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Turkish, and why do they get up with one hand in the air?

13 High Impact Men showed for a soggy drizzle perfect condition workout with Gastone.

The Thang:

20, 3 count Merkins

25, 3 count  SSH

20 Diamond Merkins OYO

15 3 count Smurf Jacks  (Pizza Man, this mixes up the norm)

25 Imperial Walkers

20 3 Count CCD’s

Now that everyone is awake, Mosey.

Mosey to the corner of S. South St to 2nd avenue.

Plank for 6

25, 3 count Mountain Climbers

Mosey to corner of 2nd and Marietta.

Triple Nickle from 2nd up to Franklin. 75% Sprint to the top of hill then 5 Burpee’s, rinse and repeat for a Triple Nickle. ( The triple was the 3 trips to the top and the nickel was the 5 Burpee’s upon arrival.)

LBC’s while we wait on the 6.

Backwards up the hill to Franklin.

Mosey to the wall and have a seat against.

Balls to the wall for a 30 second count.

30 Sumo Squat Jumps, OYO

Wall Sit, Knee’s lower than your butt. 20 Second count.

Balls to the wall for a 30 second count

30 Sumo Squat Jumps, OYO

30 Monkey Humpers

30 Squats

Wall Sit, Knee’s lower than your butt. 20 Second count.

Balls to the wall for a 30 second count

30 Sumo Squat Jumps, OYO

20 Monkey Humpers

10 Gorilla Humpers

30 Squats

Mosey to the bridge.

Lunge Walk across entire bridge.

Bear Crawl Back.

Mosey to middle of parking lot.

20 Mountain Climbers

20 Plank Jacks

20 Mountain Climbers (It was at this moment when Pizza Man mentioned that I need to look at the exercise lexicons to come up with original material)

Next Exercise, Turkish Burp. (Lay on the Ground with one arm straight above you like superman, Stand up while keeping arm straight above you, then jump to the ground do a Merkin, bring your feet under you and jump in the air) A Turkish Get Up with a Burpee.

Mosey to the start, right on time.

The Moleskin:

Oh, the fun everyone had.

Prayer Request for several battling Cancer. My favorite saying from a good friend of our family that passed from Cancer is “Cancer Sucks”. I really believe that term and cannot wait until the kick cancer’s butt with a cure.

Also, pray for people with addiction problems.  Addiction, if you have a loved one or a friend that battles with these problems they can have serious effects on your life just to know these people. Many times the people with the addiction don’t think they have a problem, they do. They think they are fine and that it has no effect on others. But they are wrong, it causes pain for all of those involved. If you battle addiction just ask for help and take the steps to end your dependency and I am sure you will find some brother’s in F3 to support you. I will.


August Monthly Challenge of 20 Contra Burpees per day

The Forge – Wednesday’s @ 6:30pm (Green and Grit’s in Lowell)

August 6th @ 5:30am – Official Mt. Hollywood AO Launch (Mt. Holly Middle School – 124 S Hawthorne St, Mt Holly, NC 28120)

August 11th – F3 Gastonia M’s workout @ Folsom @ 8am

August 12th – Crossroads Convergence (Coconut Horse will be CLOSED)

August 25th – BRR/Bourbon Chase Relay CSAUP @ 4am….sign up here – http://f3gastonia.com/2018/07/11/pre-brr-and-bourbon-chase-csaup/

August 25th – 2nd F event at Sargento’s Casa (PAX and M’s ONLY)

Sept. 22nd – Stop Solider Suicide 5k/10k Speed For Need event in Belmont….sign up here – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/stop-soldier-suicide-10k5k-tickets Discount Code: HAPPY

Sept. 22nd – JJ5K at Common Grounds in Stanley…sign up here – https://runsignup.com/Race/NC/Stanley/CPC5KTraining

Oct. 6th – Special Olympics Burpee-thon – More information to come


Also, sign up for Christmas Town 5k. This is one that all the Pax should attend and bring your family.

Thanks for the opportunity to Q, I am humbled through all of you.

Gastone Out!

Free Burpees for everyone



-warm up

   Goof balls 

   Mar Night Club

   Freddy Mercs



short mosey

   5 burp – knee slap

   Mosey – LBC on 6

   5 burp – sumo

   Mosey – flutter on 6

   5 burp – criss cross

   Mosey – dying cockroach on 6

   5 burp – merican side hop

   Mosey – Am hammer on 6

   5 burp – lunge jump

   Mosey – sweat angel on 6

   5 burp – jump spin

   Mosey – box cutter on 6

   5 burp – side hop

   Mosey – scissor on 6

   Team 5 burp – jump up

   Mosey – Dolly Parton on 6

   Team 5 burp – bench merican

   Mosey – alphabet on 6

   5 burp – jump from knee

Mosey – LBC on 6

single file line for bear crawl slalom

Roscoe called out 10 burpees OYO

Short Sale took us to bell with Baby Makers


Surprise Q

12 showed up wondering who the Q at Downtown was but did not know that a middle of the night call from Turtle-man put me in the driver seat because he  is dealing with a family member in the Hospital. But, once I told everyone the excitement and cheering settled down after a couple of minutes.


The Thang:

SSH 20

CCD 20

Imperial Walker 15

Wide Arm Merkins 20

Mountain Climbers 15

Diamond Merkins 10

Mosey to York Street ( Lunge walk across the Bridge) and all the way down to W. Ranking Avenue. Take a right, Left on North York Steet, Right on West Walnut Avenue, and left in to large perfect parking lot. Location is everything.

While waiting on 6 we did something at this point.

Then we did Catch me if you Can. Partner A runs the perimeter of the parking lot which is big while Partner B does 5 Burpees. Then B runs after A and once he catches Partner A does 5 Burpees. Rinse and repeat until one big lap was complete.

Next, 1 Parnter Merkin, Run opposite directions until you meet then do 2 Partner Merkins and so on. We made it to 7.

20 Flutter Kicks

20 Merkins

20 Flutter Kicks

20 Wide Arms

20 Slow to fast Flutter Kicks

10 Diamonds OYO

Meander 50 yards and then mosey to York street at the bottom of hill.

50 I said 50, Sumo Squats.

Run backwards on the sidewalk up the hill to the light. (A little mumble chatter about this due to cars on the road but everyone was ok once we got going) Do what you can do and feel comfortable with that. I am not judging you.

Plank to wait on the light to cross the road and then Mosey around the buildings and back to the start for a finish.

The Moleskin:

Great morning that started out with Whoopee and Roscoe nailing some extra credit. I would have but went to bed early last night and did not read the pre blast. We made a little over 3 miles in this Bootcamp which for some of the guys this is an accomplishment in itself.

Toto, this guy has brought it this week with his 3rd workout in his first week. He plans on attending Pain Lab tomorrow morning. Kudos to Toto.

Captain Stubbing, has been much more that present lately as well. Kudos to all the hard work.

I am only highlighting a few and many others have been working hard, keep it going. Sometimes the results are hard to see and then you look back and don’t know how you got to the front of the Pax.

Prayers for several of the pax going through or family that is going through something. I would notate these people but I don’t want to mess up all the relationships so just give a good prayer for the pax.

Gastone Out!



South Street Challenge

I’ve had this beat down on the drafting table for a while, waiting for an opening on what has become a popular Q spot of late. The idea spawned from Tiger’s Q a while back at the Yank. An uphill run with pain stations at the bottom. It was a strong test, one that needed to be shared with others. So I noodled on the idea and had a general plan of what to do. But then something else shocked my brain Thursday night so I decided to pull a slick switch and have 10 minutes of Mary to kick off the festivities. It went like this:

Pledge, mild disclaimer: “get in plank” where we did each exercise for 25 seconds:

  • plank jacks
  • burps
  • jingle balls
  • mtn climbers
  • merkins
  • imperial walkers
  • high knees
  • touch left toe, raise right knee
  • touch right toe, raise left knee
  • lbcs
  • chop sticks
  • reverse crunch
  • fifer scissors with punch
  • plank rolls
  • am hammer
  • flutter kicks
  • leg raises
  • ww1
  • freddie mercury
  • ski abs

When the idea came to begin with Mary, I added a playlist with the theme of summer. Summer Nights by Van Halen was on their first album with Sammy Hagar in 1986, which we learened Island, Round-up, and obviously Madmen had not been born (#imold).  Song #2 was Summertime Girls by Y&T followed by Joe Satriani’s Summer Song. Whoopee – you missed another great set.

The PAX looked relieved that was over but the main event was waiting. I did a demo tour posting printed signs of each exercise that had a 10 count. We began the loop with 10 burpees and progressed down the three blocks to reach Second St doing merkins and monkey humpers before making the return to the top. The route was 0.48 miles round trip broken up at various intervals of:

  • burpees x 10
  • ssh x 10
  • dips x 10
  • box jumps x 10
  • merkins x 10
  • monkey humpers x 10
  • mike Tyson’s x 10
  • plank jacks x 10
  • squats x 10

The PAX pushed through with Round-up leading the charge followed closely by Dr.  Seuss.  Others that completed 4 full rounds were: Island, Turtleman, and Roscoe. Nice job men getting in over 2 miles. The rest of us were close to that mark but had to u-turn at Main St to get back on time. Which at that point I realized Spider-Man snuck out early for work. I guess fighting crime does pay.  Or maybe he went to Comic-con in Charlotte going on this weekend.


We heard and lifted prayers for Lynn Ham, Breaker Breakers uncle and sister in law’s husband; Def Leppard’s son going to the hospital Monday and Timeframe asked for the Clark family that lost their little girl too soon. The announcements which are still current as of this B.B. are 3rd F event Friday 6/22 at 7 pm at First Presbyterian Pockets and YHC are sharing.

This was a good workout that if I had arrived early enough to post the signs, it could have moved much faster.  I’ll keep that in mind for the future.  Thanks for the chance to Q.

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Getting Ready for Huckleberry

Side Staddle Hops, exercise!   Once the warm-up began, I raced to the car and grabbed the first winkie I could find, a technique Gastone willing teaches anyone naive enough to accept.

Boom, back with some squats, in the cadence form and we have a Q.  21 strong, weather perfect, energy up and a crop dusting a plenty.

Not sure what’s changed in the water, but the last 3 weeks we’ve had over 20 strong each Friday.  That’s a great trend to make into the norm.

Here we go!

Warm UP
Side Straddle Hops 50
Squats – 15 IC
LBC’s – 20 IC
Mountain Climbers – 15 IC
Plank Jacks – 15 IC


Mosey the long way to FUMC big parking lot.
Partner Up(which wasn’t necessary in hind site)
11’s with Wolverine Burpies and mountain climbers at one end, and Imperial Squats at the other.

Midway through – OMAHA!!!!!

5 Wolverine Burpies here, run to the other end of the parking lot, 5 Imperial Squats, run back
4 Wolverine Burpies here, run to the other end of the parking lot, 4 Imperial Squats, run back
3 Wolverine Burpies here, run to the other end of the parking lot, 3 Imperial Squats, run back and so on.

Mosey 43 feet to the small parking lot, Partner UP.
LBS’s in the cumulative to 200,  Dutch Skate to the wall, run back and switch.

Dirty Hook Ups, 15 IC

Mosey towards the Pavillion, stopping short for some wall sits.
March, 20 IC, Shoulder Presses 10 IC
March, 20 IC, Shoulder Presses 10 IC

Jailbreak to the Pavillion!

Mountain Climber Merkins – 10 IC

4 Minutes of MARY AB Work





Add you name to the comments(as my mobile device was absent) and I’ll add it to the post.

Imaginary Fire Ants of Pain

23 of Gastonia’s Greatest showed for a Gastone led bootcamp and started the day off in the best way possible.

The Thang:

30 SSH


10 Burpee’s

Mosey to the wall for 70 Seconds of Ball’s to the Wall.

Mosey down Marietta Street to the intersection of 2nd.

Partner 11’s, Partners run opposite directions, one to Franklin and the other to 3rd. Once there 10 Burpee’s. Run back to second to meet your partner and 1 Hand Slap Merkin. Rinse and Repeat until you flip the numbers. We got it down even though my explanation could have been better. (We were called out for to much noise from a resident) oops.

LBC’s and some planks while waiting the 6.

Mosey to South Steet and go backwards up the hill to Franklin.

Mosey across the street to a patch of grass for Jack Webb up to 8 and back down. (Some people acted like fire ants got them when we got around 7)

Mosey backwards to the top of the hill and then Lunge to the start.

Times Up.

The Moleskin:
Prayers for Clavin and I honestly forget. But, I pray for all to be well.

Great group of guys and always a privilege to Q, Thanks Spider-man for the opportunity.

Gastone Out!


14 showed for day 4 of the tour. Another perfect day to push the rock. Today was a little more special than normal though, it’s VQ day with Queso.  YHC’s overgrown 2.0 loves F3 and enjoys coming out with the guys to be a part of something great. Definitely a HIM in the making.

The deal was that Queso would create the weinke with some help from dad and lead as much as he wanted. So that’s what we did. Here’s what I remember.


Newton’s Cradle x15 IC

Goof Balls x15 IC (for the absent Short Sale)

Mosey around the big island in the parking lot back to the pavilion.

Thang 1:

B.O.M.B.S. – Partner up and do cumulative reps of:

  • 50 Burpees
  • 100 Over Head Claps
  • 150 Merkins (these sucked super bad)
  • 200 Big Boy Sit Ups (these sucked even more than the merkins)
  • 250 Squats

While partner 1 does the exercises, partner 2 runs. We first went around the big island in the parking lot but that took way too long so YHC switched it to 2 laps around the pavilion. Much better and it kept us close together for good mumble chatter. Good conversation and strong effort here! Aye!!!

Thang 2:

The A.S.H (supposed to be the WASH but shortened due to time limitations and YHC’s already burned out pecs) – Keep the same partner as before and do cumulative reps of:

  • 100 American Hammers
  • 150 Step Ups
  • 200 Hip Thrusters (aka baby makers or limited stroke pickle pounders) as expected there were numerous exaggerated counts and crude comments of PAX needing a cigarette or a nap. Great examples for the adolescent Q.

Like before, while partner 1 works partner 2 runs around.

Recover! We had a couple of minutes left so YHC called for a quick set of Nolan Ryans. Done!

Announcements: CSAUP next Saturday, Forge on Wednesdays, Community Foundation 5k April 14

Prayer requests: Roscoe’s 2.0 surgery, Lynn Hamm recovery from brain tumor surgery, Breaker Breaker’s step dad’s knee, safe travels for PAX, friend of Gastone

As always men, it was a pleasure and I appreciate you ALL welcoming my 2.0 and supporting him as you do! AYE!!! He was super excited to lead and I know he’s looking forward to doing it again soon.

Happy Easter! The Lord is Risen!!!

The Ministry of Silly Walks

It was a great day to post downtown.

0530  Disclaimer

Warm up

SSH- I saw car headlights as soon as we started and knew we had to wait for the unknown late arrival to jump in and get at least one SSH before we stop.  The late arriver was none other than Blart.  He…..took…..his……sweet……….time………          PAX SSH=41?     Blart=1

Next exercise was Deep Sea Divers in honor of the absent site Q Spiderman.  These are easier when you are fresh.
10 Squats
Mosey to the Methodist Church small parking lot with the incline.  Start at the bottom for elevens/Jacob’s Ladder.  One Squat at the bottom, ten Bobby Hurley’s at the top and Jacob’s ladder until one Bobby Hurley and ten Squats.  HushPuppy didn’t say DFQ but he was thinking it.    Gastone was a beast today.  He embraced a leg intensive workout.  Who knew he liked doing legs?

Plank for the six and then 16 Mountain Climbers IC.
Mosey to the steps in front of the church for 50 calf raises OYO.

Mosey to the big parking lot, and lunge walk the length of it heading uphill.

Back bridge leg raises.

Mosey to the parking deck.  Steps to the top for partner squats x 20.  P1 jumps on P2’s back and P1 does 20 squats.  Switch.  YHC is very thankful that Hushpuppy has been pushing the rock lately and is only 17.1429 stone.  (a little British weight reference since we were dedicating this workout to Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks skit).  Good work here.  Guys are different sizes so 20 squats with manly men on your back was tough.

Back down the steps and across the street to the McQuitter’s wall for a set of leg work.

Wall jumps x 20

Step ups x 20

Box squats x 20

One leg lunges x 10 each leg

Mosey across the street.

At the first 3 light poles 10 Sumo Squats

Then lungewalk to the three way stop…the blinking three way stop.  This exercise wasn’t so bad because Medicine Woman and Slaw were busy talking about whether or not the first three way stop was the one where we should stop.  The problem is there was no flashing light.  Gastone was first to the top of the street and confirmed that it actually was a three way stop.

Mosey to the Pavilion and 50 calf raises OYO.

5 minutes of Mary

5 burpees OYO because we didn’t do any.  Come to think of it, I don’t ever remember a downtown workout without a train going by.  Maybe we just didn’t hear it?

On your back, cross your right leg over your left and grab your knee and pull it close.  Then release your hands and keep your knee in place.  Switch….lots of mumble chatter about this stretch.  It must have taken longer than I thought because the alarm sounded at 0615 and the workout was over.

Random thoughts…

I forgot to do jump lunges because I never looked at my Weinke.  #Qfail!

It was good to see Slaw come in early wearing the Oakley t-shirt.  It looked familiar and then he reminded me it was the “smedium” shirt that I gave him.  It looks better on him and the cool factor is over the top.  We got our 25 V-up things done for the monthly challenge right away before the workout.  Day 16 done!

Eat lots of protein today and keep hydrated.

Hipaa was wearing his weighted vest again.  Get some.

It was great to see Pockets, Medicine Woman, and Oompa Loompa downtown.

Lots of events coming up….Gastonia CSAUP relay race “Going the extra Mile coming April 7th.  Sign up by March 17th.  Community Foundation Run-April 14th, Christina Latini Memorial 8K in Huntersville, April 21st.

Prayers for our four PAX doing the Ruck event with MECA tonight in Concord.  Woody, Boudin, Whoopee, and Freight are going to get after it!

Prayers for Def Leppard’s son Logan and for all the PAX that push the rock and all the men that don’t know they need F3.

Final thought….I listened to F3 Houston’s roundtable call yesterday and although we know each other, if an accident happened to one of us during a workout, would we be prepared to give aid?  We are good about carrying at least one cell phone but where is the nearest hospital?  Would we wait for an ambulance or scoop and go?  Who would we contact for you in an emergency?
This is a problem we need to solve and find a best practice.  Collecting the emergency contact information won’t be hard.  How do we put it into a retrievable file that we can access in an emergency?  If you have thoughts DM me.

Always a pleasure to lead!  Hopefully your walk will be adequately silly and we can get that government grant.

B.O.M.B.S. by the Gross

Fear is a powerful motivator. A few weeks ago, Spiderman told the Downtown PAX that if he didn’t get some men to step up and Q, the following workouts would become “more painful”. For some reason, the 45 minutes YHC spends under the oppressive boot of Spiderman is long and painful enough. When he asked for a Q after last  Friday’s workout, YHC gladly stepped up.

YHC followed Sargento’s lead and consulted the F3 exicon for help. YHC decided on simple routines with coupons, so B.O.M.B.S. and the “Gross” made the Weinke complete. YHC is a Midoriyama Homie, so the simpler, the better.

As YHC rolled in, he observed the usual suspects getting in some EC before the workout began. Roscoe, Pizza Man, Monk and Whoopee were getting it done as YHC parked the truck. As it got closer to 5:30, more and more PAX kept showing up. It was awesome to see a total of 20 men (YHC not included) post. F3 Udders from Greensboro posted since he was in town visiting the in-laws for Christmas! Great to have you with us, Sir! With 5:30 on the clock and everyone circled up, time to get started.

Warm Up:

  • Seal Jacks x 15 IC
  • Low, Slow Squats x 15 IC
  • Toy Soldiers x 15 IC
  • Don Quixotes x 15 IC at Warp Speed (Good to see Tool Time finally warming up to these)
  • Dying Cockroaches x 15 IC


The Thang:

Mosey around the West parking lot real quick then partner up for some B.O.M.B.S.

Partner #1 performs said exercise while partner #2 runs length of parking lot and back. Reps are in aggregate.

Burpees – 50

Overhead Claps – 100

Merkins- 150

Big Boy Situps – 200 (YHC will ensure these are performed on grass next time- QFail #1)

Squats – 250

After all PAX are complete 5 Burpees OYO due to train traffic

Next, all PAX grab a coupon out of YHC’s truck. Correct pronunciation of the word coupon was quickly discussed. Depends on which side of Macon (Georgia)- Dixie line you’re from, apparently.

Set up for the Gross. 12 exercises x 12 reps per exercise = 144 (1 gross). Exercises were:

  1. Block Webbs (one of the PAX voiced his displeasure of performing these on asphalt due to his soft, supple knees). YHC called BS and exercise was performed anyway. Going forward, these will performed on grass as well- QFail #2
  2. Curl to Overhead Press
  3. Kettleblock Swings
  4. CDD’s (IC)
  5. Standing Block Push (F3 Canteen’s chest and shoulder builder)
  6. Upright Rows
  7. Block Flutter Kicks (IC)
  8. Thrusters
  9. Mike Tysons
  10. Shrugs
  11. Merkins (IC) Whoopee wanted to add some added difficulty to these by literally locking up with YHC while performing these. YHC enjoyed the challenge. YHC also wonders which scent of AXE body spray Whoopee uses. Smelled good!
  12. Freddie Mercury (IC)

It must also be noted the QFail #3 occurred multiple times during this evolution. YHC completely forgot the proper protocol before beginning exercise (In position, ready, move). Thank you, Freight and Tool Time for keeping YHC honest.

With just a few minutes left YHC called for some Mary.

  • Pattycakes x 15 IC (show to know)
  • Hip Rock and Raise x 15 led by Tool Time.
  • Slaughter Stopper(20 Burpees OYO, but only got to 15 when time was called)


  • Joe Davis Run 1/6/18
  • Rooster 1/20/18
  • Krispy Kreme challenge 2/3/18 (See Sargento for details)

Prayer Requests:

  • The McNulty family
  • PAX who have lost loved ones recently
  • Remember the True Reason for the season
  • Also, YHC forgot the military and their families (QFail#4)

YHC took us out in Prayer.


YHC would like to just let everyone know how much F3 has been such a positive change in his life. He has met so many High Impact Men and is honored to call all of them brothers. He finds himself EHing every man he crosses paths with just to get them out and see what they don’t know they are missing. He finds himself (with help from the SKY Q) being a better husband, dad, brother, uncle and servant. Thank You, Men. It was truly an honor to lead!

Great work by everyone today (as usual).

It was great to have Udders from Greensboro with us today! Will definitely post up your way when in the neighborhood!

Merry Christmas to Everyone!


Core Cardio Climax

Not sure about you but for me on the days that I am the QIC, the slowest part is the drive between my house and the AO, seems like I catch every red light or get behind the slowest driver, impeding progress to their inevitable destination. Such was the case this morning as I gathered my equipment for the workout arriving to the circle sharply at 0530 to which Roscoe replied “You’re late…” As far as I know, the workout begins when the Q decides the workout begins, so my defensive humor blurted: “My watch is the official clock today.” The surge of Q Power pumped through my tongue. The aforementioned slowest part of a Q, at least for me, is followed by the fastest 45 minutes. We all have those days where we grind through, checking the time at various intervals and groaning if the end remains a distant light. Hopefully that was not the case today as 12 other HIMs were eagerly awaiting the instructions. YHC fumbled to get the music started, announcing a brief disclaimer (I’m not good at that part, usually forgetting – anyone have a good script I can read?). Our time began like this:

Warm-Up (Insanity style)

  • SSH
  • Goofballs (in honor of Sargento – where was he?)
  • Mummy Kicks

Each exercise was 30 seconds for three rounds without a break = 4:30. While the PAX huffed and puffed, the playlist began with a tribute to a Gastonia legend who may have rolled his skateboard over the very same turf we were standing. Back in the day Fred Durst was a young skate dude. Who would have dreamed of the success and fame he’d find in the music business. So we led off with “Nookie.”


No mosey, yet…the PAX paired off into partners with YHC joining Slaw and Whoopee for a menage a trois. Partner #1 did 15 big boy sit ups while Partner #2 held their feet and did AMRAP of Plank Jacks, then flap jack; rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat. To make Whoopee happy, I played George Straight singing Jingle Bells. Turtleman inquired if it was Alvin and the Chipmunks…can’t say I disagree but the Q aims to please and I try to keep my PAX happy, especially when they make requests.  GnR’s Nightrain followed and Slaw sang away.

Now, time to mosey to the FUMC/WF parking lot. Keep your partners, where each team was numbered #1-6. Group #1 would run to Franklin St and back while the remaining PAX would go through the routine below, with each group serving as the timer on their turn to run.

  • Flying Squirrel x 5
  • High Knees x 10 (count right leg)
  • Squat Jacks x 10
  • Mtn Climbers x 10 (count right leg)
  • SSH x 10

As soon as the running group returned, the next group took off and the set re-started. This needs some work as the timing did not work as I had hoped. Either the running route needs to be lengthened or the exercise/reps need to be reduced. I’ll tinker in the lab on that one. But I did fulfill Slaw’s request to play Trans-Siberian Orchestra (First Snow) to prep him for the upcoming show. Twisted Sister’s rendition of Oh Come All Ye Faithful was next. It sounds as awful as you are imagining it.

Check of the watch said 0551 – had to forego the Hand-Slap Merkins, maybe next time…mosey to the parking deck for the 4×4. This sounds simple and once you do a set, it goes pretty quickly: Four exercises with four reps each (counting the right side when applicable).

  • Ski Abs
  • Jack-Merkins
  • Burps
  • Peter Parker (gotta honor the AO site Q)

After completing the set, run about three/fourth’s of the parking deck, return and repeat. I had scheduled three rounds of this but the PAX were moving rapidly and my last routine needed about 15 minutes, so I added three more rounds for a total of six. The playlist included You’ve Got Another Thing Coming (Judas Priest) and Wasted Years (Iron Maiden – strong guitar beginning).

Time to mosey back to the Rotary Pavilion where YHC handed out the Core Meltdown flier I drafted at work yesterday (a nice distraction from a boring meeting). Brownstreak returned this week and I think he would be proud at not only the full list of exercises, number of reps, number of sets (3), but the graphic drawings of how to perform. They were intended for the PAX to take home and follow when unable to make an F3 workout – the gifts begin early as we hit December 1st. Whoopee said he’d wipe his arse with his. Probably so since his M threw all their toilet paper in their trees after her Auburn Tigers won the Iron Bowl. Boudin said he might throw his sheet on eBay or you can copy from below:

  • Flutter Kicks x 20
  • LBC’s x 15
  • Leg Raises x 10
  • Freddie Mercury x 20
  • 15 Heel Touches (Penguin Crunches) x 15
  • Modified V-Sits x 10
  • American Hammer x 20
  • Long Arm Crunches x 15
  • Reverse Crunches x 10

We did three total sets with a slight rest between. Musically, we heard: Dr. Feelgood (where was he?) followed by a special treat of Rush’s Overture from their R30 tour. This prompted some PAX sharing about past concerts attended. Time Frame has quite a resume. Roscoe does as well, fresh off a Dream Theatre show Wednesday night. Maybe I’ll use a DT piece for the entire workout in the future.

With a minute left I asked the PAX to get into elbow plank for the culmination of my Weinke. I clicked to the last song: Laying Pipe by Pornosonic featuring the Hedgehog — JK2—I mean Ron Jeremy. Just in case we get to one day be as fortunate as the Mayor that ‘heart-sacks’ on Friday mornings, we practiced with Baby Makers. It’s a great way to tone our abs – you should try it as often as possible. F3nation has refused to enter this into the exercise lexicon despite my weekly submissions. So for what seemed like an eternity, we lasted about 30 or 40 seconds before the workout climaxed liked Pete North.


Prayers lifted for Pizza Man’s Grandmother recovering from hip replacement (reportedly doing well), Stroganoff’s with the loss of his uncle, and the return of those PAX that had been on hiatus. Announcements for the (Before) Christmas Party tonight at Lotus at 7 pm and Saturday morning’s convergence 0700 at GasHouse. Bring a toy for Operation Sweet Tooth. Bandit will continue to accept donations until delivery to the Gastonia Boy’s and Girls Club on 12/12.


My M changed her workout schedule that allowed me the freedom to attend F3 every morning this week. I had not been able to attend Downtown in quite some time, so I grabbed the Q slot to allow Spiderman a rest from leadership duties. I posted every day except for Tuesday and my 46 year old body is feeling it. Hush Puppy and Defib worked my upper body and the return of Brownstreak caused my quads to burn from his Sprint-ables workout. Props go out to Gastone that Q-ed five successive days back in October. Also to Whoopee who not only posted every morning this week but added extra credit, showing up before workouts to get in additional Ruck training. He’s becoming a beast – look out Dolph. Recognition to Slaw hitting a tri-fecta in the past 24 hours with a Thursday am and pm before this morning’s session. Boudin is making the rounds proving he is not only a Big Deal in Belmont, but some of us already knew that. Turtleman and Bandit were back in the fold, and all the PAX pushed the rock up the hill this morning. It was a climactic 45 minutes. Hopefully my return trip to Downtown will not be another two months. Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

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