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Day: August 12, 2019

Vu Ja Day

According to Stinky Bird it was all like Deja Vu to him today for some reason …. could be because this was my first ever redux of a workout. It was such a hit last week down in Lake Wylie that I felt it needed presentation here…. there were a few minor changes just not with the workout …
Upon arrival I noticed Stinky Bird and informed him that it was Back to the Future ( past ) day …. he may want to leave ….. he went on and EC run but I thought he took my advice not seeing him until start time …. the crowd assembled and I informed all of what was to happen ….
Disclaimer …. should be easy to modify …. plz do if needed..
This workout was mainly influenced by 3 major exercises that seem to have been in heavy rotation lately ( yes …. even I have used these and am guilty ) however they have been greatly modified …. but the influence remains ….
SSH. IC x11
5 burpees
Merkins IC. x11
4 burpees
Stinky Bird informs all pax to get accustomed to being in a plank position much of rest of time ( spoilers!!)
Time to slow stuff down…
MNC IC. x11
3 burpees
Plank jacks IC. x11
2 burpees
LBCs. IC x11
What’s next? 1 burpee ….. if you can’t figure …. this is a reinvention of 11s
Mosey to front entrance of the park that has not been in use much of the last few weeks with F3 ( usually we end up Old HT or Robinson)
Locate nice patch of grass and introduce the Big BM ‘s …
4 exercises that we will do for next 15-20 minutes
5 burpees 25 big Boys 25 merkins and 25 CDD scorpions … 25 first lift one leg and then do 25 other leg up ….. wait for pax and inform them that self and Stinky Bird remained in the 6 last week as the Crew at Crows Nest stayed at it …. Stinky Bird confirmed and added that they may have added by twos …….
At the back of the school …. completely in the dark with plenty of owls to talk to there is a mega monster hill they affectionately call “ the Green Monster” … Hipaa told me of it weeks ago when I told him of my guest Q ( also it should be noted that other than Iced Tea whom I work with who is the site Q who stayed after me until I accepted the invite ,,, I only knew Radar who supplied a Slack message that brought out The Hushpuppy and Stinky Bird… I chose NOT to visit the site nor visit and meet unmet pax prior to that date and met 8 great guys with amazing stamina’s !!

Back to the workout where we mosey to hill at front of park normally used by Gastone which was probably close …. although shorter than the Green Monster where we will recreate those 4 exercises minus one cdd scorpion at bottom of hill , mid of hill top of hill , back to mid hull and end at bottom of hill with all exercises…. last week I failed to explain that you are to ‘carefully’ do each exercise in the direction you are facing but added today …. sadly pax did their 5 burpees and moved to mid hill when Stinky Bird and I suddenly called them out …. bringing them back to finish AlL exercises …. they cheered and were overjoyed ….. they had somehow forgotten the big boys and merkins …
guickly they realized just how challenging each of these is in another direction…. my influence was NOT present ( Turtleman ) who loves to perform Big Boys on Hills with Moderate inclines ….. he NEEDS these!!
Burpees are VERY tricky in the dark facing downhill …. in the interest of time …. I Omaha the last bottom of hill set and explain that this was a reinvention of 4 corners ,,,, however , you can do 2,3 or 4 exercises for a complete beat down , just change the direction , elevation or some other aspect and you greatly increase the difficulty and challenge!
Short mosey to parking lot for my Dora exercise …. it was influenced by Dirt who gave us Rugby Sprints

Here pax line up , pax one calls exercise until they decide to yell , “Go!” We jog to start of parking spaces and back then run to other side and walk back …. reset for pax 2 and so on…
Stinky Bird started us with ….. well it was intended to be imperial squat walkers In cadence ….. lost in translation …..
There were flutters, Rocky B’s, MNCs Mercury Freddie’s … bicycle in reverse… seems the same…. most notable was Defib and his 20 minutes of Mike Tysons …. we ALL stopped to admire his form …. he finally called go I just had time to call little man/ Gumby in the woods ( Smurf Jacks) , I chose not to be cruel and after one yelled “go!” Had pax stop other side and quick mosey across the field for ,,,,,, Time!

It should also be noted that these Rugby Sprints are great to challenge the pax for creativity (choosing the right exercise and /or timing as well as watching many challenge nearby partner for who will finish first ! These are a great addition ,,,,,, much thanks to Dirt for this one …

There are many great locations here , but I admire those fellow pax who post out of town whether on vacation or at work in strange cities … I’ve also noted many who’ve posted near our area … I thoroughly enjoyed my guest Q and hope to have a chance to revisit these great HIMs just south of us … their workout times are earlier than ours …5:15…. Monday’s At Crowders Ridge Elem ( Crows Nest) Tuesday’s cannonball at New River Church
Wdnesday Shipwreck ( brand new 2 choices beat down one z moderate style the other high intensity each 30 mins and cofeeteria after called Shipwreck Thursday Poop Deck at the Bowl n Bounce Friday Bermuda Triangle Bethel Church ( middle of nowhere) Saturday 6:30 oak ridge Middle …. check it out ….. or Q!!
Challenge yourself !

“ Youths May faint and grow weary, and young men stumble and fall, but those who trust in the Lord will renew their strength; they will soar on wings like eagles : they will run and not grow weary: they will walk and not faint.” Isaiah 40:30-31

Pizza man Rankin Lake 10-1 rhis Saturday signups on Slack

9/11 Stair Climb on 9/14 in Charlotte ( or donate to FF)

Stop Soldier Suicide / SFN 5k/10k on 9/21

JJ5 k 9/28

Ragnar 10/5

BRR ruck McAlisters party 8/18

Xmas town 5 k / SFN F3 …… this WILL sell out …. don’t miss out!!!!

Prayers for Island
Def Leppard’s M upcoming surgery and Easy Riders family

Stroganoff prayed us out

Red on both Ends

Gold Digger originally had the Q for Mt. Hollywood this morning but he had a last minute schedule change and asked YHC to take it. I agreed and started to develop my Weinke. I wanted to give the proper beatdown without having the complexity of a Short Sale workout (because, let’s be honest, my mind isn’t as developed as well as the former weasel shaker’s). I took to Twitter and Slack for inspiration. I came across the recent “7 albums in 7 days challenge” that many of our PAX have been participating in. I came across a few posts of Whoopee’s favorite band- Rush. He’s the one who introduced many of us to RED BARCHETTA. That’s all I needed for inspiration.

As the PAX were circling up, Broke asked “before I get outta my truck, how many burpees are we doing?”. I told him somewhere between 1 and 300. It won’t be THAT many.


  • SSH X 10IC
  • Gravel Pickers X 10IC
  • Low Slow Squats X10 IC



Mosey out of the school parking lot and through the light at Hawthorne. Right onto Mt. Glendale street. Right at the end of Glendale to the back parking lot of Second Baptist Church. YHC already had the cones set up at 100, 75, 50, 25 and 10 yards for Red Barchetta.

  1. 100 yard sprint to end cone then 100 SSH (single count). Sprint back. Plank for the 6.
  2. 75 yard sprint then 75 mountain climbers (count right leg). Sprint back. Plank for the 6.
  3. 50 yard sprint then 50 LBCs (single count). Sprint back. Plank for the 6.
  4. 25 yard sprint then 25 Merkins. Sprint back. Plank for the 6.
  5. 10 yard sprint then 10 Burpees. Sprint back. Plank for the 6.

After a quick 10 count, mosey to a smaller section of parking lot for escalator Burpee Dans. PAX perform 4 lunges then 1 burpee until they reach the other side. On the way back, lunges stay the same, but burpees increase by 1. We went up to 5 burpees, then back down to one. Mumblechatter was pretty nonexistent except for a few unfavorable statements directed at the Q.

Last on the agenda was a rinse and repeat of Red Barchetta. The PAX were thrilled to hear it! Checking the time, I decided to cut the reps in half at each station. All the guys pushed through like the HIMs that they are. We then moseyed back to home base. With just a couple minutes left, a couple rounds of Mary.

Broke called Flutter Kicks- 15 IC

Sister Act called Dying Cockroaches- 15

Tiger called American Hammers-20 or 25 IC. Sorry, I forgot.



  • Pizza Man’s 2nd F event at Rankin Lake park from 10:00-14:00. Sign-up at the pre-blast link he posted on Slack. 8/17
  • 9/11 Stairclimb on 9/14.
  • Stop Soldier Suicide 5k/ 10K Speed for Need Event 9/21
  • JJ5K at Stanley Common Ground (trail run) 9/28
  • Ragnar on 10/5
  • Tuna 200 on 10/25-10/26
  • BRR Ruck is happening. Check Whoopee’s post on Slack about a meeting coming up.
  • Already looking ahead to next year for P200 and the Colonial 200.
  • Christmastown 5k. Sign up soon. This race usually sells out by September.
  • Shocker is putting on a Golf fundraiser for “Promise for Haiti” that he’s involved with.

Prayer Requests:

Def Leppard’s M is having surgery in September, F3 Guts (Connor Wise) is battling Crohn’s disease, teachers and students going back to school.

YHC took us out in prayer.


I really didn’t have any words of wisdom or encouragement for the guys this morning. As I was riding to Mt. Hollywood, I was listening to the radio and heard the speaker say “the three words that all of us need to hear and want to hear from someone else is- Don’t Give Up.”. There are many people throughout history who made an impact on all of us just because they didn’t quit. I’ve had many of my F3 brothers message me or talk to me and give that very encouragement to me the past few days. To every one of my brothers, I want to thank you for  your friendship and the brotherhood that cannot be replaced. All of you have inspired me and motivated me to be a better Husband, Dad, Son, Brother, Friend and Christian. I hope and pray that I can return the favor to all of you guys. I’m honored to be part of the Gashouse Brotherhood!



P.S. Ask Tesla about an upcoming x-ray that Sister Act will be getting soon. It seems like some cutting edge medical science to YHC!

Make Good Decisions

YHC arrives about 20 mins early, just in time to see Quiche rolling in from a few fast miles of EC.  Crowd grows as we get close to 0700, expecting an FNG, but no show.  Have to get back to the EH.  Time.  Quick disclaimer, let’s get going.

Warmup: SSH x 10IC, Imperial Walkers x 10IC, Goof Balls x 10IC, Cotton Pickers x10 IC.  Mosey

Mosey up Main Street to parking lot behind the Stowe Building for 15 to 1.  Partner up, partner goes to opposite side of parking lot.  Do 15 burpees on each side.  Meet in middle for 15 booyah merkins, continue to opposite side for 15 jump squats.  Meet in middle again for 15 American Hammers.  Continue this doing 14, then 13….when get to 5, increase hammers back 10 until the end.  This was difficult, everyone worked hard.

Mosey to field of dreams to push the blocking sled.  One pax jumps on the sled and pushes as far as he wants.  Other pax do LBC, SSH, Mountian climbers while sled being pushed.   Good work.  Mosey to picnic pavilion.

Divide into four groups.  Group 1 goes to the bar for 5 pull ups, group 2 10 decline merkins, group three 10 step ups each leg, group 4 10 dips.  Rotate to each station for three rounds.

Go to fountain for Mary of various pax called exercises.  Go the Yank for Pledge.  Time

Had a quick word about decisions.  Who and what we surround ourselves with makes a big impact on the decisions we make.  And often it isn’t the major life decisions that have the largest life impact, but the small ones that we make on a daily basis.

Announcements: Memorial run/walk at Rankin Lake Aug 17 sign up through pre-blast, Stop Soldier suicide Sept 21, JJ5K Sept 28. Ragnar Oct 5, Tuna 200.  Sargento taking HC for Colonial 200 next year.

Prayer requests: Lynn Hamm and family, teachers and students going back to school, and college students, neighbor of Tesla battling Crones disease.

YHC took us out.

Always an honor to lead


Stop Solider Suicide SFN Event

Men of F3 Gastonia…it is time once again for another Speed For Need event in our area.  If you haven’t had an opportunity to be apart of one of these event, you don’t want to miss this opportunity.  We will have two chairs at this event and we have Bed Pan’s uncle in one, so if you know anyone else, we still are looking to push two veterans.  If you know someone that might be interested please reach out to me at (704)634-3039 so will can communicate with them.  Please use the link below to register…more details to come.


Discount Code: 113FA

Event: Stop Solider Suicide 5k/10k

Location: South Point High School 906 South Point Rd. Belmont, NC 28012

Date: SFN starts September 21, 2019 at 7:20am (Be there 6:30-6:45am to help set-up)

Crossroads 8/11

10 runners and 1 biker showed for a fair weather day at Crossroads. Most were able to stay for the Q Source discussion on Articulation that followed and glad to have Pizza Man, Roadie and Huckleberry join in for that. Sunday mornings at Crossroads and Coconut Horse are places where you can get all three F’s, come give it a try.



8/17 – Event in remembrance of Pizza Man’s niece at Rankin Lake from 10am-2pm. Sign up in the pre-blast

8/18 – BRR ruck mtg at McAllister’s at 3pm

9/14 – 911 stair climb in Charlotte

9/21 – SFN at Stop Soldier Suicide in Belmont

9/28 – JJ 5k in Stanley

Check out the recent F3 podcast concerning growth and changes and also the one about Painlab

Huckleberry has tix for sale for F3 Dads camp this weekend


Prayer Request

Def Leppard’s M – upcoming surgery

Big Pappy and Family

F3 Dad’s camp this weekend

Mayor and family travelling

School starting back – kids, parents, teachers


YHC took us out.


I’m Broke


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