone is awake, Mosey.

Mosey to the corner of S. South St to 2nd avenue.

Plank for 6

25, 3 count Mountain Climbers

Mosey to corner of 2nd and Marietta.

Triple Nickle from 2nd up to Franklin. 75% Sprint to the top of hill then 5 Burpee’s, rinse and repeat for a Triple Nickle. ( The triple was the 3 trips to the top and the nickel was the 5 Burpee’s upon arrival.)

LBC’s while we wait on the 6.

Backwards up the hill to Franklin.

Mosey to the wall and have a seat against.

Balls to the wall for a 30 second count.

30 Sumo Squat Jumps, OYO

Wall Sit, Knee’s lower than your butt. 20 Second count.

Balls to the wall for a 30 second count

30 Sumo Squat Jumps, OYO

30 Monkey Humpers

30 Squats

Wall Sit, Knee’s lower than your butt. 20 Second count.

Balls to the wall for a 30 second count

30 Sumo Squat Jumps, OYO

20 Monkey Humpers

10 Gorilla Humpers

30 Squats

Mosey to the bridge.

Lunge Walk across entire bridge.

Bear Crawl Back.

Mosey to middle of parking lot.

20 Mountain Climbers

20 Plank Jacks

20 Mountain Climbers (It was at this moment when Pizza Man mentioned that I need to look at the exercise lexicons to come up with original material)

Next Exercise, Turkish Burp. (Lay on the Ground with one arm straight above you like superman, Stand up while keeping arm straight above you, then jump to the ground do a Merkin, bring your feet under you and jump in the air) A Turkish Get Up with a Burpee.

Mosey to the start, right on time.

The Moleskin:

Oh, the fun everyone had.

Prayer Request for several battling Cancer. My favorite saying from a good friend of our family that passed from Cancer is “Cancer Sucks”. I really believe that term and cannot wait until the kick cancer’s butt with a cure.

Also, pray for people with addiction problems.  Addiction, if you have a loved one or a friend that battles with these problems they can have serious effects on your life just to know these people. Many times the people with the addiction don’t think they have a problem, they do. They think they are fine and that it has no effect on others. But they are wrong, it causes pain for all of those involved. If you battle addiction just ask for help and take the steps to end your dependency and I am sure you will find some brother’s in F3 to support you. I will.


August Monthly Challenge of 20 Contra Burpees per day

The Forge – Wednesday’s @ 6:30pm (Green and Grit’s in Lowell)

August 6th @ 5:30am – Official Mt. Hollywood AO Launch (Mt. Holly Middle School – 124 S Hawthorne St, Mt Holly, NC 28120)

August 11th – F3 Gastonia M’s workout @ Folsom @ 8am

August 12th – Crossroads Convergence (Coconut Horse will be CLOSED)

August 25th – BRR/Bourbon Chase Relay CSAUP @ 4am….sign up here – http://f3gastonia.com/2018/07/11/pre-brr-and-bourbon-chase-csaup/

August 25th – 2nd F event at Sargento’s Casa (PAX and M’s ONLY)

Sept. 22nd – Stop Solider Suicide 5k/10k Speed For Need event in Belmont….sign up here – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/stop-soldier-suicide-10k5k-tickets Discount Code: HAPPY

Sept. 22nd – JJ5K at Common Grounds in Stanley…sign up here – https://runsignup.com/Race/NC/Stanley/CPC5KTraining

Oct. 6th – Special Olympics Burpee-thon – More information to come


Also, sign up for Christmas Town 5k. This is one that all the Pax should attend and bring your family.

Thanks for the opportunity to Q, I am humbled through all of you.

Gastone Out!

Free Burpees for everyone



-warm up

   Goof balls 

   Mar Night Club

   Freddy Mercs



short mosey

   5 burp – knee slap

   Mosey – LBC on 6

   5 burp – sumo

   Mosey – flutter on 6

   5 burp – criss cross

   Mosey – dying cockroach on 6

   5 burp – merican side hop

   Mosey – Am hammer on 6

   5 burp – lunge jump

   Mosey – sweat angel on 6

   5 burp – jump spin

   Mosey – box cutter on 6

   5 burp – side hop

   Mosey – scissor on 6

   Team 5 burp – jump up

   Mosey – Dolly Parton on 6

   Team 5 burp – bench merican

   Mosey – alphabet on 6

   5 burp – jump from knee

Mosey – LBC on 6

single file line for bear crawl slalom

Roscoe called out 10 burpees OYO

Short Sale took us to bell with Baby Makers


Surprise Q

12 showed up wondering who the Q at Downtown was but did not know that a middle of the night call from Turtle-man put me in the driver seat because he  is dealing with a family member in the Hospital. But, once I told everyone the excitement and cheering settled down after a couple of minutes.


The Thang:

SSH 20

CCD 20

Imperial Walker 15

Wide Arm Merkins 20

Mountain Climbers 15

Diamond Merkins 10

Mosey to York Street ( Lunge walk across the Bridge) and all the way down to W. Ranking Avenue. Take a right, Left on North York Steet, Right on West Walnut Avenue, and left in to large perfect parking lot. Location is everything.

While waiting on 6 we did something at this point.

Then we did Catch me if you Can. Partner A runs the perimeter of the parking lot which is big while Partner B does 5 Burpees. Then B runs after A and once he catches Partner A does 5 Burpees. Rinse and repeat until one big lap was complete.

Next, 1 Parnter Merkin, Run opposite directions until you meet then do 2 Partner Merkins and so on. We made it to 7.

20 Flutter Kicks

20 Merkins

20 Flutter Kicks

20 Wide Arms

20 Slow to fast Flutter Kicks

10 Diamonds OYO

Meander 50 yards and then mosey to York street at the bottom of hill.

50 I said 50, Sumo Squats.

Run backwards on the sidewalk up the hill to the light. (A little mumble chatter about this due to cars on the road but everyone was ok once we got going) Do what you can do and feel comfortable with that. I am not judging you.

Plank to wait on the light to cross the road and then Mosey around the buildings and back to the start for a finish.

The Moleskin:

Great morning that started out with Whoopee and Roscoe nailing some extra credit. I would have but went to bed early last night and did not read the pre blast. We made a little over 3 miles in this Bootcamp which for some of the guys this is an accomplishment in itself.

Toto, this guy has brought it this week with his 3rd workout in his first week. He plans on attending Pain Lab tomorrow morning. Kudos to Toto.

Captain Stubbing, has been much more that present lately as well. Kudos to all the hard work.

I am only highlighting a few and many others have been working hard, keep it going. Sometimes the results are hard to see and then you look back and don’t know how you got to the front of the Pax.

Prayers for several of the pax going through or family that is going through something. I would notate these people but I don’t want to mess up all the relationships so just give a good prayer for the pax.

Gastone Out!



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