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On Call the Fartsack

7 men came out to stray the week right.

The Thang:

20 SSH

Mosey towards back entrance of park.
3 stops on the way. We did LBC, Flutter, Monkey Humpers’s to 50. Each was followed by 30 second Plank.

Mosey with another set of LBC’s along the way to the bottom of the hill at back of park.

11’s 1 Squat at the bottom, 20 Burpee at the top. Rinse and repeat until you flip the numbers. Backwards up the hill each time.

50 Monkey Humpers

LBC’s while we wait

Ealk Backward around to the side of field. We did Backwards Lunge.

Jane Fonda to 50

mosey to Bleachers.

3×30 Calf Raises

Down to the pavement 50 Monkey Humpers.

3×30 Wide leg Calf raises.


10 yardBunny Hop

Mosey back


Warm morning but we got it done. Everyone cheered Gastone!

Prayers for family members and Addiction.
Gastone Out

Dust Storm

2 showed for the Coconut Horse.

we ran 5 miles.

After we did QSource. We had 4 at QSource.

it was good.

Gastone Out

The missed puddle

8 Men gathered but one of them was seen in the distance of the parking lot. Hushpuppy went for a run, he was awake and running while you were sleeping along with the rest of us.

The Thang:

Seal Jacks 20

Imperial Walker 20

CDD 20

Mosey to bank lot across the street.

Blip kind of workout. We did 10 Seal jacks, 20 CDD, 10 Imperial Walkers, 20 Hand Release Merkins, 20 Flutters, and 20 Wide Arms.

Then we ran around the building back to start. We repeated 3 times only changing the 10 counts to 20 and the Wide Arms to Diamonds.

Mosey across the street to the Funeral home. 2 Medians along the entry. Start with 20 Mountain Climbers, Middle do Sumo Squat Jumps 10 (Constant), other side 2 Big boy sit ups. Rinse and repeat. We stopped a little early to run behind the building for Lunge Walk and Karaoke both  ways.

Mosey back tot he front for a backwards run to the entry.

Mosey back through neighborhood street. Stopped for 20 CDD, 20 CDD, and 20 Hand Release on the way back.

Finished just on time.

The Moleskin:

Mubble Chatter was higher due to slowing the pace of running and keeping the group together. Seal Jacks were comical due to the off beat clap sounds of our workout. We all had a good workout and burnt the arms up some.

Clavin attempted as the video shows to Whoppee puddle splash me on the Name-O-Rama. He failed greatly by missing the puddle by 20 yards. He tried to make up for this but at this point he ran over by himself to do this and got his shoes wet. Oh, the humor.

Prayers up as always for the family members.

Gastone Out!


The 300 Introduction

4 showed early to partake in The 300

It’s pretty simple. We ran 5 miles and we did 300 Merkins.

Started with 30 at the beginning and then did 30 every half mile.

Whoopee suggested we do this. I had came up with the thought last year but suggested we do Burpee’s.

I will say that Merkin’s were tough.

Gastone Out!

Circle Derkins!

9 of the best athlete’s in Gastonia showed up for a Downtown burner.

The Thang:

20 Imperial Walker

21 SSH (Just forgot to end on 20)

Mosey to the bridge.

Backward Lunges across.

Using the wall at the other side of bridge.

25 Dips, 10 Derkins, 10 Incline Merkins. 20, 10, and 10. then 15, 10, and 10.

Mosey past the double set of stairs to the long railing.

Everyone up on the top rails, feet on one side hands on the other. Bottom of the hill guy bear crawls to the top. Rinse and repeat 1 more time.

Mosey back to steps. Everyone get a spot.

Legs together 25 Calf Raises, Legs Apart 25 Calf Raises, 15 Jumping Calf Raises, Toes in Heels out Calf raises 25, Heels in Toe’s out 25, end with 25 regular.

Bottom of the steps.

First step 1 Monkey Humper, 2nd 2 and so on. Once you made it too 20 meet at the top.

Then down the steps. 1st step 1 Squat, 2nd step 2. Once 20 then meet the group for some Mary.

While we waited on the finishers we did (Flutter, LBC’s, and a few more.)

Spiderman on the way back to us and we all did Hip Thrusts in a Crab position as he walked to catch up with us. (He might not recover)

Mosey back to bridge.

Lunge walk across.

Mosey to the wall close to bridge.

Wall Sits for 30 seconds with but below knee’s.

Hands in the air still in the position. We marched for 30 seconds.


3 Sets of Shoulder taps to 10.

Mosey almost back to start but stopped at round area.

We did Derkins in a circle. So they are called Circle Derkins. Just 10.

The end.

The Moleskin:

Easy Rider thought he might have to do something so he made me Q by calling me the night before. He really had to twist my arm. Seriously though, I just jump on the ball when it is on the ground. I believe I am finally getting right in my mind the last couple of months after a pretty tough 2019. Couple a week ago I finally made it to a beach and put my father’s ashes in the ocean which was his wish. I had know idea how much that must have been affecting me because it felt good to have that burden off me. Basically, before all this stuff happened in my life I thought I was tough.

Well now it’s been 2020 for a while and I still think it is better than last year.

Prayer’s for all that were mentioned.

Gastone Out@#@!



Growleven intro

12 Men showed for a Wednesday morning, pushing ahead of the fartsackers.

The Thang:

30 SSH

21 Imperial Walker

Mosey to Parking lot.

Backwards Running 20 Yards

Karaoke Facing the building for 20 Yards

Karaoke Facing the street for 20 yards

Mosey and then 20 Hand Release Merkins OYO

Mosey around to Gaston’s Hill

Growleven’s starting at bottom of hill.

1 Mountain Climber at the bottom of the hill. 10 Hand Release Merkins at the first mailbox.

Increase to the next mailbox each time while switching the numbers to 10 and then 1.

Everyone met at the top after completing. Plank, Shoulder Taps, Left then right arm up, elbow planks with touching in front while the 6 arrived.

Start at first mailbox at the top. 20 Squats

2nd 20 Monkey Humpers

3rd Squat Jumps 20

4th Calf Raises 20

5th wide leg Calf Raises

Rinse and repeat increasing by 10 each time.

We made it through the set of 40 each.

1 minute left so we mosey back to the start.

The Moleskin:

Oh, the fun we all had including me. The hill workout was hard for me as well. Everyone did awesome and it was great to see all the Kotter’s back out in the gloom.

Hope we keep with this energy and grow some more. We can help other men which in turn helps us as well.

Mt. Mitchell planning maybe.

Prayers to family members, Ending Covid, and for the country to heal.

Gastone Out


We ran

5 miles were completed.


We made the full Monty

7 for a run. We made it 5 miles.

Gastone Out!

I guess I will take it….

5 and a 1/2 Credit for a surprise even to Gastone Q.

The Thang:

SSH 20

Merkins 10

Imperial Walker 20

Mountain Climbers 20

Grass Picker’s 5 (The only point of this was to watch Whoopee’s reaction, the disgust he has for Grass pickers)

Mosey to Vallywood Road and to the corner with Rivermont Drive.

Each mailbox on the right 20 Squats, we made it to 160 total.

Then we switched to the much easier Monkey Humpers 20 at each. 5 mailboxes.

20 yard lunge. (Mubbe Chatter really was just starting to come in)

Mosey across Union to Withers Funeral home parking lot.

11’s in the parking lot. Merkin’s and Crunchy Frog.


Then mosey to an end parking space. 1st guy give me a arm exercise, move to next space and guy for a Ab workout, move to next space for a leg. Rinse and repeat unti the 20 spaces were finished.

Mosey back to the start.

The Moleskin:

This morning was listed as open but I did not know that. Watts Up and I decided since Whoopee was pulling up that he would be Q. Then he was running and would take all on a run. We quickly ignored him and then I took the Q.

Good morning with a great group of guys. Always an honor.

Prayer requests.

Gastone Out

Be the Rock

10 men showed for an Easy Rider Q, but he was not feeling it and handed it off to Gastone. Many cheers came out when everyone heard the great news.

The Thang:

40 SSH

20 Merkins

20 Imperial Walkers

10 Diamonds

20 Squats

10 Wide Arms

20 Monkey Humpers

10 Merkins Right arm back left forward

20 LBC’s

10 Merkins Left back, right forward

20 Hip Thrusters

20 Hand Release Merkins

Now that the warm up is over we moseyed to the baseball field path that leads to the middle. 6 Little lights along the path. We stopped at each and did 10 Hand Release Merkins.

Mosey through the rest of the fields towards the back soccer field path. 40 Yards backwards Lunge.

Mosey around the park path all the way to the base of the hill towards the Pull up bar.

Bernie Sanders up the hill all the way to the pull up bar. LBC’s until the Pax shows up.

Mosey back down the hill and out the back of the park.

Stopped at some lights and did some Mary.

Cut through and jumped wall behind Planet Fitness.
Mosey around the building to the staircase.

2 sets on the step: 20 Legs together calf raises, 20 Toes pointed in, 20 Toes pointed out.

Mosey to the wall in front of the bank for 2 sets of 20 Dips.

Walk to the curb, 1 Minute of Rocky Balboa.

Mosey to the start.

The Moleskin:

Good times as always and an honor to Q.

I might have missed a few things but I have a BB up.

Corona, Covid-19, whatever you call it. This is a time to be the Q in your family, work, and friends. Be that guy that people look to and inform yourself. Help those in need and try to prepare Gaston County. Also, a good time to ease nerves of family and friends and try to be the rock that everyone needs in these times.

Prayers out to all that have to work through and be on the front lines. Prayers to all those who have things going on with a family member.

Gastone Out!


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