• When: 05/15/2018
  • QIC: Huckleberry
  • PAX: Swimmer, Freight, Def Leppard (RESPECT), Blart, Wojo, Defib, Tiger, Paperback Writer, Hey Jude, Mario, Pockets, Hipaa, Sparrow, Roadie

14 other joined YHC for my first Q at Midoriyama in quite some time.   Everyone showed ready to run, because you all know YHC loves to run.  I planned at getting at least a 1k in today.  Blart posted twice today just because he knew we’d be running.

Once 1730 hit it was time to clock in.

Warmups: 8ct body builders, merkins, side straddle hops and lbcs.


Stop for deconstructed burpees.  This was a crowd pleaser. Start at 10 and worked out way down to 1.

Mosey down to Hamburger Hill.  Half way there YHC was thinking how I thought this hill was much closer.  Oh well.

Partner up.  P1 crawls bear down the hill and bear crawls back up.  P2 does merkins.  Switch. After one round it was agreed this was stupid.  No one at the city has bothered cutting this hill since 2016.

Lunge walk, Nur and mosey back to the parking lot closest to the hill.  We started to do deconstructed burpees again but it didn’t seem to be a crowd pleaser.

All you got run to a desired location.  Stop for merkins I think.

All you got run. Stop for 22 for the Vets.

Lunge, Nur and Mosey to the turd shack.

Partner up again.  P1 does Australian mountain climbers while P2 does 50 lbcs.  Repeat changing lbcs for merkins.  Repeat again changing merkins for squats.

Circle up at the launching point for Mary.  merkins, boat to canoe and some sort of weird merkin hipaa picked.


Announcements: Memorial Day Murph, Patriot 5k, 2.0 friendly workout at Folsom this Saturday and Pain Lab will also be there.

Prayer requests: Freight’s Grandmother, Def Leppard’s son, Allen Tate’s mother in law, each other.

BOM: YHC took us out in prayer.

I appreciate the chance to Q and I appreciate all of you men.

Philippians 4:13