• When: 05/17/2018
  • QIC: Bedpan
  • PAX: Pastor Clever,Volt,medicine Woman,Roadie, Montross”assistant chief rock pusher”

This morning was a good reminder that we missed spring with the rain and humidity I knew today would be moisty. I just heard that word for the first time in a morning meeting. My Man Volt upped his game with a weighted vest this morning,then Pastor Clever had to park at the top of Folsom and join in with us at the pledge. I believe Sparky must had told him the time was 535 not 530 but either way he is a fast runner and caught up quickly.
Before that we did start at 530 after a good discussion on insurance companies to choose and always provide good service to the people you are working for not the guy who left the scene(soapbox needed)with that if you read this and sale insurance you might want to bring some business cards if you post at Folsom.
Let’s get started
Ssh x15
Hillbillies x15
Imperial walkers x15
Burpees x5
Squats x15
Let’s mosey to the flag for the pledge, who’s that ms Parker looks like Pastor Clever coming in hot .
Lbcs x20
Mountain climbers x20
Shoulder presses x20
Let’s mosey some more in this wonderful misty rain and humidity so thick we had to chop through it. I didn’t know I could sweat this much.
Bottom shelter
Dips x20
Derkins x 10
Dips x 20
Step up x 25
Time for some team work
One guy takes a lap while the other does the exercise
Lbcs x 150
WWII x 50
Squats x 100
Mosey up to the tennis courts for some lunges and burpees
Lunge one court 2 burpees then lunge another adding two burpees per line. Then sprint back to the end. Finished with 22merkins for the vets.
This is my 3rd Q so far I was wondering if I would fall face first following Apache’s Q Tuesday. Close to the end of the morning I went back to get the 6 and Volt yelled out just start without me and I thought well I could but that ain’t F3 and it definitely ain’t me. I laughed and ran back stayed close didn’t say much cause Volt speaks more in actions than words. But it did remind me of what Apache said we are all the 6. FYI Volt did chuckle when I came back and said I know string of pearls man. Just a great reminder in F3 if you are in the front or back someone is always by your side.

Announcements Memorial Day 5k or the murph at the dark knight.
Mud run coming up. Also this weekend at Folsom is our 2.0 day this Saturday 7am. I believe Hipaa is bringing the pain lab also.

Prayer request Montrosses Mom has eye surgery keep her in your prayers, pray for our families and those in need.

The Bedpan is full.