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Slow Post

Friday morning, ready to post. Let’s get it on!

Warm Up

Goofballs, Don Quixote’s and Gorilla Humpers all IC.

Gather in the middle of the Rotary Pavilion for a little Bring Sally Up. Technology fail and this time YHC isn’t going a acapella. Mosey to the end of the parking lot. Bear crawl the bridge over the railroad tracks. Keep moseying to the parking lot behind the courthouse.

The Thang:

Lindsay’s- like elevens but higher reps going from 30 to 5 reps. On one end do 30 Monkey humpers , run up the steps, across, then down to the bottom and do 5 Flutter Kicks. Go back the way you came. Flip each time by 5 until it’s reversed.

We had time remaining so we did actual Elevens, this time doing Dips and DDCs.

Mosey toward start but this time we headed down the road to the new “educational” garden that will block the new waste water treatment plant.

Back at the start we did some Mary and wrapped up with COT.

Moleskin: I procrastinate writing backblasts, that’s no surprise to anyone. I’ll do better men! It’s been a while since I posted regularly due to studies and race training so I’m happy to get back to being with you guys. I love you man!

Howl like a Monkey…

19 for a pleasant weather morning showed for some work.


The Thang:

25 SSh

10 Merkins (It was at this point that Whoopee said something about in position and that I was not calling the workout correctly) Good point

Howl like a Monkey, everyone in Monkey Humper position with one guy at a time doing 20 Monkey humpers while the rest of us hold position. Howling did happen and some by me.

10 Burpee’s

25 Imperial Walkers

Mosey to the bridge.

Nest on a Bridge. Partner Up, While one guy does Burpee’s the other Bear Crawls to the other side then runs back to switch. Rinse and repeat.

LBC’s while you wait.

3 Sets of Dips, Derkins, and Up-Erkins. 20 first set, 15 second, and then 10 Dips, 12, Derkins, and 13 Up-Erkins.

Mosey across the street to the grass. Watch out for ants.

Joe Webb up to 7 and back down.

Mosey back across the street.

Have a seat on the wall.

25 in cadence marching with hands in the air while in seated position.

50 Sumo Squat Jumps

Mosey across the steet and then weave through all the poles. About 20, touch the wall and then come back.

Wall Sit March to 20.

50 Monkey Humpers

Pole Weave and back.

Wall sit March to 15.

50 Squats

Weave and back.

(Train) 5 Burpee’s

Shoulder Tap to 20 counting your right shoulder.

20 Diamond Merkins

Shoulder Tap to 15

Staggered Merkin right arm back

Shoulder Tap to 10

Staggered Merkin left arm back

Mosey back to start. Some collected the six and some did LBC’s.

Done, just like that.

The Moleskin:

Good fun this morning with some humor. Got to meet Big Country, honor.

Convergence on the 30th.

Lattini Run the same day.

April 13th Community Run, sign up now and it’s only $20.

May 5th is The Summit, from base camp to the top of Mt. Mitchell and back down. 11 miles.


Thanks for the opportunity, it is always and honor to be Q.

Gastone, until another day.




Downtown downtown.

Thanks to bedpan for allowing me to lead on this morning. Thanks to SA and his patience with getting this bb posted.

Ssh, arm circles, imperial walkers

short mosey for some coupons.

Partner up. 3 sets of each exercise whilst your partner runs to the end of the parking lot and back. Music of choice this morning – Frank Sinatra. If you want the music changed you and your partner will have to perform 5 wolverine burpees.

Deep see divers, shoulder flies, crunchy frogs. I think. It has been a while since this actually happened. I had to call out some runners as I think they were actual lay faster than they were portraying.

SA and leppard did not like my music so they completed 5 wolverines on top of the other exercises.   At some point we add a farmer carry for all pax to carry 45 lb plates to the catering van and back.

circle up for some core time.  Extended cross, real big big boys, reverse hammers, extended cross and new favorite figure eights where we were lead by some music pax in “he’s got the whole world in his hands”

running low on time.  Few plank exercises and then mosey back for pledge.

Prayer request

  • community with the flu going around

-the pax


-top hats family



-rooster 3-2-2019

-Q Source Sunday’s at the coconut horse and crossroads

-Gastone is organizing a hike at mount Mitchell May 5th 5.5 miles up the mountain and 5.5 more back

Sparky takes us out in the BOM


Tour of City buildings

9 of Gastonia’s finest showed for one of the best locations in the area.

The Thang:


20 SSH

15 Merkins

20 Imperial Walkers

5 Diamonds

Mosey to the bridge.

Lunge Walk across bridge. Many disappointed in no bear walk.

Mosey across the street and down to courthouse steps.


20 Merkins

Then everyone take a step.

20 calf raises feet together.

15 Calf raises feet apart.

Mosey to back parking lot.

Parnter up run around the parking lot meeting your partner at other side for 20 Merkins. (We did twice and I changed the plan)

Met at back corner for:

50 Squats

Bernie up the hill

15 Diamonds

Karaoke down the hill

50 Monkey Humpers

Karaoke up the hill

20 Merkins

Backwards down the hill

40 Mountain Climbers

Bernie to the top again.

20 Burpee’s

Mosey to the Uphill dead end of the prison.

15 Diamonds

Mosey back down and around to hill.

Stagier Merkins at next 4 post on the way up.  Switch which had is forward and backward each time.

Stop at the light and 5 Burpee’s.

Cross the street to bridge. Bear crawl across.

Once in parking lot, on your backs.

On my count American Hammers, Slow Motion.

Flutter’s to 40

30 Crunchy Frog’s OYO

Mosey to start.

The Moleskin:

Whatsup, continues to impress. Watch out for this guy because he might end up being the next Bulldog. All gave a great effort and was a pleasure to be part of all of you today.

Prayers for several that are ill and to all with the flu.

Thanks and Out,




Day 6 – HIPAAPALOOZA – Rock Legends

For Day 6 of HIPAAPALOOZA YHC promised the PAX some true Rock Legends. It was a Friday so YHC was expecting bigger crowds, 13,000 showed, well maybe it was 13. Anyways, bottled water prices didn’t increase and all that were in attendance were ready to rock!!





Merkins 20 IC

Volcano squats 15 IC

IW 15 IC


The Thang:

Mosey down Main st to York.

Roxanne Red light at York st so grab some Pink Floyd Wall


Australian Mountain Climbers 10 IC

Recover but Roxanne kept her red light on so Rinse & Repeat


Roxanne had her Red light on again, damn, lets just wait. Green, GO DOG GO!

Mosey down Main to N. Chester. YHC did some Google Maps recon and saw some big rocks in the aerial shots. I had to confirm so drove out to site night before. BedPan was aware of my recon work. He was proud that someone was taking his AO seriously.

Grab some Rocks and dont be weak. Grab someting big and heavy! “Go Big or Go Home”

Overhead fellowship mosey to Snyder Pl. and Main St. Home of “Legends Bar & Lounge”

I told the PAX in the twitterverse that some Rock Legends would be present. YHC did not disappoint or lie. I held up my “Rock” in front of “Legends” Bar and Lounge Sign. Hence “Rock Legends”! I got a few laughs from that.

Time for some Dora 123


100 – Overhead tricep extensions with rock

200 – Curls with rock

300 – Chest presses with rock

P2 overhead rock carry to light pole, 1 burpee overhead rock carry back swap with P1


Drop rocks mosey to Leather and Lace.

Time for some Motley Crue: “GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS”

Lineup along fence with your backside to Leather N Lace front door

Monkey Humpers 20 IC


***Side Note, YHC has been absolutely dying to do Monkey Humpers in front of LnL for a long time. Glad I finally got the chance!!

Mosey back to legends

Pickup rock

Grab some Pink Floyd Wall

Peoples chair

Overhead Rock presses 20 IC


Peoples chair

Rock press with March 20 IC

Heard rocks drop but i didn’t say recover!

Pick it back up and lets do peoples chair for a minute as punishment


Fellowship mosey back to rock pile. Stop at each street light  for 1 rock squat

Rock toss into rock pile

We got “Time” like Pink Floyd so let’s do some Bear Crawls up the “Time” Data Svcs. Ramp.

Rinse & Repeat

Mosey back to start

Mary – PAX choice



Prayer Requests

WOW! So much Rock pushing this AM by all! So proud of these groupies!! Not sure what BedPan had been smoking during HIPAAPALOOZA but he thought he was me??? Crazy stuff man! All kiding aside, it is always an absolute honor and priviledge to lead you guys. I hope you enjoyed the workout as much as I did. Even if you didn’t, I dont give refunds for this festival.



How did the Grinch get the dog to pull his sleigh?

Easy answer – he trained the dog to act like a reindeer.

A very mild morning in the gloom, almost felt like spring time.  The forecast was calling for yet another morning of rain, so YHC had two plans.   There are many options downtown, however, YHC tends to melt in the rain so went with a parking garage beat down.  We welcomed a FNG, none other than Whoopie’s brother Frankie Letts.



Warm Up – An ode to honor to our Site Q’s 40th Birthday (Bedpan), who had previously disclosed that his M had plans for him and would be MIA.  Happy birthday Bedpan

SSH’s x 40 IC

MNC’s x 40 IC

LBC’s x 40 IC

The Thang

Mosey through downtown to park

Dips x 20 IC

Derkins x 20 OYO

Dips x 10 IC

Derkins x 10 OYO

Mosey towards main street, hang a right and then into the parking deck

Completed 5 cycles of the following

Lower Level 5 pull ups

Bear crawl up south ramp

Next Level 20 WWI’s

Crab walk up north ramp

Next Level 30 Squats

Down the stair case to the starting point.

Rinse and repeat; completed the first two cycles together, to ensure the PAX understood.

Recover – next up 10 burpee’s OYO, then dead hangs for 60 seconds

Rinse and repeat – 10 burpee’s OYO with dead hangs for 45 seconds

Mosey towards Franklin, right turn towards the old court-house

Stopped for 30 monkey humpers OYO at 3 lights

Bernie Sanders up the hill to the light on Main

Mosey back to the Christmas tree and finished out with a few sets of mountain climbers


Monday AO’s start at 7am: includes Mt. Hollywood and Black Knight

Workout at the Storm on Christmas am starts at 6

The Yank on Saturday; starting point moved to Glenway due to Belmont race

Namearama – FNG Frankie Letts 49 named Rhousey based on MMA background and something about a beatdown of his kid brother.

Good work by all.  Always fun with this group.  Thanks for the opportunity to lead.  Merry Christmas to all.


It was a Malfunction..

it was a week ago when Malfunction who has only attended 3 workouts over the summer before he headed out to attend The Citadel called me to get his first Q done today. I would say he has this figured out.

The Thang:

You should have been there, we did lots of Merkin’s and running in the parking garage. One leg bear crawls, Scary Merkins, and much more.

The Moleskin:

The VQ was completed and Malfunction is now able to knock out Q’s all the time. He planned on an hour and was ready to take us another 15 but we all ran from him and left him in the garage. Fun morning and very creative workout.

Operation Sweet Tooth, bring to the Christmas Party.

Singing for Santa Saturday Morning.

Prayers out to several.

Gastone the BB writer Out.


Gravy Gut

12 men found their way out of the fartsack to burn of the Thanksgiving gut. It was cold, windy and I was still full and sluggish. Oh well I volunteered for this!


Let’s mosey to the deck to get out of the wind.


Seal Jacks x 15ic

Low Slow Slaw Squat x 15ic

Morroccan Nightclubs for a while. For added work throw in your longhorns!

CDD x 10ic

Flutter kicks x 10ic

LBC x 10ic

Man it’s hard to bend at the belly!

The Thang:

3 exercises on each level(we did 4 levels). Starting with 15 of each.

1st level-Donkey Kicks, Wall sit and march, Freddy Mercury

2nd level-Ski burps, lunges, dirty hookups

3rd level-bird dogs, plank jacks, broad jumps

4th level-Eddy Gordo(ask and I can show you), squats, burpees

Joe Hendricks on all the ramps going up of course!

Crab walk each one and mosey back to the bottom.

Do again but this time 10 each.

Running low on time I gave Golddigger the chose of option 1 or 2. He chose so we headed back to the flag.

Deep sea divers-15 up and 10 back down.

Circle up for the Iron Hulk. We had 12 so everyone got a chance to call it. 12/48 was the last count.

Pizza Man lead a few exercises while I grabbed my phone.

Sorry guys maybe next time we will do shoulders!



Announcements-SFN C-town, Christmas party 12/15 info coming

Prayer Request- Family, Addictions


A little word about how you are never truly not a sadclown. He is always there waiting to come out! Great to be out today. Do not take it for granted!

Parking Death

Never Q’d Downtown before. Vast area to perform multiple different exercises; however, YHC knew it was going to be cold and rainy so thought I’d use the parking deck. Visited the Ye ol Exicon database to get some inspiration for some new or rarely used exercises. Really wanted to bring out some coupons but I had gotten sidetracked with life during the week so wasn’t able to get them made, that said had to modify the weinke last minute

Warmup in the pavilion out of the rain:

SSH – 50 IC

Imperial Walker – 15 IC

MNC – 50 IC (Whoopee liked to pretend I was feeling him up during this exercise)

Mosey out of pavilion and stop in front of flag poles. Single file line for the Death March. Very slow, fellowshipish mosey while last guy in line does 5 burpees. After he finishes taps last guy in line to do burpees and sprints to the front. Rinse, repeat through line until we make it to the top of the parking deck.

Take stairs to lower level of Parking Deck

Jacobs Ladder
P1 – Merkins, Squats, LBC’s, CDD’s
P2 run up stairs, 2 Burpees run back down stairs & switch. Next time up 4 burpees, repeat until 8 burpees each PAX

Chilly Jacks – 15 IC
Crowd Pleaser – 1 Merkin 1 Groiner 1:1 to 5:5 to 1:1
Makhtar N’Diayes – 10 (Broke get’s bonus points for naming the UNC standout by only 1 clue given by YHC “UNC player from Senegal”)
French Fries – 25 each arm

Mumblechatter was at an all time high. Whoopee and I got into it on the French Fries as YHC was trying to steal them. He didnt care for that too much and ended up making a complete mockery of me. Made me laugh so hard it was a triple core workout for me. Pretty sure he tea bagged me a few times as well. Well played sir!

Mosey back to the pavilion and circle up for Barrell of Monkeys?? Squirt and YHC seem to recall thats what the exercise is called. Come to find out later the official term is called “Howling Monkeys”.  In a circle, everyone grabs their ankles in Monkey Humper fashion (or Gorilla Humper, for the fearless) . The first person does ten monkey humpers followed by the next person and so on as in other “ring of fire” exercises. Don’t let go of the ankles!

Next we did an Around the Horn style MARY. We heard a train so of course 5 burpess.


XMAS Party and other some other events that have already happened

Prayer requests spoken & unspoken

Squirt took us out.

Bed Pan,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to Q at your site. I know you will do great things with this Downtown AO. Makes me happy to think we started at the same time and we are already running our own AO’s. For the rest of you, thanks for resisting the fartsack and coming out to support me and make yourselves better at the same time. See you all again soon!!





Much Merriment Mayhem

5:30 struck and a Q had not arrived. Gastone noticed and stepped to the middle to temporize the crowd. But, after 12 of us started with SSH, Spiderman came up and said Gastone you can keep it if you want. I oblige, the cheering began as you could hear the crowd with all the excitement to be part of a Gastone Q.

The Thang:

30 SSH (3 Count)

15 Merkins (3 count)

Mosey to the bridge.

Bear crawl across.

Mosey to parking lot with 2 sets of stairs.

Partner Exercise. Circle path in the parking lot around the stairs. Meet your partner at the top and the bottom. Start with 10 Partner Merkin’s at the top and 9 at the bottom. Rinse and Repeat until you run out of numbers.

LBC’s until all finish.

Mosey to the stairs with a hand rail. Everyone up on the railing with feet and hands on the top railing. Huckleberry at the bottom bear crawl to the top as we all slide down and then the next guy. Once finished  we reversed and went downhill. (next time feet on the top rail and hands on the second rail down)

Mosey back to parking lot. (about 10 yards)

First parking spot, 50 Monkey Humpers

Next spot, 20 in place lunges counting the right leg. (Clavin counted the left the entire time so he should make up for this today on his own time)

Next, 50 Squats

Next, 40 calf raises with feet together

Next, 50 Gorilla Humper’s (Same as Monkey except your spreed your legs further)

Next, 40 calf raises with feet apart.

Run backwards around the parking lot and back to the same parking spot.

Mosey back to bridge. (Peddles mentioned something about partner carry)

Bridge, Wheelbarrow across with partner. (Good idea Peddles with more partner work)

Backwards around this parking lot. It was flat.

Quickly tried Circle Derkins around round area. Not enough space.

5 Burpee’s for the train.

Jailbreak back to start.

The Moleskin:

We got to work this morning and some say that they were mad at Spiderman for handing off the Q. But, I will make note that he has been bringing the heat for a long time and his workouts can make mine look friendly. Another note, Q’s are available for you to pick up and unlike Cam Newton I don’t mind jumping on the ball when needed. Can you jump faster?

Prayers for Officers and families involved in the shooting in Florence.

Thanks for the opportunity, it is always an honor to be the Q.

Gastone Out!


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