• When: 05/16/2018
  • QIC: Medicine Woman
  • PAX: Sparky, Medicine Woman, Volt, Hank, Roadie, Sargento, Queso, Pastor Clever

With all the rain and storms in the forecast, YHC wasn’t exactly optimistic about the turn out for the third week of Prison Break at Folsom. As you know, the PAX at Folsom have opened up Wednesday mornings for a Run/Ruck WO. This morning was a lighter crowd, but some are healing from injuries. Good to see Sargento roll in with 2.0, Queso. He was ready to roll with gloves in hand. I comment that he didn’t need his gloves today. Sargento says “what? What do you mean?” Apparently he had missed the memo that Wednesday’s has been declared Run/Ruck. Slightly disappointed there wasn’t gonna be a beatdown WO, he was up for a cool mosey. Clock in at 5:33.

6 men ran and 2 men rucked. Sparky and Clever were setting the pace while YHC just tried to breathe. Sargento hung back to chat with me while pushing myself and Queso to the next level. Hank and Roadie set out from start on a record pace with 30 pounds on their backs. The Rucker’s posted about 2.5 miles at 15:13 pace I believe! Nice work. I held back Sargento along with Queso for 3.4 miles. I’m sure sparky and Clever posted a bit more.  We did learn that Sargento was actually 54? Who knew? #Respect

Announcements: Warrior dash June 2.

Prayer requests: ourselves, our families. Wisdom from Sparky to love our wives, pray over them daily, lead them as Christ teaches us to.

Sparky took us out in prayer.

I just want to say, this F3 thing is the real deal! These men are real men! The fellowship within this group is real. I can, without a doubt, say that these men will have your back no matter what. I’m blessed to be a part of it and look forward to what’s to come. Keep pushing the rock men and thank you for pushing me.