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The Bell Sounds

11 Showed for the Coconut Horse.

5 showed for extra 8 miles at 5:20am.

1 Showed early for some rucking.

1 showed early for some running.

Gold Digger went a total of 20 and almost outran his age. Better luck next time.

Circle of Trust

Prayers for several

Forgot flag and no flag in sight. Oops

Headed in for coffee and recovery.

Gastone Out!

Hurricane Hustle

4 brave men showed for The Pub.

The Thang:

5 mike route to stay close to home in case of lightning storm. ( Just rained)

The Moleskin:

the weather was perfect for running. The comradarie was good..

”If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn’t sit for a month” Theodore Roosevelt

Prayers for Anthrax’s family, Madoff’s friends battling cancer, and my own family.

Gastone Out!


Groundhog Webb Kitchen

11 Showed for the Coconut Horse.

5 Rucked

1 came early for and extra credit.

Pockets took off early.

5 miles completed by all.

DDC made the entire run with not stops.

Great work by all.



Then we headed in to Starbucks for some Fellowship.

Gastone Out!

Much Merriment Mayhem

5:30 struck and a Q had not arrived. Gastone noticed and stepped to the middle to temporize the crowd. But, after 12 of us started with SSH, Spiderman came up and said Gastone you can keep it if you want. I oblige, the cheering began as you could hear the crowd with all the excitement to be part of a Gastone Q.

The Thang:

30 SSH (3 Count)

15 Merkins (3 count)

Mosey to the bridge.

Bear crawl across.

Mosey to parking lot with 2 sets of stairs.

Partner Exercise. Circle path in the parking lot around the stairs. Meet your partner at the top and the bottom. Start with 10 Partner Merkin’s at the top and 9 at the bottom. Rinse and Repeat until you run out of numbers.

LBC’s until all finish.

Mosey to the stairs with a hand rail. Everyone up on the railing with feet and hands on the top railing. Huckleberry at the bottom bear crawl to the top as we all slide down and then the next guy. Once finished  we reversed and went downhill. (next time feet on the top rail and hands on the second rail down)

Mosey back to parking lot. (about 10 yards)

First parking spot, 50 Monkey Humpers

Next spot, 20 in place lunges counting the right leg. (Clavin counted the left the entire time so he should make up for this today on his own time)

Next, 50 Squats

Next, 40 calf raises with feet together

Next, 50 Gorilla Humper’s (Same as Monkey except your spreed your legs further)

Next, 40 calf raises with feet apart.

Run backwards around the parking lot and back to the same parking spot.

Mosey back to bridge. (Peddles mentioned something about partner carry)

Bridge, Wheelbarrow across with partner. (Good idea Peddles with more partner work)

Backwards around this parking lot. It was flat.

Quickly tried Circle Derkins around round area. Not enough space.

5 Burpee’s for the train.

Jailbreak back to start.

The Moleskin:

We got to work this morning and some say that they were mad at Spiderman for handing off the Q. But, I will make note that he has been bringing the heat for a long time and his workouts can make mine look friendly. Another note, Q’s are available for you to pick up and unlike Cam Newton I don’t mind jumping on the ball when needed. Can you jump faster?

Prayers for Officers and families involved in the shooting in Florence.

Thanks for the opportunity, it is always an honor to be the Q.

Gastone Out!


Sunday fun run

6 Men came out for a run. All accomplished.

The Thang:
5:30am Gastone and RPO ran extra 5.

Roscoe showed most likely around 5:45 or 6 and we passed him getting extra credit. Extra 4.75 I think.

Passed Pockets getting it early as well around 6:12am. He was over 5 miles.

Moses and Madoff were ready to go at 6:30.

The Moleskin:

Make sure that all men runners of Gaston County know of our running days. It is time for growth going into the fall. RPO is going to be the future champion of his track team, Great first 10 mile run.

Pocket’s way to push that rock, keep it up.

Going into this morning I was in need of a mental reset. The last week was hard with my Mother-in-law having a stroke the Sunday before. Both parents moved in with us a couple weeks before. She passed Friday morning after a 20 year battle with Parkinson’s. She was an amazing woman.


Gastone Out!


Diamonds are forever.

8 showed up for the after storm party. The weather was good this morning and Diamonds are forever.

The Thang:

30 Seal Jacks

15 Merkins

20 Plank Jacks

5 Diamonds

Mosey towards Hawks Nest

Arrived at Hawks Nest for Plank and right arm and leg then left.

Mosey around to Robinson

25 Dips 3 count

20 Squats

25 Derkins

20 Lunges count the right leg

25 Incline Merkins

30 Wall Jumps

5 Diamonds

20 Dips 3 count

20 Squats

20 Derkins

20 Lunges count the right leg

20 Incline Merkins

20 Wall Jumps

10 Diamonds

15 Dips 3 count

20 Squats

15 Derkins

20 Lunges count the right leg

15 Incline Merkins

15 Wall Jumps

15 Diamonds

Mosey to the other side of school.

20 Wide Arm Merkins OYO

Mosey to bottom of Gastone’s hill

Backwards up the hill.

Mosey back to the start.

Times up, before Mary get it on your own.

The Moleskin:

Turtleman is recovering from injury and coming along. We should see him around Friday. Weather was good this morning and the rain had stopped. Not a lot of mumble chatter but Whoopee told a story about the Goruck. Just like a Monday should be as we showed up and got the job done to start off the week better than anybody else.

Prayer request, 3 month old that lost life in dallas and prayers for the family. Prayers for all the people affected by the storm.

Gastone Out!




What storm?

I got up and heard the wind whipping on my house and it was poring. I thought no way this is happening so I will get ready and go down to see if anybody is thinking the same way. My wife awakened and tried to stop me but I shook her off my leg and got out the front door. I arrived, Roscoe in parking lot waiting but I could barely see him with his tinted windows. Looked like Pockets truck was at the location but never had seen him. Tooltime and another car in place so I decided while I am making up my mind to drive and look for the guys and look at conditions.  I drive down towards the armory and Roscoe calls me. Asked me what I am doing and I told him I am not running in this mess. He asked why not. I drove back to the start and passed DDC and then Tooltime running back to the start.

DDC came out for a ruck but ended up running with Tooltime. He did not stay for the regular but get’s lots of credit for running.

Roscoe, Gastone, and Tooltime proceeded to get the regular 5 mile coarse in. It really was not bad, even the greenway we did go through waste deep water but the floating debris helped us get to the other side and back on the trail. Roscoe is a good swimmer so that helped. Once back on the greenway we had to dodge falling trees and electrical lines but did not bug us as we were in conversation. We turned to run up Robinwood but the mudslides made it more difficult, but we made it.

Good run, with great guys. I probably would have tapped out if it was not for the leadership of the other 2 guys on this run.

Still really don’t know if Pockets was around but I am giving him credit because it looked like his truck in the lot.

Kudos guys,


5:31 so let’s do this..

16 Men showed for a Spiderman Q but at 5:31 we had no sign of our webbed friend. So everyone at that point cheered when Gastone stepped to the middle of the circle. Linus and Toto came strolling in as we did warm up’s but still no sign. The excitement was in the air.

The Thang:

SSH 31

5 Diamond Merkins

10 Merkins

20 Imperial Walker

5 Diamond’s

20 CCD’s

Mosey to McQuitter Wall.

20 Dips

50 Wall jumps

25 Derkins

30 Lunges counting right leg

30 Incline Merkins

15 Dips

30 Wall Jumps

20 Derkins

20 Lunges

20 Incline Merkins

10 Dips

20 Wall Jumps

20 Lunges

20 Incline Merkins

Mosey between to small hills and partner up.

5 Burpee’s due to train.

Partner A run down one hill partner B run down the other. meet in the middle for 10 Hand Slap Merkins. Rinse and Repeat 3x.

Mosey Around and on the way back.

Backwards up the hill 50 yards

Stop in random lot.

40 Monkey Humpers

Walk to next opening

40 Monkey Humpers

40 Squats with a break for another train and 5 Burpee’s

Then 5 Burpee’s

Mosey to bottom of long hill

Run backwards up the hill. 100 yards

Mosey more.

Stop for 6 minutes of Mary.

50 LBC’s

40 Flutter’s

Sister Act tried to leave at this point but was called back for the next exercise just because he was talking about it.

Partner Wheel barrow 20 yards each. Now he can leave.

Mosey to the start

The Moleskin:

Great group of men this morning that received a improve workout from Gastone. We had one FNG which was the 2.0 of Dr Feelgood and he mentioned he like to beat up his brother. So he got the name Chet from the older movie but great movie Weird Science. Welcome Chet.

Q vs Q tomorrow. Linus is now the main judge since Roscoe has to work. Should be a good battle between Florence and Shortsale.

Check your calendars and sign up for some of the events upcoming in the F3 agenda.

Prayers for all the people that have so far been affected by Florence.

It is always a privilege.




BRR 2018 Straight Out Of Gashouse

Straight Out Of Gashouse

14 Men went out on an adventure, 2 drivers and 11 runners.

The Thang:

Van 1: Driver and 5 runner’s

Van2: Driver and 6 runner’s

If you don’t know how this works I will explain briefly. We have 12 positions for running. We go through 1 through 12, 3 times.

We conquered.

The Moleskin:

First, I would like to thank all that participated in this and how much of an honor it is to participate in this event with each one of you. We have many stories from the event and as a matter of record they should be recorded on this thread. So please respond with any stories that your feel need to be added in the comments section below.

Quick Highlights:

Both Madoff and Monk had dogs really mess with them on runs. Madoff makes mention of that he got a 2 minute delay on his leg which messed up his timing. Monk saved a girl from dogs and took a spill on the ground while doing so. Next years thought is that we bring some pepper spray. We don’t want to hurt the dogs but we do need to protect ourselves.

Burning Car: This was spotted in Van 2 and they stayed at location for 30 minutes. Confirmed today that someone was dead at that scene. Van 2 will have to elaborate on this story.

Boudan, seemed to enjoy the Grandfather Mountain run. He almost seemed euphoric after the run.

Marissa: She not only was the nice girl that Monk saved and was very gracious but also ran with Madoff later and she ran very well.

Stonecold ran his first big race and really made it happen. Kudos to him for the gut check out on the BRR.

Freight had mentioned something about his leg 31 being bad and Tyson said to him “You signed up for this”. Perfect.

Tyson drove for van 2, he is down with an injury and we all hope he is better real soon.

Freight, Took Tyson’s spot on the relay on Thursday before the event. He ran better than average, I know he is sore but it is unbelievable how well he did on this runs.

Defib, took the Mountain Goat like it was flat land. Observation from me was he had used his arms so well to assist up the mountain he looked like a body builder.

Tooltime approaching: Gastone checked with van 2 to see how much sleep I could get. We had figured that Tooltime would make it around 2 am to me, but after talking to Van 2 they said around 1:30am. So I set my clock for 1:07am. I got up and Roadie told me that he should be to us in 20 minutes. This meant Tooltime was flying fast. But, then within 3 minutes they told me he would be to us in 10 minutes. I started to hurry, and could not get my socks on because my feet were wet but almost ready all of another 2 minutes and the tell me that he could be arriving in a minute. I start quickly still putting myself together and got to the start line to notice that he has already arrived and is eating a potato. Good gracious, he gives me grief and then tells me to give him 25 Burpee’s to make up for it. So I could not do this for him on that run but I got them today since he is the boss.

Whoopee, he says he hates to run. But, he ran like a champ and put together some great times. He is ready to go again next year.

While waiting on Defib at the top of the Goat. A local pick up truck must not like vistors. He came real close to taking out myself, Dolph, and Tooltime. Then went down the hill and almost got Defib. What a jerk.

Dolph is Dolph, just a regular beast that probably did not train and just did this in his spare time. But a great job he did.

Roadie is the best driver we could have asked for. He gave encouragement to our team and other runner’s on the coarse. For us in van 1 we could not thank him enough for being who he is and for what he added to all of us during this race. On a side note: Roadie is going to start taking the red pill now, expect big things. Thanks, Roadie.

Defib and his M had us stop over at the lake house on the way back. They had food and drinks and were very awesome for doing this!!! You guys are great and we all really liked the house. We definitely look forward to swimming  at that spot one day in our Speedo’s.

So much more happened so be sure to add stories to the comment section, we need to have all this down.

It was an honor to run with you guys and I look forward to the next adventure.

Gastone Out!




Fun Run

6 Showed for Coconut Horse.

The Thang:

We ran 5 miles

The Moleskin:

I started at 5:30am for the first 5. Returned before start of the next 5. Found Whoopee who was missing anybody that would Ruck with him (Boudan). His windows were down and he was just going to say hello to everyone and leave. He said no more running. But, when Roscoe showed and Monk all of the sudden he was going to go a little and then turn back. Long story short he ran the entire run, what a monster a few of the guys are after such a run the day before.

Prayers go out to those in need.

We did the pledge

We went in for coffee

Gastone Out

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