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30 PAX and 2.0’s came out to the Folsom 2.0 day today. Great job on making this a monthly day during the summer guys! It has been a hit! It is very important that we be role models for our kids. There are some bad ones out there that they could be following.

Roadie lead us from the start.


SSH x 10ic, Squats and something else.

I have to say Roadie did a great job of explaining some of our weird ways and names

Mosey to the front of the park. Man my kid hates running more than me!


11’s in the parking lot. SSH’s and squats.

Hippa took over.

Mosey back to the field at the start. Hiippaa led us in some fire drill exercises.

The 1st lesson from HHipa was about getting low. Bearcrawl in a circle then do some merkins. Bearcrawl some more exercises.  So on and so forth for several rounds.

The 2nd lesson from Hiippa was on stop drop and roll. Run in place then drop and roll left then roll right and jump back up. Repeat several times.

Freight took over

Mosey to the tennis courts

Get in three teams for some relay races.

First was the monkey relay. Grab you ankles and hold them while running across a tennis court and back. There was no running in this. Try it!

2nd everyone got a balloon. Run down two tennis courts, sit on your balloon, pop it and run back.

3rd everyone took off one shoe in the middle of the courts and put them in a pile. The teams then went to the far corners. One member at a time has to run and find their shoe put it on and run back.


Announcements-Relay and cookout August 25th, Goruck light Sunday

Namerama-Welcome Mozart, Cheese dip, Bindi, PETA, Laffy Taffy, Steamboat, Lockup

Prayer Request-Our kids and Dads


Awesome morning guys. So proud of all of you for bringing yours kids out and being good role models. They may not get it out now but one day they will. Being a parent isn’t always about the here and now. Sometimes we are just working for their future.

You can have an effective workout without running

7 men showed for my Painlab VQ.  It was 10 minutes until launch time and there were only three men in the parking.  It started looking it would be a light crowd.  By launch time 14 men (7 and the boot camp and 7 at the lab) had circled up.

Stroganoff lead the group through the warmup and then he lead his men out of the parking lot.  The rest of us gathered at the back of the parking lot by the benches.

The thang

Partnered up and started with lazy Dora, but many more reps.  The exercises were 100 merkins, 200 squats, 300 monkey humpers, 400 flutter kicks, 500 calf raises and 600 LBC.  Each partner would do five rounds with the number increasing on each exercise.  Each partner did five rounds of 10 merkins, 20 squats… up to 60 LBCs each round.  This was fun.

Next was a personal favorite of mine – deconstructed burpees.

Over to the benches for 11s. Dips and Incline merkins.

Back to the parking lot for 11s.  CDDs (in honor of Def Leppard. We miss you, brother) and mountain climbers.

We did a round of Mary tabata style.  1 minute of each exercise.  We had plank jacks, low plank, prom nights, moroccan nightclubs, something I’m forgetting and finishing with LBCs and the boot campers returned.

That’s time.


Announcements: JJ5k, Speed for Need race

Prayer requests: Monk’s friend, guys on the IR

BOM: Stroganoff closed us in prayer.

It was an honor to VQ the painlab today, men.  It’s great to see Bandit again. It’s been too long, sir.  Glad you’re back.  Thank you all for the push and the opportunity.

Philippians 4:13


Vern at the Yank

Warm up

15IC Don Q’s
20IC Moroccan Night Clubs
Mosey to the flag



this is one of my favorite Brownstreak workouts. It’s easy to follow, gets all major Muscles groups and cardio at a steady pace.

The Vern.
10 pull ups
Mosey 1 Lap around Belmont middle track

Plank on the six
20 dips IC (except for round 3 with Q fail on IC count!)
Mosey 1 Lap around Belmont middle track

Plank on the six
20 CDD’s IC
Mosey 1Lap around Belmont middle track

Plank on the six

Plank on the six
20 Single count Merkins (round 2 was Diamonds)
Mosey 1Lap around Belmont middle track

Plank on the six

REPEATO 3.5 times (round four we did all exercises and 1 mosey to the Yank)


As YHC continues to be involved with F3 I find that the simple push and pull steady workouts are the ones I like best. There was nothing fancy about today however YHC guarantees that all PAX in attendance had a hell of a beat down. There was strong work by all PAX today and YHC was glad to home at the Yank again.



Csaup (50mile relay) and second F (gathering at Sargento’s …M’s are welcome no 2.0’s   August 25th , August 6th Launch of new AO Mount Hollywood Tiger will be Site Q




Prayer Requests: Boudin’s mom (praise for healing) , Boudin’s son prayers for shoulder healing with physical therapy , Sprinklers mom for healing battle depression for some time now , Sargento for test he has coming up this week.


1 Corinthians 16:13 (NLT)

13 Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous.[a] Be strong.

1 Corinthians 16:13 (HCSB)

13 Be alert, stand firm in the faith, act like a man, be strong.


Proverbs 27:

17Iron sharpens iron,
and one man sharpens another.



It was an honor to lead today men!

Tool Time

Passing the Flag

A few weeks ago, Monk contacted me and asked that I consider taking over responsibility as site Q at The Pub. My first thought was, “Why me? I’m not really a runner.” But the more I thought about it, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity. It was less about the 3-5 mile runs every Thursday morning and more about the chance to challenge myself and encourage others to take the lead as Q or simply post more frequently. I accepted, and we set the official transfer date as 7/19.

One of the great things about F3 is the chatter that takes place between workouts on Twitter or Slack. I had the idea of setting up a Twitter account for the often-forgotten running AO. This would offer a chance to gain attention to keep the PAX coming out. As we learned from the IHOB experience a few months ago, it’s all about getting attention on social media. IHOP was all the talk when they announced a name change to IHOB, but since then, I haven’t really heard it mentioned. My goal as the new site Q is to continue to foster the interest in running that has developed in F3 Gastonia and not fade out like an over-hyped menu option.

We used the new twitter account to hype up the mystery site Q in hopes of building interest and getting the PAX out to post. Monk and I talked the night before to come up with a flag-passing ceremony worthy of the occasion. After some deep thought, we basically decided that Monk would say a few words, and then we’d stick the shovel flag in the ground.

I showed up to find only Monk as he unfurled the flag. I thought this was going to be a real memorable ceremony if it was just the two of us. Shortly after, Gastone and Defib came running up after some EC. They were quickly followed by Sargento and Madoff who drove up.

We began the ceremony with Monk sharing a few words, and then the two of us jointly planted the flag into the sacred soil of the Publix parking lot. I believe there were tears, but I’m not naming names. At that point, Monk called for 5 sprinter burpees (burpees with mountain climbers in the plank position). This was met with some glances around by the PAX . Wait, this is a running AO. Monk reiterated that he was serious and that these were not really an option. He was the out-going site Q. What were they going to do, vote him out of office?

After the sprinter burpees, YHC took the Q and led the PAX on the mosey. We headed down Armstrong Park Rd. Left on E Perry St before the CVS. Right on Lee St to get back on New Hope. Left on New Hope. Right on Armstrong Park Dr. Right on Armstrong Park Rd and back to the Pub.

I held the position of the six solely to make sure no one was left behind. You believe that, right?

Announcements and prayer requests.

The Pledge

Close with Prayer

I want to extend a sincere and hearty thank you to Monk for his leadership at The Pub since the beginning. He had the idea that this AO was necessary and could be successful. He stuck with it during lean times and was faithful to the PAX in keeping this going. He’s moving on to continue to lead the PAX of F3 Gastonia with his work on the Whetstone project. Monk is truly a HIM of the highest standard.

Dorothy had a little dog…

That little dogs name was Toto. But, don’t be fooled when looking at the little dog because it had great strength. The strength of a lion.

The Thang:

We warmed up.

He killed our arms, we tried a few new things.

We did pull ups.

Overall pretty nasty Q but I don’t remember all.

The Moleskin:

Toto has jumped in and is learning the whole thing around taking on a Q.  He will learn to write BB’s soon but for now I have him covered.

Pledge and the Prayers,

Toto Signing Off for today.

In hindsight… some of this was stupid

11 men posted for the lastest edition of Midoriyama.  Relatively speaking the weather was nice.  At 17:30 we clocked in.  Tool Time and Wojo went running while the rest of us started the warmup.

Warmup: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Flutter Kicks all x 10IC.

Mosey to the parking lot by the far turd shack.

Four corner escalator  C1: 20 Scorpion dry docks.  C2: 20 Scorpion dry docks and 40 Peter Parkers.  C3: 20 Scorpion dry docks, 40 Peter Parkers and 60 LBCs.  C4: all the above plus 80 Squats.

Lunge from pole to pole and line up for Route 66.   Bearcrawl between lines with merkins.

Mosey to the far turd shack.  11s with Australian mountain climbers and regular mountain climbers.   I’m not certain, but I think I heard more complaining during this than any exercise I’ve ever called.

Mosey back to the parking lot.  Lunge, nur, lunge, nur. Circle up for some tabata.   One minute of the exercise with a brief break.   Exercises were monkey humpers, moroccan nightclubs, LBCs, SSH and something else.

Mosey back to the closest turd shack for 10 jackass merkins.   This brought more complaining.   From the plank do one merkin and immediately into a donkey kick.

Back to the launching point for 20 LBCs IC and 22 for the vets.




Announcements: Speed for need, JJ5k, CSAUP

Prayer requests: Def Leppard, Montross, Medicine Woman, each other.

BOM: YHC closed us in prayer.

Men: I know when I have the Q it’s a little different than most.   I’m not the greatest runner and I know the amount of running that most of you get in.  I appreciate the opportunity to Q, and I hope you get something out of it.

Philippians 4:13




Going to make this brief…….

Warm Up….

SSH – 20 in cadence

Merkins – 10 in cadence

LBC – 20 in cadence

Squats – 20 in cadence


Mosey to Martha River’s.  Bandit pushing himself hard to improve after some much needed time off, great effort sir.  Lead off to a modified 11’s borrowed from Roscoe’s playbook.  Note to self, and note to all PAX, do not ‘EVER’ borrow a page from Roscoe’s playbook.  Serious injuries from minor hemmorage and lesions to fatality may occur.  Luckily for me I only experienced a major ’bout of discomfiture resulting in me losing overall count and wondering if I even completed the full round of 11’s.  Our modified and not monkified 11’s included 5 burpees at the bottom of the hill which by max standards can only be a 5% grade, but in full swing felt to me like 95%.  At the top of the mighty small hill Pax are to perform 10 squat jumps (I squatted an inch and jumped an inch) and reduce count by one each time up.  I may (may I say) have splashed merlot around the third or fourth time up, not necessarily due to my lack of athletic ineptitude, no, moreso to my discountenance watching Boudin, Defib, Spiderman, oh hell all of them lap me.  To start we ran, wait…….go back and start 5 burpees and then run.  It is honestly to me a great heart start burner.  We finished and many thanks to Gastone as he lead the completed PAX (all of them) in planks and yanks as I finished my next five rounds.

Mosey to Picnic Shelter area #2 for some Lindsey’s/Forties.  Just as we are about to get started I noticed that we were in the wrong shelter.  Even though I called ahead and reserved Shelter #1 (had to have the Volleyball Court) Gaston County Parks and Rec told me I would not need advanced notice as at 5:30 in the morning there is relatively little circumscription even though I now think all of the ropes creating barriers to my Q were the result of me insisting upon my natural appanage.  So, she took my credit card information and said, you got Shelter number #1, idiot.  I’m waiting for that charge to appear.

Lindsey’s/Forties, 30 Dips/10 Merkins, total 40.  Rinso/Repeato reduce/increase by 5.

Smokin arms, mosey to the rock barriers and did not even glance at the volleyball court which I so needed for what I have no idea.

Aiken Legs, 20 of each – Squatz, Scissor Jumps, Lunge, Step or Jump Ups

Mary, Led us in a short bout of Mary, Spiderman insisting that he get a chance to chime in with one.  Really, holding up his hand shouting me, me, me, me.  Come on man, pick me.  Hey, Linus……Here, I’m right here, pick me!!!  I want to lead one!!!!  Got to got to admire the enthusiasm.

Modified 4 corners, Light poles on the way back, stop and do 10 merkins, next one 20 squats, next one was 10 merkins.  It was 10 merkins because in 4 corners, not only is the next exercise supposed to be 30 of whatever, I could not even think of whatever 30 we would do so I resorted to starting back over, along with Whoopee properly noting that each corner would pick up with the prior exercise as well as the next advance.  So, this is modified, monkified, Linusfied (definition, if it includes Linus then it is messed up).

Moseyed back to Snoballs, Thank you to all Pax that came back to carry me home.


Stuart Cramer:  Mayor wishes to pass the torch on Site Q.  Step up if interested

Irwin Center – 7/27, 6:00-11:00 (pm I suppose), At Risk Kids, need Chaperone’s to help with fun and games, see Gastone for intel

Bandit’s Father playing in Swing Band (not swingers like some had hoped) at Stowe Park, 7ish’.  Already happened but hope it was great

Monday – Site Q change at Black Knight.  Mighty small ceremony to take place.  Show

Whoopee – Shout out to T-Bone and Peppercorn for their commitments to Fitness and F3

Many thanks Whoopee to your recognition of Linus and efforts to improve.


Clavins’ Mother, Whoopee’s daughter (who is improving), I believe there is another I missed, I regret this and am sorry but we lifted all concerns up.

Great time guys, thank you for Posting.

Honored to Lead where I am frequently the Six

Linus, out

Fartsackamania is running wild, brothers.

Five men posted at Folsom this morning the day after the inaugural Tronmoss Legacy 5k.  That’s it… just 5.  In preparation for my painlab VQ this Saturday, I wanted to try and only do low impact work.  This was difficult because if you know me… you know how much I love to run.  Once 05:30 hit it was time to clock in.

Temperature: 72. Humidity: 400%.

Warmup: SSH, Toy Soldiers, LBC all x 15IC.

Mosey a bit. (only mosey of the morning)

Deconstructed burpees

11s with incline and decline merkins.

Deck of death.  Gave out 5 cards to each person.  After the round the winning poker hand got to pick an exercise.   DOD exercises were merkins, scorpion dry docks, squats and flutter kicks.  With the flutter kicks we added ten to each number.

After that round Sister Act had the winning hand.  He picked 10 contra burpees.

Dealt again and YHC won.  10 Eight count body builders.   Omaha after 7 and leave because someone crapped their pants.

Lunge and fellowship mosey back to the launching point.

Pledge and 22 for the vets.


Announcements: JJ5k, Speed for Need race coming up.

Prayer requests: Def Leppard, Montross, Medicine Woman.

BOM: YHC closed us in prayer.


Philippians 4:13



It’s been way too long since I have had the Q . I guess I had too long to come up with something cause I only got through about half of it. Here is what I remember






Mosey to playground for 3 sets of seven pullups and seven burpees

Mosey to dogpark hill for 11’s

Plankjacks at bottom and squats at top


Next to side parking lot for some partner work

From each side of lot each one does 1 Mike Tyson on Curp then alligator merkins until they meet partner in middle for 5 booyah merkins., we did 3 sets of this.


Next back to flag for some block work Mary style

Exercises included,:

Curls, overheadpresses, bentoverrows, Lbc’s 1 leg squats thanks for showing off Wojo blockies,  tricep extensions,  and Flutter kicks

ANNOUNCEMENTS,  sign up for CSUP and other SFN events coming up also JJ 5K

PRAYER REQUESTS,  Sly and others serving our Country,  Def leopard  and others traveling,  Montross and others on IR

As always it is truly an honor to lead a group of men of this caliber





Tronmoss Legacy 5k

We run because he can’t

Who is Tronmoss? Well it all began one cold January day back in 1978…ok, we won’t go that far back. I am Montross aka Tronmoss. If you aren’t aware, Allen Tate gives everyone his own personal nickname (this extends beyond F3). He started calling me Tronmoss months ago. He told me once he gives you his own nickname, that’s when you know you have made it to his own inner circle. I am proud to join the likes of Dingleberry, Spar’-key’ (sorry, can’t paste the ‘key’ emoji here), Essay, Skeet, Tink, etc. This probably led to me calling him Chief, but that is another story for another day.

So I believe it was Roadie who first suggested hijacking the Prison Break AO and naming it the Montross Run, primarily to troll Medicine Woman. Medicine Woman was not having it and he is typically the Q for Wednesdays. MW is at the beach this week so when he said he needed someone to pick up the Q, YHC saw opportunity and immediately took the Q! After 1837 messages of discussion, the Folsom GroupMe voted to help select Tronmoss Legacy 5k as the name for todays event. It became a staple in the announcements, guys got behind it, logos and stickers were made, and this became a big deal to the guys at Folsom as well as me.

However, I was a little surprised when I rolled into Folsom to see 13 cars in the parking lot at 5:30 on a Wednesday. Several brothers from other AOs made the trip in to join us today and for that I say “THANKS!” Chief (aka Allen Tate) said all along this was a day for rock pushing and indeed it was. You guys probably saw a few messages on Slack as I tried to do a little live-blogging. Guys who don’t typically ran showed up to run today. There were at least 3 PRs set this morning that I know of…4 if you count Sparky pooping at Waffle House in 6 minutes flat. Essay in particular put in 6 miles and, based on when he started and finished, one can assume Pizza Man ran about 6-7. All in all, it was evident guys were pushing themselves and each other.

As the runners and ruckers returned and we gathered for a few minutes of fellowship, Oompa gave me one of the most special gifts I’ve ever received…something truly from the heart. Since I’ve been on crutches this past week, I kept thinking how much I need a walker with pink fur and butterflies all over it and my man came through! I feel like I was channeling my inner Def Leppard as I pushed my walker around Folsom. Thanks Oompa!

Announcements – 2.0 workout this weekend at Folsom, CSAUP relay coming soon per Broke. YHC took us out in prayer. Prayer requests included Def Leppard as he returns, Bed Pan as he goes on vacation, Montross, Medicine Woman, and all the other guys battling injuries. I let the guys know they needed to do 22 raise the roofs OYO today in honor of Medicine Woman. I knocked mine out in the parking lot.

For real though, what started as jokes and trolling turned into something that did really mean something to me so thanks to everyone who showed up. You supported me when I was the 6, you supported me when I Q’d, and you guys are supporting me now as I heal up. I am looking forward to getting back out there to workout as soon as I can but I’m going to listen to the doctors and not rush it. In the meantime, I’ll stay connected through chats and breakfast at Country Kitchen. Keep pushing the rock fellas!

  • Montross aka Tronmoss

For those that weren’t there, here’s my sweet new ride

a gift from Oompa Loompa

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