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The Folsom Triangle of leg pain

12 Men came out as Gastone to the reins of Folsom for the morning.

The Thang:


(On my count)

40 SSH, 20 Carolina Dry Dock, 30 Imperial Walkers, 20 Wide Arm Merkins, 20 Mountain Climbers, 10 Diamonds.

Mosey up the road to the split in the road or what I will call is a road Triangle.

Position A, Everyone plank and once all were down we began. 20, 3 count to elbows and back up. (This is the exact location that we first might have hear a whimper of arm pain) 50 Monkey Humper’s, Backwards down the hill to location B of the triangle. 50 Squats. Lunge up the hill to Location C for 30 Mountain Climbers on count. Karaoke back to Location A.

A, 50 Monkey Humper’s. Backwards down the hill. B. 50 Squats. Lunge to C for 30 Sumo Squats. Karaoke to A.

A, 50 Gorilla Humper’s, Backwards down the hill. B 50 Squats. Lunge Backwards up the hill. 30 Sumo Squats I think. (Someone mentioned that this was a leg day, but we are just getting started)

Mosey towards the Tennis courts but stop at sidewalk on the way.

Jack Webb’s up to 7 and then back down.

Mosey on to the Tennis Courts.

Balls to the wall with a tiny speech before hand. We held it for 45 seconds.

Back up on the wall but this time we did shoulder taps to 20, on my count.

20 CCD’s on my count

20 Wide Arm’s on my count.

10 Diamonds on my count.

6 Minutes of Mary.

40 Flutters on my count

50 LBC’s

30 Flutters

30 American Hammer’s.

Mosey back tot he start.

40 SSH

The Moleskin:

Folsom, keep on creating a special atmosphere and doing what all of you do at this location. We had a little chatter today but generally quiet. I gave a little words of encouragement at the end on a friend of mine named Snoop and the first time I ran with him. Basically, he checked me on a few things and they were all correct of him to check me on. So it is an example and is mentioned throughout F3 in examples of Iron Sharpens Iron and other people saying leave no man the way your found them. We all in my opinion need each other, in good and bad times. and we need people to check us.

Volt, Pointed out I had 2 different shoes on. Get ready in the dark and this is what happens. Ha.

Everyone worked hard, and I really enjoy travelling to take on the Q at your location. Even if Roadie was scared to come to my Q.

Gastone, Out!






We worked legs a little….

Gastone took the realm of Snoballs this morning for a good old fashioned Beat-down.

Pledge then disclaimer for FNG.

The Thang:

All 3 Count

30 SSH

10 Merkins

30 Imperial Walker

10 Diamond Merkins

Mosey around baseball fields.

Short stop for some plank a rama followed by 10 Burpee’s while the 6 joins us.

Mosey the the back of the soccer fields to the bottom of the hill into the woods.

OYO, 30 Monkey Humpers, 20 Squats, 30 Gorilla Humpers

Backwards up the hill or as we call it Urr.

OYO, 30 Mountain Climbers, 30 Monkey Humpers, 20 Squats, 30 Gorilla Humper (Little brain problem as I forgot the name of Mountain Climbers, thanks Defib)

Backwards up the hill, Urr.

OYO, 30 SSH,  30 Mountain Climbers, 30 Monkey Humpers, 20 Squats, 30 Gorilla Humper

Urr up the hill.

Mosey around to the field next to the pull up bar at bottom of the hill on the path.

While waiting on the 6 we did 40 LBC’s and then 40 Flutter kicks to my count.

Jack Webb all the way up to 10 and then back down to 1. Starts with 1 Merkin and 1 Arms above you head and then goes to 2.

Mosey around the field and up the hill backwards to the pull up bar. Once at the pull up bar do 1 pull up each.

Mosey through the shortcut through the woods. (Some thought they took the better way back but they actually took the long way. )

The Pax did 40 American Hammers counting our right side.

The Moleskin:

Great morning and always a great group of guys. Monty Miller was named during the workout because of his love of Motorcycles like Harley’s, so he is Moped. He should make a great addition to the Pax.

Announcements: Convergence on the 9th at Midoriyama. 6/23 Calloway Peak Hike to the top and back.

Prayers for Madoff’s friend with Cancer.

Ended in Prayer as is done in every F3 workout.

Gastone Out!


We Ran… plus more

17 showed for The Coconut Horse to start off the day.

Some rucked and left early, Some left early and ran extra, Some left early and returned for the start. But, everyone completed the 5 mile loop.

Kudos to Keash and Stroganoff for putting in some major mileage beforehand. Not like it was humid.

Prayer Request: Breaker Breaker for him and his wife and a family member, Oompa’s Father in Law, Nikki Baily cancer, Sly and soldiers.

I took us out in prayer.

We went and had coffee.

Gastone Out!

Pub, fun was had…

I pulled up in the lot around 4:55 to get in some extra credit and noticed about 30 M’s going out for a run. Although this has been a regular occurrence but yet I still wonder why we do not see a FIAnation.com group in Gastonia. Is it the case that Gastonia just can’t make this happen just like F3? But, if they decide and the word get spread around it would be our job to assist and educate on the way these work. It would be there job to find 10 females that are ready and willing to start FIA in the Gastonia area. I have mentioned to many but have not found the correct person I guess to take the ball and make it happen. So talk to your M’s and any athletes you find and invite them to there website.

The Thang:

5am I ran until the pax showed up for a slow extra credit.

5:30am the pax showed and we ran. I announced our trip to the Halfpipe and that we would do 3 trips back and forth before coming back. Just to be interrupted with a huge whining voice saying “I was not mentally prepared for the Halfpipe”

Of coarse after that the same person took off at a great pace and knocked the hell out of the run.

650 elevation and it was huge fun.

The Moleskin:

Pray for Oompa’s father.

Pray for the Self family and all around this family.

Monday at the Black Knight is the convergence and the Murph. It will be Q’ed by the ever great Whoopee.

Gastone Out!


BRR Training

The BRR team was invited to take to Crowder’s Mountain with me for 3 trips to the top at 3pm on the 20th.

I gave it until 3:02 and found that I was on a Solo mission.

The Thang:

I put on a 30 pound pack and headed out for the first summit. It was not to bad but the heat was real.

2nd trip, I drank some water on the way to the top. Much harder but the orange I ate at the top made a difference.

3rd trip, did not happen. 2 was enough for this round.

The Moleskin:

So I had not used this location ever to train for the BRR. But, it would be my opinion that the 2 laps up is very close to what 1 leg is really like on the run. I will drop some other dates on myself doing this and hope to have some people join me.

Gastone, Pushing the Rock

Coconut Shuffle

10 Showed for the Sunday run.

The Thang:

The group ran the 5 mile loop.

Several Rucked,

Some started early.

Stroganoff ran an extra 5 before hand.

The Moleskin:

This run is set up around a run that takes place every week in Charlotte. The goal was to have a constant course so no matter if you are slow or fast that you no or learn the way. This is also for safety as if you are new to the run, we know we can go back and get you if needed. The 2nd F is just as important as the first so this is also a time to have after the run for some Fellowship. This Route was not just put together with me it kind of made itself after about a month and can be ran in either direction for an equal hurt. Thanks to all that have been a part of this run and I look forward to the future runs at this location.

Roadie took us out in Prayer.

Thanks for the opportunity to Q

Gastone Out!



Extraordinary People Running/Rucking

20 came out on Mother’s Day and conquered the day by starting it off the best possible way.

The Thang:

Some early for extra credit run.

Some early for Ruck.

The rest came at the start time of 6:30am to run 5 miles.

We started with a pledge at 6:30am.

The Moleskin:

As always it is a honor to have such a great group of guys and to Q any location. If you are not getting inspired from some of the accomplishments of some of your brothers out at these workouts you are not paying attention.

If you are reading this then take my next challenge. This Wednesday do something out of the ordinary and special for your wife. She expected this on Sunday but does not  expect the unexpected on a random day. Just because it’s Wednesday.

Lot’s of prayer request that I did not record all of them. But, please do pray for all your brother’s and family and friends.

Gastone Out!


P.S. Madoff, hope you are ok from the fall during extra credit run. Pretty bad when your shoe fly’s off. The dangers of uneven pavement are real.


Went for a Hefty run!

6 men came out for the Pub Run.

The Thang:

We ran 5 miles, some ran less but pushed the rock, and some had a ruck pack on. JK2 and Gastone arrived early for extra credit but did not see each other until start time.

The Moleskin:

I changed the route today because I can which caused Diva and Tooltime to run with myself and Stroganoff because they would have gotten lost. It was a nice fellowship pace until they figured out how to get back.

Prayers for Stroganoff’s son who is figuring things out, JK2’s Father, Def Leopard and his travels, and some more but I can remember everything.

Thanks for the opportunity to Q Monk, we will see you soon,

Gastone Out!

Imaginary Fire Ants of Pain

23 of Gastonia’s Greatest showed for a Gastone led bootcamp and started the day off in the best way possible.

The Thang:

30 SSH


10 Burpee’s

Mosey to the wall for 70 Seconds of Ball’s to the Wall.

Mosey down Marietta Street to the intersection of 2nd.

Partner 11’s, Partners run opposite directions, one to Franklin and the other to 3rd. Once there 10 Burpee’s. Run back to second to meet your partner and 1 Hand Slap Merkin. Rinse and Repeat until you flip the numbers. We got it down even though my explanation could have been better. (We were called out for to much noise from a resident) oops.

LBC’s and some planks while waiting the 6.

Mosey to South Steet and go backwards up the hill to Franklin.

Mosey across the street to a patch of grass for Jack Webb up to 8 and back down. (Some people acted like fire ants got them when we got around 7)

Mosey backwards to the top of the hill and then Lunge to the start.

Times Up.

The Moleskin:
Prayers for Clavin and I honestly forget. But, I pray for all to be well.

Great group of guys and always a privilege to Q, Thanks Spider-man for the opportunity.

Gastone Out!

A “Long” run back

8 men showed for some time with Gastone. Strognoff told me he must leave by 6am. It was chilly and it was drizzling.

The Thang:

20 SSH

20 Imperial Walkers

5 Diamond Merkins

Mosey to BB&T for a small break at 10 Diamond Merkins

Mosey To Robinwood School under the long cover path.

Partner Up in the middle.

Partner A run to the end and do 20 Squats while partner B runs to the other side and does 20 Squats. Then back to the middle for 1 parnter Merkin. Squats are constant but partner Merkins grow all the way to 11.

At this point Stroganoff said in the most pitiful voice and maybe with a tear “I guess I will leave now since it is a mile to run back”.  We all agreed that it almost made us feel bad for him, it was a moment.

Then we got back to work minus 1.

11’s with a patner. A and B run to the opposite sides and do 10 Dips back to the middle for Partner Derkins 1. Rinse and repeat until the number is flip flopped.

6:09 at this point so we began our great journey back to the start. Whoopee and Someone else went back for the 6.

The Moleskin:

We accomplished over 3 miles with our workout and we felt the workout as well. So I would say we all had fun.

Time for everyone to pick up some Q’s. Although, I have fun doing these Q’s it really defeats the purpose for me to do them. Be ready for more of a push on Q’s over the next 3 weeks. I should only see the schedule about once every 2 months if all are being diligent.

Whoopee made an announcement about a Marathon Rucking event. I believe he wants to do this at Table Rock or some crazy location, that would be perfect then.

Prayer request for Drone, US President, and the world.

Gastone Out!



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