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Day: August 9, 2019

Hills and Heat

It was a typical hot, summer afternoon at Midoriyama. 10 men showed to get better. Let’s go.
SSH x 10 IC
Right foot over Left and stretch to touch the toes 5 times.
Left foot over Right and stretch to touch the toes 5 times.
Cotton Pickers x 10 IC
Moroccan Night Clubs x 10 IC
Mosey to the entrance of the park for Squats before we cross the road to the new path area. Count off to verify 10 strong. Mosey across the road to what I call the Cul de Sac. A paved section of new path that goes about 200 feet and ends just below the parking lot.
Partner Up for 5 and Dime (I made that part up but borrowed the routine from Stroganoff)
P1 does Flutters while P2 runs to the corner of the parking lot (shade) for 10 merkins. Switch until each partner completes 3 rounds (was supposed to be 5 but time was short).
Repeat with P1 doing Squats but continuing the 10 Merkins after the run and switching for 3 rounds.
Repeat with P1 doing Freddie Mercuries but continuing the 10 Merkins after the run and switching for 3 rounds.

Mosey back across the street to the picnic shelter for half of 80 D’s I guess this would be 40 D’s. 10 Dips IC called by SA, 10 Hello Dollies IC called by Slaw, 10 Dying Cockroaches IC called by Blart and 10 Derkins IC called by Broke.

Mosey past the new Pump Track. Didn’t see Medicine Woman but he has been there lately. Mosey across some rugged terrain and come out behind Softball field #1. Catch our breath and mosey to the right field side where a new hill awaits.
Mosey down the hill, sprint (or mosey) back up the hill and perform 10 oblique crunches right side and 10 oblique crunches left side and repeat I think we did this 4 times.

While we had a bit of shade, I asked for the F3 Mission and Blart recited it. To plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership. Leadership is the mission. I asked each man to think about where he needs to be leading. In F3, it starts with showing up and then Qing a workout and then possibly leading as a Site Q but you are missing the mission if you are not leading anything.

Mosey back to the flag.

Announcements (Get out and support our events)
Pizza Man’s Remembrance Walk/Run on Saturday, August 17th 10 am at Rankin Lake park
Stop Soldier Suicide 10K/5K in Belmont on Saturday, September 21st
JJ5k in Stanley at Common Ground Trail on Saturday, September 28th
Ragnar Trail Run Saturday, October 5th
Tuna 200 October 25th – 26th
Christmas Town 5K Saturday, November 30th

Prayer Requests
My wife’s surgery in September
Big Pappy’s family
Each man’s silent concerns
Blart took us out. Thanks Blart!

*NMM We got in 2 miles and a bunch of reps. Maybe a little too many Merkins for my liking but everyone got better. Thanks to all of the guys who posted. Thanks to Broke for picking up the six today. Thanks to SA for pushing everyone in own his special way. Thanks to Big Pappy for coming out to push on a hot day when he had a lot on his mind. Great to see Vanilla Ice showing in Gastonia as he has been posting in Lake Wylie for about a month. Slaw should not have worn a white shirt. I believe I saw Dr. Seuss sweating! CPAP and Tater Hole were pushing the rock today.

Pick a Card any Card.

This week has been busy for YHC, school is about to start and life is moving at a faster pace.
My M. purchased for me a pack of workout cards for my Birthday a while back, these are great!
I would encourage any of the pax to keep them on hand.

Warm Up:
SSH then a short mosey to the wall by 321, Gump has made it out a few times but I wanted him to have a formal welcome so we did Monkey Humpers by the wall while Butts facing traffic. I am sad to say no cars came by at this time so I guess it is the cars Loss on that one.
The rest of the time pulled cards from the deck and Moseyed around downtown.

Pizza Man Event Aug. 17th 10-2 family fun run event/remembrance walk
Stop Solider Suicide coming up in Belmont.
JJ 5k,
Stay Up to date on all the latest gossip and events by going to Slack.

Prayer Request: Each other, EZ riders family, kids going back to school.

The BedPan is Full.

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