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B.O.M.B.S. by the Gross

Fear is a powerful motivator. A few weeks ago, Spiderman told the Downtown PAX that if he didn’t get some men to step up and Q, the following workouts would become “more painful”. For some reason, the 45 minutes YHC spends under the oppressive boot of Spiderman is long and painful enough. When he asked for a Q after last  Friday’s workout, YHC gladly stepped up.

YHC followed Sargento’s lead and consulted the F3 exicon for help. YHC decided on simple routines with coupons, so B.O.M.B.S. and the “Gross” made the Weinke complete. YHC is a Midoriyama Homie, so the simpler, the better.

As YHC rolled in, he observed the usual suspects getting in some EC before the workout began. Roscoe, Pizza Man, Monk and Whoopee were getting it done as YHC parked the truck. As it got closer to 5:30, more and more PAX kept showing up. It was awesome to see a total of 20 men (YHC not included) post. F3 Udders from Greensboro posted since he was in town visiting the in-laws for Christmas! Great to have you with us, Sir! With 5:30 on the clock and everyone circled up, time to get started.

Warm Up:

  • Seal Jacks x 15 IC
  • Low, Slow Squats x 15 IC
  • Toy Soldiers x 15 IC
  • Don Quixotes x 15 IC at Warp Speed (Good to see Tool Time finally warming up to these)
  • Dying Cockroaches x 15 IC


The Thang:

Mosey around the West parking lot real quick then partner up for some B.O.M.B.S.

Partner #1 performs said exercise while partner #2 runs length of parking lot and back. Reps are in aggregate.

Burpees – 50

Overhead Claps – 100

Merkins- 150

Big Boy Situps – 200 (YHC will ensure these are performed on grass next time- QFail #1)

Squats – 250

After all PAX are complete 5 Burpees OYO due to train traffic

Next, all PAX grab a coupon out of YHC’s truck. Correct pronunciation of the word coupon was quickly discussed. Depends on which side of Macon (Georgia)- Dixie line you’re from, apparently.

Set up for the Gross. 12 exercises x 12 reps per exercise = 144 (1 gross). Exercises were:

  1. Block Webbs (one of the PAX voiced his displeasure of performing these on asphalt due to his soft, supple knees). YHC called BS and exercise was performed anyway. Going forward, these will performed on grass as well- QFail #2
  2. Curl to Overhead Press
  3. Kettleblock Swings
  4. CDD’s (IC)
  5. Standing Block Push (F3 Canteen’s chest and shoulder builder)
  6. Upright Rows
  7. Block Flutter Kicks (IC)
  8. Thrusters
  9. Mike Tysons
  10. Shrugs
  11. Merkins (IC) Whoopee wanted to add some added difficulty to these by literally locking up with YHC while performing these. YHC enjoyed the challenge. YHC also wonders which scent of AXE body spray Whoopee uses. Smelled good!
  12. Freddie Mercury (IC)

It must also be noted the QFail #3 occurred multiple times during this evolution. YHC completely forgot the proper protocol before beginning exercise (In position, ready, move). Thank you, Freight and Tool Time for keeping YHC honest.

With just a few minutes left YHC called for some Mary.

  • Pattycakes x 15 IC (show to know)
  • Hip Rock and Raise x 15 led by Tool Time.
  • Slaughter Stopper(20 Burpees OYO, but only got to 15 when time was called)


  • Joe Davis Run 1/6/18
  • Rooster 1/20/18
  • Krispy Kreme challenge 2/3/18 (See Sargento for details)

Prayer Requests:

  • The McNulty family
  • PAX who have lost loved ones recently
  • Remember the True Reason for the season
  • Also, YHC forgot the military and their families (QFail#4)

YHC took us out in Prayer.


YHC would like to just let everyone know how much F3 has been such a positive change in his life. He has met so many High Impact Men and is honored to call all of them brothers. He finds himself EHing every man he crosses paths with just to get them out and see what they don’t know they are missing. He finds himself (with help from the SKY Q) being a better husband, dad, brother, uncle and servant. Thank You, Men. It was truly an honor to lead!

Great work by everyone today (as usual).

It was great to have Udders from Greensboro with us today! Will definitely post up your way when in the neighborhood!

Merry Christmas to Everyone!


Core Cardio Climax

Not sure about you but for me on the days that I am the QIC, the slowest part is the drive between my house and the AO, seems like I catch every red light or get behind the slowest driver, impeding progress to their inevitable destination. Such was the case this morning as I gathered my equipment for the workout arriving to the circle sharply at 0530 to which Roscoe replied “You’re late…” As far as I know, the workout begins when the Q decides the workout begins, so my defensive humor blurted: “My watch is the official clock today.” The surge of Q Power pumped through my tongue. The aforementioned slowest part of a Q, at least for me, is followed by the fastest 45 minutes. We all have those days where we grind through, checking the time at various intervals and groaning if the end remains a distant light. Hopefully that was not the case today as 12 other HIMs were eagerly awaiting the instructions. YHC fumbled to get the music started, announcing a brief disclaimer (I’m not good at that part, usually forgetting – anyone have a good script I can read?). Our time began like this:

Warm-Up (Insanity style)

  • SSH
  • Goofballs (in honor of Sargento – where was he?)
  • Mummy Kicks

Each exercise was 30 seconds for three rounds without a break = 4:30. While the PAX huffed and puffed, the playlist began with a tribute to a Gastonia legend who may have rolled his skateboard over the very same turf we were standing. Back in the day Fred Durst was a young skate dude. Who would have dreamed of the success and fame he’d find in the music business. So we led off with “Nookie.”


No mosey, yet…the PAX paired off into partners with YHC joining Slaw and Whoopee for a menage a trois. Partner #1 did 15 big boy sit ups while Partner #2 held their feet and did AMRAP of Plank Jacks, then flap jack; rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat. To make Whoopee happy, I played George Straight singing Jingle Bells. Turtleman inquired if it was Alvin and the Chipmunks…can’t say I disagree but the Q aims to please and I try to keep my PAX happy, especially when they make requests.  GnR’s Nightrain followed and Slaw sang away.

Now, time to mosey to the FUMC/WF parking lot. Keep your partners, where each team was numbered #1-6. Group #1 would run to Franklin St and back while the remaining PAX would go through the routine below, with each group serving as the timer on their turn to run.

  • Flying Squirrel x 5
  • High Knees x 10 (count right leg)
  • Squat Jacks x 10
  • Mtn Climbers x 10 (count right leg)
  • SSH x 10

As soon as the running group returned, the next group took off and the set re-started. This needs some work as the timing did not work as I had hoped. Either the running route needs to be lengthened or the exercise/reps need to be reduced. I’ll tinker in the lab on that one. But I did fulfill Slaw’s request to play Trans-Siberian Orchestra (First Snow) to prep him for the upcoming show. Twisted Sister’s rendition of Oh Come All Ye Faithful was next. It sounds as awful as you are imagining it.

Check of the watch said 0551 – had to forego the Hand-Slap Merkins, maybe next time…mosey to the parking deck for the 4×4. This sounds simple and once you do a set, it goes pretty quickly: Four exercises with four reps each (counting the right side when applicable).

  • Ski Abs
  • Jack-Merkins
  • Burps
  • Peter Parker (gotta honor the AO site Q)

After completing the set, run about three/fourth’s of the parking deck, return and repeat. I had scheduled three rounds of this but the PAX were moving rapidly and my last routine needed about 15 minutes, so I added three more rounds for a total of six. The playlist included You’ve Got Another Thing Coming (Judas Priest) and Wasted Years (Iron Maiden – strong guitar beginning).

Time to mosey back to the Rotary Pavilion where YHC handed out the Core Meltdown flier I drafted at work yesterday (a nice distraction from a boring meeting). Brownstreak returned this week and I think he would be proud at not only the full list of exercises, number of reps, number of sets (3), but the graphic drawings of how to perform. They were intended for the PAX to take home and follow when unable to make an F3 workout – the gifts begin early as we hit December 1st. Whoopee said he’d wipe his arse with his. Probably so since his M threw all their toilet paper in their trees after her Auburn Tigers won the Iron Bowl. Boudin said he might throw his sheet on eBay or you can copy from below:

  • Flutter Kicks x 20
  • LBC’s x 15
  • Leg Raises x 10
  • Freddie Mercury x 20
  • 15 Heel Touches (Penguin Crunches) x 15
  • Modified V-Sits x 10
  • American Hammer x 20
  • Long Arm Crunches x 15
  • Reverse Crunches x 10

We did three total sets with a slight rest between. Musically, we heard: Dr. Feelgood (where was he?) followed by a special treat of Rush’s Overture from their R30 tour. This prompted some PAX sharing about past concerts attended. Time Frame has quite a resume. Roscoe does as well, fresh off a Dream Theatre show Wednesday night. Maybe I’ll use a DT piece for the entire workout in the future.

With a minute left I asked the PAX to get into elbow plank for the culmination of my Weinke. I clicked to the last song: Laying Pipe by Pornosonic featuring the Hedgehog — JK2—I mean Ron Jeremy. Just in case we get to one day be as fortunate as the Mayor that ‘heart-sacks’ on Friday mornings, we practiced with Baby Makers. It’s a great way to tone our abs – you should try it as often as possible. F3nation has refused to enter this into the exercise lexicon despite my weekly submissions. So for what seemed like an eternity, we lasted about 30 or 40 seconds before the workout climaxed liked Pete North.


Prayers lifted for Pizza Man’s Grandmother recovering from hip replacement (reportedly doing well), Stroganoff’s with the loss of his uncle, and the return of those PAX that had been on hiatus. Announcements for the (Before) Christmas Party tonight at Lotus at 7 pm and Saturday morning’s convergence 0700 at GasHouse. Bring a toy for Operation Sweet Tooth. Bandit will continue to accept donations until delivery to the Gastonia Boy’s and Girls Club on 12/12.


My M changed her workout schedule that allowed me the freedom to attend F3 every morning this week. I had not been able to attend Downtown in quite some time, so I grabbed the Q slot to allow Spiderman a rest from leadership duties. I posted every day except for Tuesday and my 46 year old body is feeling it. Hush Puppy and Defib worked my upper body and the return of Brownstreak caused my quads to burn from his Sprint-ables workout. Props go out to Gastone that Q-ed five successive days back in October. Also to Whoopee who not only posted every morning this week but added extra credit, showing up before workouts to get in additional Ruck training. He’s becoming a beast – look out Dolph. Recognition to Slaw hitting a tri-fecta in the past 24 hours with a Thursday am and pm before this morning’s session. Boudin is making the rounds proving he is not only a Big Deal in Belmont, but some of us already knew that. Turtleman and Bandit were back in the fold, and all the PAX pushed the rock up the hill this morning. It was a climactic 45 minutes. Hopefully my return trip to Downtown will not be another two months. Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

Kings to Crowders pre-blast

So we are going to have church on the mountain this week so get your hiking boots on and come clear your mind on the mountain.  We will hike from Kings Mountain to Crowder’s Mountain.  Everyone has their own pace so you should plan on getting a partner or group of partners who will walk your pace. You will need a partner to carpool back and forth from the parking areas.  It should also be someone who will walk your pace.  This is cafeteria style so you can choose what you want.

Menu:  Optional start for breakfast- meet at Trackside Grill located at 109 E Hudson Blvd, Gastonia, NC at 0600 for a hearty breakfast.  From Trackside we will leave at 0645 to get to the parking lots.  If you don’t want breakfast, be at your State Park parking area at 0700 when the park opens.

Parking:  .  Head to Linwood Parking area.  Be there at 0700 when park opens and leave cars and then proceed to the Boulder access area.

***If you want to cut your hike short, you should drop your car Sparrow Springs access at 522 Park Office Ln, Kings Mountain, NC area with your wingman.  This will cut the hike basically in half (approximately 6 miles or 3 hours)

No matter where you park, you should clown car over to the Boulder’s Access Area at 108 Van Dyke Road.  When you get there, fill out the required forms for the Ridgeline Trail hike and grab a park map.  I have found decent cell coverage at Crowder’s to include MapMyRun.  You may consider a mobile charger since cooler weather may drain your cell batteries.

0730:  Operations/Safety Briefing by Roscoe and quick 3rd F.  Prep your gear and get ready.

Begin the hike before or no later than 0800.


Begin on Ridgeline Trail

Merge with Pinnacle Trail

Merge with Crowder’s Trail (This is near the Sparrow Springs access so for those that choose the shorter route you can head to your cars here)

Decision Point…  Choose either Rocktop Trail or Crowder’s Trail.

Rocktop is shorter but more strenuous and Crowder’s Trail is longer and less strenuous.

The Rocktop trail takes you to the Overlook at Crowder’s near the Radio Towers.  The Crowder’s Trail connects you to the Backside trail which ends at the Linwood Parking area.

End at Linwood Parking area and clown car back to Boulders Access at 108 Van Dyke Road.

What to bring:  Comfortable shoes or boots with good traction in wet weather.  It appears that we will get rain Saturday night.  The rocks are slippery.  Bring water and quality snacks or lunch.  Charging device for phone if you wish.  If you want to add difficulty to the hike, put a sandbag or weight in your pack.  Bring a first aid kit.  Bring a shovel flag.  Bring a change of socks.  Dress in layers with a waterproof outer layer.  Sleeves are optional.  HAVE YOUR CAR KEYS AT ALL TIMES.  We don’t want PAX stranded because they can’t find their keys.  Wear F3 gear.  You never know how many people we can EH on the trail.

They say you can average 2 mph and we are looking to cover about 12-13 miles.  We should be done by 2 or 3pm but it depends on your pace.  Plan accordingly.

I am sure I left something out so DM me or comment with your suggestions.


Too many lunges

It’s O-dark 30 and YHC was raring to go, but startex was nearly 2 hours away.  What should he do?  Start on the Backblast! After pumping full of vitamins, coffee, and peanut butter I began pre-planning my post-workout activities.

What will we do?

Warmup: Imperial walkers, Low-slow squats, Moroccan night clubs, and plank merkins, then on the 6 for Flutters.

Say the pledge: (forgot at the start, but finished strong with it)

Tha thang: Mosey to 321 and up to Main ave for some Light post zombie walks.  Lunge to each light post, then do a burpee!  We will repeat this until Hushpuppy is no longer cold or until we reach the traffic light.  We ended up going 2 blocks with this, with Block 1 being burpees and block 2 being squats.

Then Mosey down to Franklin and up to the church.  11’s on the church steps, up one side and down the other. Squats on one side, Irkins on the other,  Due to “wanderers around the pavilion and our cars we stayed close by and ended up doing this across the pavilion steps.  Of course, when the train passed we did 5 burpees oyo.

Mosey down the street towards Franklin and NUR back up.  Back to the pavilion for some Rocky Balboas,  run down the hill, Nur back up for some Dirkins called by Spider-man.  Mosey down the hill, do some step ups on the benches, then NUR back up to finish out with some Mary.  10 men, 10 reps of an exercise.  sounds simple right?  Get to Stroganoff and he calls 30 flutters, eliminating all the time we had for the remainder.  Q Jacking in progress.

Sad that I started on the Back Blast 2 hours before the workout and it still took me 3 days to post it!

F3 dads on Sunday, 2:3 pm

Prayers for Brown Streak and family.


SPEEDFORNEED!!!! Gashouse men many of you have seen my Tweets and Retweets for SPEEDFORNEED!!!  TCLAPS to JRR Tolkien for bringing this opportunity to us! If you’ve Never heard of SPEEDFORNEED? Watch this cool YouTube Video “The Making of SPEEDFORNEED” which shows in ~4min what and why F3 Nation is doing this charitable initiative.


  • RACE EVENT: Christmastown 5K in McAdenville
  • DATE: November 25th(Saturday after Thanksgiving) ~ 6:00 PM Start time please arrive at least 1hr earlier ( we will be running through the Christmas Lights so streets will be closed at 5pm and traffic will be heavy allow extra drive time)
  • WHO’S INVITED: F3 Nation PAX, their M’s and 2.0s (spectate & support or register to run)
  • REGISTRATION WEBSITE:https://www.mcadenville-christmastown.com/ct5-K.htm
  • OTHER DETAILS:$30.00 Cost thru November 21st / / No race-day registration (RACE LIMITED TO FIRST 1,200 RUNNERS)
  • MEETING POINT: F3 Nation SPEEDFORNEED tent in front of the Pharr YMCA  (look for the racing chairs!)
  • HOST F3 REGION:F3 Gashouse
  • DRIVERS:T-Square, Dolph, Pizza Man , Edison
  • TRACK COMMANDER (TC):Amy, James, Mason , 4th TBD 



If your region wants to host a SPEEDFORNEED race, please let us know ASAP! We already have  races on the annual schedule and would do our best to enable you to provide the ride of a lifetime for kids with disabilities, while showcasing what F3 Nation is all about to your local community.

Contact: Twitter @F3SPEEDFORNEED or @JRRTolkienF3 or email SPEEDFORNEED@yahoo.com

SFN… HELP Kids; GROW F3 Nation ~ JRR Tolkien & Tool Time

Something Old But New

It was a beautiful fall Friday morning for a beat down.  YHC was still feeling a bit sore from Whoopie’s Wednesday hellevens or whatever they were called.  So I had a few options in mind.  YHC noticed Stone Cold showed without his weight vest, so I figured a few others may still be recovering.

It’s been a while since YHC has Q’d at the downtown AO.  The PAX was 16 strong so I called an audible real time and decided to revisit the old to sludge through the gloom.  From memory, we started with standard disclosures and the PLEDGE.

Warm up: SSH x 40 IC, LBC x 20 IC, 10 merkins IC, 10 burpees OC

The THANG:  mosey to the memorial bridge, bear cross over, mosey down to court house for dips x 15 IC, incline merkins x 15 IC, crab kicks x 15IC.  Sort of like a leg lift.  Rinse and repeat.   Heard some mumble chatter about the crab kicks being like the Rockets.   A big fail, want try those again.

Mosey to end of parking lot, 10 burpees and then mosey across the street behind the police station.  Up first,  20 own your on WWI sit ups, run up stairs, do 10 merkins and back down the stairs, rinse and repeat x 5.  At some point, heard the 550 am inbound train, paused and completed the mandatory 5 burpees.  Did that a few times.  Assumed the plank position while the six caught up.

Immediately meandered to the hill with the ramp.  All the pax jumped on the rails, while one bear crawled up the hill, while everyone else was moving down the rail requiring constant motion and completed two passes.  If there is  name for this exercise, please let YHC know.  It burns the shoulders real quick.

Quick mosey across the street for some partner Dora.  At this point, oxygen was depleted and think it was 100 squats, 200 merkins and 300 LBC’s while one partner ran to bottom of hill and back.  YHC noticed that time was running short and Omaha’d to 200 merkins and then 200 LBC’s.  Plank position till all completed and then mosey back towards pavilion.  Back at the bridge where we started, bear crawls back over and the a jail break to the pavilion.  Wanting to ensure that everyone got their money’s worth, asked Gastone to lead us in flutter kicks, which may of gotten to a 40 count.

Announcements and Prayer Requests.


Great effort by the Pax.  To see guys continuing to push and dig deep inspires me.  It’s amazing what your body can do when determined and motivated.  Mind over matter prevails every time.  It’s a privilege to Q and I always learn something new.  A wienke is great for keeping you organized during a Q  with the added benefit of being on target when posting about it.  Amazing how limited my recall is from working out before the rosters are up.  Keep up the great work men.

Till next time

Turtle Man


F3 Gastonia 50 mile relay dry run

Well this F3 Gastonia 50 mile relay has been in the works for sometime and with the Tuna 200 coming QIC figured it might be a good time for a dry run and to get some of the PAX to start training for it.  With that being said…we ran…took a break…ran some more…took another break…and ran a little more!!! Around 50 miles to be exact.   During the run we ran through or ran by all 10 AO’s in F3 Gastonia.  This was a good time with my F3 brothers…I think starting at 4am brought the best out of everyone.  I can’t really explain what these events are like but the reasoning behind this 50 miler is to give a relay race opportunity to everyone within F3 Gastonia and so that you wouldn’t have to be away from the family for a couple days.  Trust me when I say that this 50 mile relay will be no walk in the park but when you are with the HIMS in F3 Gastonia there are no words that can describe it.   This BB could go on for days with all the mummblechatter that went on, so I highly suggest that you start training NOW because you do not want to miss this event, IT WILL BE EPIC!!!  There will be more information about the event coming soon!!!

Special thanks to all the HIMS that made this dry run happen!!!  There is absolutely NO way this would have been possible without each of you!!!

Until next time Pizza Brah is OOOOOOOUUUUUUUTTTTTT!!!  (Show to know)

A Pax of Muscle Ts

We had 3 brave warriors sporting the  Muscle T during this crispy 55 degree Friday morning.   I almost started of with a crop top, but cold feet and a bit of humility kept my in the good graces of Gastonia’s finest.

Let get to this already >

20 IC – Side Staddle Hops,  10 IC – Merkins hold position, 10 IC – Planjacks, 10 IC – Squats,  20 IC – Dying Cockroaches,  30 IC – Flutterkicks

Mosey to the trunk for the bricks.
Lawn Chair Warrior:  Wall Sits,  20 IC Shoulder Press (screaming at ref), 30 count Speed Bags forward, 30 count Speed Bags reverse

Mosey to the parking deck

Wild Party: Keg stand (Hip Slappers) & Six Pack ( 1 pull up, 5 merkins then 2 pull ups 4 merkins…..similar to 11’s)
Rinse and repeat add some Dips 15 IC at the end.

Bear crawl up the ramps, sprint the flats all the way to the top.

10 IC – Squats, 10 IC – Sleeping Hillbillies(each side), 10 IC – Low Slow Squats

The Incarceration: 20 IC – Box Cutters,  10 IC – Mike Tysons,  15 IC – SLOW Box Cutters, 10 IC – Mike Tysons,

5 burpies for the train

Mosey to the bottom level and grab the bricks.

Mosey to the Wells Fargo steps for, 15 IC – dips, 15 IC – monkey humpers and 5 Steps deep sea divers.

To the pavillion: Partner up.  Lunge to the end of the stage and back, other partner hits Mountain Climbers, switch.
rinse and repeat x 2

10 IC – LBC’s
10 IC – flutterkicks





12 PAX joined YHC downtown in the gloom this morning. Two mornings in a row there has been a forecast of 100% chance of rain and I have signed up for the Q! Two mornings in a row there has been little to no rain. Fantastic! This being my 38th birthday the mumble chatter was strong right out of the gate. I, being a mumble chatterer myself, do enjoy it but figured I could stop it. Let’s get on with it.



Don Q’s x 10ic

Hillbillies x 10ic

Goofballs x 10ic

Los slow squat x 8ic


Now for those of whom were at my Thursday Q I apologize for this one. None will ever live up to “The greatest spectacle to ever be seen”!

The Thang:

Mosey to the parking deck. Mosey to the top doing Joe Hendricks on the ramps. Man that got tough on the last few! I noticed a few PAX were doing Jane Hendricks but I won’t mention any names. Mosey back down 1 level and partner up.

11’s of sort. We only used the numbers 3 and 8 and did 10 rounds. 3ic patty cake merkins or hand slap merkins where we started. Then P1 runs up to the far end of the next level to the wall and does 8 donkey kicks. P2 does the same but goes down 1 level. Return and meet your partner for another round. This time you switch which way you run. Having an odd number I jumped in as the third wheel. My group struggled a bit with the ic merkins. We had it down by round 4 but lost it again by round 6. By round 8 we had it in perfect form and finished strong! Now I’ll give my partners some slack because they have much more important things to think about like saving lives and protecting the community. I noticed shortly into this exercise that the mumble chatter stopped.

Mosey down to the lowest level doing crabwalks down the ramps.

Partner up with a different partner. P1 runs up the deck to the top via the ramps. P2 runs up the stairs and runs until he meets his partner. We did 10 patty cake WWI’s then ran back down. Switch and do it again.

Running low on time we only did 1 round of my prison cell workout. 5 Burpee’s then a wall crawl to BTTW.

Start the mosey back. We stopped at the steps near Main St for 5 calf raises on each step. Finish the mosey back.

Circle up for one of my favorites The Iron Hulk(Jack Webbs at a 1:4 ratio). Why are my hands so heavy? That’s time!


Announcements-SFN get signed up for Christmas town 5k, Burpeethon get signed up early see The Mayor or YHC, JJ5K September 23rd in Stanley, Possible serve opportunity coming up to go  help with Harvey cleanup.

Prayer Request and close with Prayer


Even though I’ve been involved with F3 for several years now I still see myself as a recovering sadclown. That guy is always there nagging at me to go back to my old ways. I guess it is like sin that you always have to battle with to do better. It’s always there it just gets easier to deal with.  The best tool I have to deal with it is my brothers. The old me would not have wanted to start his birthday like this. Thanks to the guys I now surround myself with I couldn’t think of a better way to start the day. As a matter of fact I’m writing this at 3:00pm at work and that has been the best part of my day so far. Well beside my kid giving me a card she made with a gift of sky diving. I’m still deciding on whether my wife paid enough for the parachute or not! Anyway thanks to all the PAX for the birthday wishes and helping me be better than I was yesterday.


SpeedForNeed Showdown



JRR Tolkien was kind enough to drive 200 miles from Mongol land and share 4 SpeedForNeed; yes I said 4 racing chairs, with the Gashouse Pax. YHC will try to recount and remember as much as possible….disclaimer…YHC does not write epic  BB like Tolkien so this will be short and sweet! Here it goes



Disclaimer given

Grab the chairs and mosey to the parking deck then circle up

SSH – 10,000 IC

Imperial walkers – 20,000 IC

Merkins- 100,000 Fighting Mongol style

Then some crazy resistance band Hello Dollies, Rosalita’s and flutters….. 400,000 in total (YHC anniversary is now ruined)

The Thang:

Start off sprinting up and down the parking deck with the 4 chairs Pax switching out on chairs we did this about 100 times….the Fighting Mongol is brutal!!!

After we ran that 400 miles we circled up for some Mongol Merkin action!

Reg – 400IC

Wide- 600 IC

Diamond- 800 IC

Staggered right and left – 1,000 IC

Next we ran flat sprints with chairs and Pax riding ….we did about 400 sprints and then did Burpees after each race , YHC believes it totaled about 700 Burpees!

As if this wasn’t enough we ran laps with chairs … 1Pax riding ….switch out …next Pax push….eveone did this about 10,000 times!!! ….while you were chair less the Fighting Mongol himself lead a series of awful exercises…some with that crazy band thing! (YHC suffered oxygen deprivation at this point…blacked out and has no idea what we actually did)….

Next mosey back to the Centennial Pavilion where we circled up for some Mary

Resistance band

Hello Dollies – both then right then left – 10,000 IC

Rosalita’s – both then right then left – 10,000 IC

Flutters- 10,000 IC


Thank you to our Brother JRR Tolkien for making the second trip out across the river to sare a SpeedForNeed themed workout. And thank you to him for sharing his vision and allowing us the opportunity to be the difference on November 25th at the https://www.mcadenville-christmastown.com/ct5-K.htm ! YHC has only had the pleasure of know him for a short time however it’s easy to tell that his heart is ON FIRE for the ones that cannot run these races themselves! Truly an honor for the Gashouse PAX to be a part of this. We don’t need to be “experts” we just need to care enough to take action and fill the need men! JRR Tolkien is showing us exactly how this is done and YHC thanks him for this!


JJ5k Sept 23rd, Burpeethon Sept 16th Speed for Need race Nov 25th



ToolTime for JRR Tolkien


1 Corinthians 16:13 (NLT)

13 Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous.[a] Be strong.

1 Corinthians 16:13 (HCSB)

13 Be alert, stand firm in the faith, act like a man, be strong.

Proverbs 27:

17Iron sharpens iron,
and one man sharpens another.

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